Fadzel Nor
Fadzel Nor 12 timer siden
I enjoy watching Djokovic bites the dust. 🤣
Vasudha Sharma
Vasudha Sharma 12 timer siden
Anger and aggression won't change the fact. It makes a person look even dull and idiot.
Yusuf Konuk
Yusuf Konuk 14 timer siden
Bu finali ben izlemiştim
brnakano 15 timer siden
O que eu vibrei e me emocionei nesse jogo lembro como se fosse hoje. Guga com enormes dificuldades de voltar ao alto nível e conseguindo bater o Federer então número um do mundo. Parecia a volta triunfal de Guga, logo percebemos que foi seu último suspiro. Guga eterno me ensinou amar esse esporte chamado tênis!
Mini Surf
Mini Surf 16 timer siden
God of Clay
Marumaru 17 timer siden
GOAT the Djokovic
charlie Wriedt
charlie Wriedt 17 timer siden
My favorite male tennis player!he is so awesome 👌
glebses teplitsky
glebses teplitsky 18 timer siden
hi i like roblox
hi i like roblox 18 timer siden
well deserved 👍 i really thought kenin had a chance considering she broke back twice in the 1st set 😪
mr slick
mr slick 18 timer siden
When those big 3 nadal fed djoko retires.. i am done watching tennis...
Fadzel Nor
Fadzel Nor 18 timer siden
Since 2005 Rafa has played in 13 finals in Roland Garros. He reigned supreme in all of these 13 RG finals. His record in RG finals is spotless and everyone knows that this is the most difficult Grand Slam to win. This is the tournament which the greats like Sampras, McEnroe, Connors, Becker, Edberg had never won. By having 20 GS titles behind his belt, one Olympic gold medal each for singles and doubles - where Federer and Djokovic failed - is there anymore argument that Nadal is not the Greatest Of Them All ?
Algo que decir
Algo que decir 19 timer siden
Es el put.. amo
ad 19 timer siden
Bor gwas my favorites I never thought anyone would come close to his 6 French Opens.
ad 19 timer siden
GOAT Nadal simply beat the piss out Novak Djocovich
atakan erkanlı
atakan erkanlı 19 timer siden
1:32 wow 😯
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic 20 timer siden
I dont understand why almost every point you put is dropshot
Alessandro Pian
Alessandro Pian 20 timer siden
"Congratulations, it's the first time you've won the Grand Slam here in Paris, your first Grand Slam victory!" "It's correct." Classic Ivan Lends.
Wikingwarrior Kostecki-Andersen
Wikingwarrior Kostecki-Andersen 20 timer siden
Even if French open wasn't played they would probobly just send Rafa the trophy anyway
Dan 22 timer siden
The conclusion one reaches after analyzing and studying nadal at 50% on clay (at 100%... just don't show up to the game) and how to win is the following cross the net in the middle of the game go to nadal smiling and "wanting to talk" and stick a knife in him
Dan 22 timer siden
the conclusion one reaches after analyzing and studying nadal at 50% on clay (at 100%... just don't show up to the game) and how to win is the following cross the net in the middle of the game go to nadal smiling and "wanting to talk" and stick a knife in him
Dan 16 timer siden
@Scully Mulder humour!
Scully Mulder
Scully Mulder 16 timer siden
lol, that's a little extreme
Aurangzeb Ali
Aurangzeb Ali Dag siden
everytime i see the level of tennis now , to the level when serena and justine and kim clijsters were playing each other, the level only seems to have dropped atleast a couple of notches.. even during the times of steffi and Monica, when new girls were coming in, the game was getting better. i dont feel the same after serena williams has gone low on form. serenas level is another planet
B J Dag siden
Iga jestes najlepsza . ale nie zapominajmy o innych . Rob swoje , goraco pzdrawiam
TheJwwinter Dag siden
Make a statue of the man outside the stadium.
Monsieur J
Monsieur J Dag siden
Palmarès de Lokoli : J’ai fais une battle de danse sur le central
Kanan kumar Das
Kanan kumar Das Dag siden
Wawrinka is a shy guy...
Got Kowal
Got Kowal Dag siden
magic touch... and thank you very much
Got Kowal
Got Kowal Dag siden
Better not to upset the Polish woman. I know something about it too ...
