lmc1dj 22 timer siden
Cheesy as toast this clip.
Soa Raven52
Soa Raven52 22 timer siden
This ain’t playoff Lamar Jackson.. This is 🗣Super Bowl LAMAR JACKSOONN- Lassssggooo- trick daddy babby
Stanton Über Alles
Stanton Über Alles 22 timer siden
Wow this guy almost had as great a rookie season as nick bosa
lmc1dj 22 timer siden
Brown's ain't winning
manfredaxcore 22 timer siden
Chase Young is Heinicke's Paul Heyman.
Ethan Meinders
Ethan Meinders 22 timer siden
Adam tried to fist bump big boi but failed 10:19
Sentinel creed
Sentinel creed 22 timer siden
Season was underwhelming. The way they hyped him up made it sound like he should be getting 10 sack seasons at a minimum, and he was on a stacked defensive line that drew a lot of the blockers away from him, yet he still only had 7.5 sacks. Hope he can turn it around next year or this might be another clowney situation. And I’m sure tons of defenders are gonna yell at me for this take but so what🤷‍♂️gotta tell the truth
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 22 timer siden
Wild Pringle
Wild Pringle 22 timer siden
They have come a long way
contrite sinner
contrite sinner 22 timer siden
And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30 KJV) [email protected][email protected]~ Testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ. (Acts 20:21 KJV) [email protected][email protected]~ I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5 KJV) [email protected][email protected]~ The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (II Peter 3:9 [KJV])
Gary Wendeln
Gary Wendeln 22 timer siden
Two years ago he left Ohio State citing ""serious health issues"". guess he miraculously got healed ....good for him . He did it just to get out of Ohio' State but didn't have the balls to tell the truth. He won't last 2 years in the NFL just like Nick Saban and Pete Carroll didn't ...
Jerry Chimokosky
Jerry Chimokosky 22 timer siden
Snoop dog looking for a drug discount
swiink -_-
swiink -_- 22 timer siden
Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson 22 timer siden
Welcome to the Jags Urban Meyer!!!
Devika 22 timer siden
the way I cry at literally ALL coldplay songs,,, I'm guessing if Chris Martin ever spoke a word to me in real life I'll prolly die
Calvin Calvin
Calvin Calvin 22 timer siden
man said mike evans over tyreek hill wtf
7HE W0LV3R!NE 22 timer siden
"To build a program that has a shot at the Super Bowl each year" Everybody forgets when Payton & Brees when 7-9 three years in a row?
contrite sinner
contrite sinner 22 timer siden
And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Heb 9:27 KJV) [email protected][email protected]~ And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Rev 20:15 KJV) [email protected][email protected]~ The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (II Peter 3:9 KJV) [email protected][email protected]~ If you refuse to humble yourself before Jesus Christ and call upon his name and ask him to save you with contrition, you will be cast into the lake of fire with no rest, day or night.
Elijah Santos
Elijah Santos 22 timer siden
Brady has been playing so long he's just a cameo now lmao
Colin Leahy
Colin Leahy 22 timer siden
Counts as NBC’s Super Bowl Season and odd next season
Danny Hassoun
Danny Hassoun 22 timer siden
We'll see yall (WHO DAT Nation) in the NFC Championship
T1DD 22 timer siden
Where is Michael Jackson when we need him? Well I guess it’s not that bad yet.
Colin Leahy
Colin Leahy 22 timer siden
The Pirate Bowl
Colin Leahy
Colin Leahy 22 timer siden
Channels next season in the NFL CBS FOX NBC ESPN NFL Network
Colin Leahy
Colin Leahy 22 timer siden
Follow Da Drip *_*
Follow Da Drip *_* 22 timer siden
.“Look within and be depressed. Look without and be distressed . Look at Jesus and be at rest.”
clifford l jackson jr
clifford l jackson jr 22 timer siden
Joey Boombatz
Joey Boombatz 22 timer siden
Ravens got this. Bills are good . But not great . They think they are untouchable because Brady left their division .
