dream smp 2020 Rewind
28 dager siden
crybaby :P
crybaby :P Minutt siden
this so funny and for what 😭
SpeedBMGO 4 minutter siden
Their tommy
xRavenSkyHawkerX 10 minutter siden
Oh damn I know I shouldn’t feel bad but I do! He’s just a depressed green blob now :(
Little Big autocorrect
Little Big autocorrect 11 minutter siden
Ranboo makes shlatt sound like Darth Sidious
SwagginNoob 12 minutter siden
Lol dream could easily get out he has creative
Maximus B / Testing Studios Network
Maximus B / Testing Studios Network 13 minutter siden
dream is really calm lol
William 18 minutter siden
The green goblin with dr oct and venom
Monster Moderator
Monster Moderator 20 minutter siden
Everybody gangsta till dream use creative mod
Monster Moderator
Monster Moderator 20 minutter siden
Me:waiting for dream to go in creative and show everyone whos the boss here
Arine Ayano
Arine Ayano 21 minutt siden
If I was ever treated with that much security, I'll be honored. That just showed how much it takes to actually contain me.
Vice 24 minutter siden
Dream: talking about his prison Tommy: “you’re ugly”
I am Noob0007ツ
I am Noob0007ツ 25 minutter siden
*Dream be like-* They don't know i am the owner of the server
King_Kermer Guy
King_Kermer Guy 32 minutter siden
So dream will escape/find a way in and out to traumatise tommy
•Teaish Bean•
•Teaish Bean• 33 minutter siden
Does anyone feel sad for tommyinnit like the comment and comment down
[Xeyna •-•]
[Xeyna •-•] 36 minutter siden
When Is This stream i may Ask:|?
REAPER 37 minutter siden
UwU 43 minutter siden
Prison is so secured and shit but techno is just going to start mining from side till he gets to dream
blast cake
blast cake 47 minutter siden
tommy:"aight let's visit dream prison" also tommy:*confused confusion confusing*
Max Watterson
Max Watterson 51 minutt siden
techno screams in lower case
Max Watterson
Max Watterson 47 minutter siden
apart from this one time
Fresh. Mc
Fresh. Mc 55 minutter siden
dream deserves this
Muhamad Gaza Rifaldi XI TKJ 1
Muhamad Gaza Rifaldi XI TKJ 1 56 minutter siden
The prison is unbreakable because anyone who get near the prison will get mining fatigue, but the question is does mining fatigue work on wither??????
Muhamad Gaza Rifaldi XI TKJ 1
Muhamad Gaza Rifaldi XI TKJ 1 56 minutter siden
The prison is unbreakable because anyone who get near the prison will get mining fatigue, but the question is does mining fatigue work on wither??????
Dhiren Wirasinha
Dhiren Wirasinha 58 minutter siden
It's ironic how dream was the one who helped sam make the prison and now he's imprisoned in one of his own creation
Master killerdaki
Master killerdaki 58 minutter siden
Me: look who came for some sucky sucky Vampire: don't say it like that Me: *sucky sucky*
yellow guy yellow was an impostor
yellow guy yellow was an impostor Time siden
Ranboo is getting too high on speedrunning 🤣
E.e Time siden
Sir Dick Kicker The First
Sir Dick Kicker The First Time siden
I think Techno will break Dream out, definitely. Not only does he have the strength, but he also has the firepower. As we know, Techno has a ton of wither skulls. Withers can break through obsidian. What I think will happen, is like what had happened with New L’manburg, Techno will be the distraction, while Phil gets in and breaks Dream’s bed, while planting withers all throughout the facility, destroying most of its defenses. Techno also stills owes Dream a favour, and since he hates government, he’ll probably see the existence of this prison as a possible start of a new one. Besides, the Syndacite could always use new members, and one like Dream, second only to Technoblade in terms of PvP Skills, will be immensely valuable.
Loyloy zkie
Loyloy zkie Time siden
2:58 the scream lol hahahahaha by the way what is the background song?
Zang8386 Time siden
Imagine... that dream is the pawn and Ranboo is the mastermind with all this
Mikołaj Ignatowski
Mikołaj Ignatowski Time siden
4:17 wtf, as he was saying that, I fell into lava
ahmed keraani
ahmed keraani Time siden
hes not thinking hes reading the script
Crypticon Time siden
Btw can't u just figure out the cords of dreams cell then just link up a portal from the nether. What I'm trying to say techno might visit him and dream STILL HAS THE FAVOUR
CrunchCream Gaming
CrunchCream Gaming Time siden
This really reminds me of magneto's prison
ahmet s
ahmet s Time siden
I hate how tommy says remember what he did to chat and also made everyone forget his own crimes. Tbh Tommy committed more crimes
UED Commander
UED Commander Time siden
Well, thats his RP self - "I am always in the right", thus he cannot admit that he did anything wrong. The fact that anyone among other characters is still falling far it though demands such an amount of plot convenience that its visible with naked eye - you can see how in the Dream's vault scene only like two people out of ~dozen that came through the portal come up with some kind of motivation for their presence there, and their lines aren't that convincing either.