Lord Ares
Lord Ares Dag siden
Alguém me explica pq tem vezes que os jogadores nao deixa a bola quicar no chao e mesmo assim o juiz nao fala nada? Alguém me explica isso? A bola não precisa quicar o chão.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Dag siden
Someone should've called the police because that was a massacre!
Jesus Fandino
Jesus Fandino Dag siden
Never been pushed to the 5th set in 13 finals. Which final would you consider the "hardest" for him to win?
Scully Mulder
Scully Mulder 16 timer siden
The hardest were RG 06 , 11 , 14 , 07, they were all tricky for different reasons, but i'll go with 2014
Anna S
Anna S Dag siden
What mistake did umpire make in this match?
Ayad Meskin
Ayad Meskin Dag siden
i remember this match!.......god, i feel old!
Fatima Fallago
Fatima Fallago Dag siden
The god of clay indeed
Arnieus Dag siden
What I notice most is how much tennis has changed.
Glenn Manders
Glenn Manders Dag siden
let's get some full match uploads hey
martin m
martin m Dag siden
Nadal ga razvalio ko bivšu yugu...🤣
webbski7 Dag siden
From 15-all at 5-5 in the 3rd, to match point serve. Where are the intervening points
Lohy Gowda
Lohy Gowda Dag siden
Did anyone notice Arantxa Sanchez watching this game sitting next to Chang's mom?? Honestly, Lendl observed Micheal Chang suffering from leg muscle cramp and he didn't try to place or hit the ball harder as he could.... Sportsman spirit..
Fadzel Nor
Fadzel Nor Dag siden
This is the beginning of unprecedented dominance in RG that entailed him to win 100-2 matches resulting in 13 French Open titles. For this 2005 RG tournament I somehow felt that he could have beaten Federer , the final was only a formality. Nadal has enthralled millions of tennis fans. Really hope that he will continue to play until Federer’s age now or until someone, from other planet😃 beats him in RG. Watching Nadal plays gives you a lot of excitement and you know if he were to lose it will never be due to lack of trying. The professional world of tennis will be less exciting after the retirement of sublime Nadal.
Laura Rodríguez
Laura Rodríguez Dag siden
Hi! I've designed a beautiful Rafael Nadal Logo mask!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Dag siden
Par contre parlez français c’est quand même un tournois en France donc svp merci
steven gao
steven gao Dag siden
fking shameful spectators
Pascoe Braun
Pascoe Braun Dag siden
As an Australian I’m ashamed to see a bigot like Margaret Court there
Pascoe Braun
Pascoe Braun Dag siden
Martina and her mother Melanie showed a lot of class coming back out and basically shut the French crowd up
newhuskytwenty Dag siden
I am Spaniard but I must admit that Djokovic is incredibly good too. There is no doubt why he is at that level.
haidls back
haidls back Dag siden
Is it ok? haven't I humbled you too much? - Ho no,don't worry,YOU ARE RAFA
kingwilson06ad Dag siden
Nadal is not the greatest clay courter ever. He is the ten best players on clay in the history of the game. Bjorn Borg probably comes at number 11.
Armadyl Dag siden
jdmresearch Dag siden
40:53 Who's that?!
Senuka Abeysinghe
Senuka Abeysinghe Dag siden
Who's here just to watch the inevitable happen again and again after he just won his 13th Roland Garros
Ronan Dag siden
They should name one of the courts after Nadal
Michelle Gonzales
Michelle Gonzales Dag siden
Like the terno outfit
abhishek tripathy
abhishek tripathy Dag siden
Hit like if you think Rafa will have more Rolland Garros title than Pete Sampras total grand slam count.
ruben tarrillo
ruben tarrillo Dag siden
Ni el juez de silla estaba seguro si la zapatilla del jugador tocó la net. Que feo.
Jorge Marín
Jorge Marín Dag siden
2 more to go to make Santana right.
Jorge Marín
Jorge Marín Dag siden
0:23 Sergi Bruguera, Spanish compatriot and double RG champ.
Damián Suárez
Damián Suárez Dag siden
The Best match
Andrew Romero
Andrew Romero Dag siden
So many people had doubts about Nadal, this time. He showed you ALL! He is The King. Nadal's speech was so humble and turned to apologize to Novak for the devastating loss. He took time to talk to the world about the difficult times we are in with Covid19. He never took the time to gloat or brag about his victory...when so many people doubted he could win against an arrogant Novak. Masterclass! He was like a little boy winning for the first time. His smile was so innocent and genuine,
he reached his peak in 1984 then it was never the same after that,
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Dag siden
G R A N D E R A F A E L N A D A L.
Neha Talwalkar
Neha Talwalkar Dag siden
Rafa Nadal’s 13 Roland Garros only 1 behind Sampras’ entire slam tally!! Vamos Rafa!! Only thing in 2020 that was normal!
Srđan Topalović
Srđan Topalović Dag siden
You can scream all night long, Novak will be the greatest Tennis Player in whole mankind be sure of it Novak is the GOAT, period.
Sadik Muktar
Sadik Muktar Dag siden
In your dream it can happen but not on real.
DS Dag siden
He is done, mate. Time to accept that!
jaya p
jaya p 2 dager siden
Lesson in training a nephew... especially the psychology of working with an otherwise obedient kid... uncle Toni is lucky that he got a protege like Rafa... we cant tell our children how to work with their school curriculum...forget making them tennis champ...
jim le reveilleur
jim le reveilleur 2 dager siden
nadal is only player in the world who still knows how to play on clay ! result ? he wins all the time ! so, we must remove the clay from the tour !!! then remove the 13 titles of rafa on clay ! then you will see his real rank, with only 7 grands slams ! like mc enroe ! not more ! the best player of all times is roger federer ! no need to compare ! if you remove nadal on clay, roger would have 25 grands chelems
xKarenWalkerx 2 dager siden
Dominic is my new favourite. He has power, endurance and technique. The holy trinity.
daniel nicolás
daniel nicolás 2 dager siden
2020: Rafa winnin four consecutives RG titles, for the third time in his career. Ok, what?
42 2 dager siden
Gasper wasn't that Ruud
Harry Chang
Harry Chang 2 dager siden
At this point they might as well rename the entire tournament to Rafael Garros
Priyansh Agrawal
Priyansh Agrawal 2 dager siden
how's #1 better than #2? I don't think any match in RG is better than #2 (2013 SF)
KAMRUL HASSAN 2 dager siden
funny thing is Djokovic beat formless Nadal but could not win the final and lost to Stan Wawringka. and won the next year title when Nadal did not participate that tournament in 2016 !
Ahmed Sherif Monsef
Ahmed Sherif Monsef 2 dager siden
This is a biased, unfair highlight!
ليبرالي مصري
ليبرالي مصري 2 dager siden
I think his match vs Paul Henry Mathew is huge better than RG Final 2006
KAMRUL HASSAN 2 dager siden
don't forget the scorline of Roland Garros 2020 Djokovic vs Nadal (0-6,2-6,5-7). this happens when Nadal is in form in RG even against the world number 1 !
Yayare rn
Yayare rn 2 dager siden
Super vidéo
Steven 2 dager siden
Before this match, I couldn't remember the last time I saw one of the Big 3 get a bagel.
Armadyl Dag siden
Last time was Djokovic getting bagelled by Nadal in Rome 2019 final
Steven 2 dager siden
Obviously I and most predicted Rafa winning the tournament but I did not expect this steamrolling. Rafa is a master of all surfaces but on clay he is magic.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Dag siden
Rewatching this Magical Moment Vamos Rafa!!
Ricardo Ruiz
Ricardo Ruiz 2 dager siden
Nadal humility and class complete champion
Dr.Khawar Taimoor
Dr.Khawar Taimoor 2 dager siden
Rafa winning At RG is Better Than Getting Covid 19😀😀😀
Amanda Lewalska
Amanda Lewalska 2 dager siden
Shout out for Iga for not losing it while her opponents weird noises came out 😂 you can tell a true professional
KAMRUL HASSAN 2 dager siden
See how good they are playing but when Nadal comes they forget to play!
ercrypto 74
ercrypto 74 2 dager siden
The king of clay!