CS LuLz Time siden
I swear techno and pilza will free dream and take revenge
hellow Time siden
i was smiling the whole video lmao
Alex Booth
Alex Booth Time siden
Yeah this won’t work
0 0
0 0 Time siden
It's really hard to root for Tommy his character has never stopped being an arrogant dick even in exile. I know he's a child, but still I kinda hope dream breaks out, and wrecks his shit.
DX87 • Gaming
DX87 • Gaming Time siden
Wait he get fed RAW POTATOS :o
DX87 • Gaming
DX87 • Gaming Time siden
It seems like it’ll only take about 40 withers to break out of this prison ;)
Cooper Sucks at Everything
Cooper Sucks at Everything Time siden
Dream is no longer homeless
katie Time siden
they should give him a journal so that he can be the next blopwobbel
Fardan iLham
Fardan iLham Time siden
dream is fine guys, there is free wifi in that prison
Tible UWU
Tible UWU Time siden
Daaaamn this prison is being run like a legit fucking prison and Tommy is just "lmao I understand nothing"
Sleepy _devil
Sleepy _devil 2 timer siden
technoblade visiting dream would be great he would just call him homeless :)
Red X
Red X 2 timer siden
Wait till this is the muffin field eggpire on the badlands-
Shouting Alice
Shouting Alice 2 timer siden
Sam's a brilliant dude and I'm glad the prison really shows that off he deserves more love
Angus Johansen
Angus Johansen 2 timer siden
DreamXD shouldve walked past while they were talking
The one and only jorolyn
The one and only jorolyn 2 timer siden
guys the homeless teletubby finally has a home
mb games09
mb games09 2 timer siden
I feel bad for dream but he deserves it but techoblade mite help him because of that favor
Harsh 2 timer siden
Now dream will call his favor with techno to break him out of prison what do you guys think 🤔
Harsh 2 timer siden
If this happens it will be fire 🔥 stream
Məhəmməd Abbaslı
Məhəmməd Abbaslı 2 timer siden
I think everyone knows what's gonna happen. Technoblade will try to get him out(with the help of Philza maybe)
Eshaan Srivastava
Eshaan Srivastava 2 timer siden
All of this was built in survival
djela yes
djela yes 2 timer siden
Tommy was wrong with this one scentence: i have one thing you will never have.....i have the blade
conuz 2 timer siden
the system so he can’t break his bed is so sick
reactions 2 timer siden
16:39 subtitles on IT THINKS DREAM SAID CO** LOL
Riya Verma
Riya Verma 2 timer siden
Sam is hella sus!!
Jude Scott
Jude Scott 2 timer siden
Well i can guess what dream's favour from techno is gonna be..........
Marko Žerdin
Marko Žerdin 2 timer siden
the next day Techno streams and the first thing u see is: *Dream whispers to you*: Techno I am going to call for that favor
SSJB Vegito
SSJB Vegito 2 timer siden
How Techno looks so serious but can scream like that
yellow guy yellow was an impostor
yellow guy yellow was an impostor 2 timer siden
"I like watching the clock" ~dream
Default army Best
Default army Best 2 timer siden
Now I feel bad for dream
CopingFlower 2 timer siden
He is going to be so dead if Dream escapes and you lnow he will this man is litterally one of the top minecrafters in the world so who knows
trkkk matmat
trkkk matmat 3 timer siden
Tommy killed by awesomedude so he lose his last cannon live....... bruh
Juniper Føx
Juniper Føx 3 timer siden
Ngl he sounds sad, but yea he was a literal psychopath.
Coyki Diamond
Coyki Diamond 3 timer siden
12:51 tommy thinks about di-
scrambled ripper
scrambled ripper 3 timer siden
His house really is his home now
Billy Liang
Billy Liang 3 timer siden
Dream is sad. c!Dream doesn't get sad. Something's up. Knowing his personality he knows what he is doing. I think he's acting like he's accepted his fate so Tommy doesn't worry about him getting out. But of course, that favor might save him...
Decay 3 timer siden
techno favor chiefs