LLN Traee
LLN Traee 22 timer siden
Obj Normalized One Hand Catches
Georgi Milenkov
Georgi Milenkov 22 timer siden
Nothing against their picks but the whole clip was like a bad SNL sketch...
Colin Leahy
Colin Leahy 22 timer siden
Announcers (WPRI 12) Kevin Trent Melanie
Reecefresh_gets 22 timer siden
Ruggs got a highlight real but Darnell Mooney can’t? Lol and Ruggs played with a better QB and in a better offense
Isaiah Saw
Isaiah Saw 22 timer siden
Colin Leahy
Colin Leahy 22 timer siden
Jim Tony Tracy
JD 22 timer siden
The amount of anxiety Lawrence Taylor channeled in Left Tackles had to have been insane
Matthew Kongesor
Matthew Kongesor 22 timer siden
bills all the way
Zach W
Zach W 22 timer siden
Dream W
Dream W 22 timer siden
*The 49ERS has approved this message*
Mitchell Guntrum
Mitchell Guntrum 22 timer siden
5:40 I hate having to use this word, but it's appropriate. I would cringe all the time if I was on any team with someone like R. Wilson. It sounds like he uses fortune cookies for his speeches. That sounds like a coach in youth soccer talking to their team.
GFRRFAN Doe 22 timer siden
Roger Staubach was the CAPTAIN AMERICA in sports. Always great, honorable, confident, and humble man! The only other thing I wish was on this film was Roger throwing a pass to Bullet Bob Hayes!
Colin Leahy
Colin Leahy 22 timer siden
Kevin Trent Melanie
southpawje 22 timer siden
I don't think the Ravens are all that great of a team nor is Jackson that great of a quarterback, he's more of a track star with shoulder pads
Matteo Marchetti
Matteo Marchetti 22 timer siden
CeeDee Lamb or Jefferson Vikings
Val Novello
Val Novello 22 timer siden
Mannnnnnn I miss Marshall Yanda so much
Spencer M
Spencer M 22 timer siden
This made me physically uncomfortable
inttruders 22 timer siden
It is cool that they got all of his playoff highlights in there too.
John Smith
John Smith 22 timer siden
I have ZERO faith in the Packers (pass/run) defense. The last GREAT defense they had was all the way back in 1997! The SB win in 2010 was a joke (I'll take it though), and was won by other teams not taking them seriously. Basically, the Packers got a GIMMIE! I've looked back over the years since 1998, and can clearly see that IF THE PACKERS had a GOOD defense during that time, 5 or 6 more SB wins is not out of the question....many of those over the N.E. Patriots and Brady!! Enough on that. This game on paper is a push. I could easily see A-Rod getting knocked out of this game too. I want the Packers to win, but I'm not that dumb to say they have this game.
Colin Leahy
Colin Leahy 22 timer siden
Ian Charles Evan
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice 22 timer siden
Imagine having Jarvis Landry as your PE teacher
AB SAV 22 timer siden
lamar to get 7 rings Lamar and watson mvp Rams to 4peat
Calvin Calvin
Calvin Calvin 22 timer siden
Flipside Shock
Flipside Shock 22 timer siden
Blah blah blah. NFL screwed the Browns last week and they still won. Browns have a 50% chance to win. ✌✌
DALLAS- JOE- 22 timer siden
Big Deezy
Big Deezy 22 timer siden
It's amazing the Bucs, Bills and Browns all had VERY long playoff droughts and all 3 made the playoffs and won a game this year
Jimmmyyy 22 timer siden
How does this game have dislikes
Chilly Games
Chilly Games 22 timer siden
GOLD TONK 22 timer siden
LebronDagoat23 22 timer siden
His stiff Arm and breaking tackle better be 99 on madden
Colin Leahy
Colin Leahy 22 timer siden
The Washington Football Team Was Formerly Named Redskins
Ben Maloy
Ben Maloy 22 timer siden
Aaron Stecker should've got a lot more 1st down carries and also 3rd and shorts
karim abdul jabbar
karim abdul jabbar 22 timer siden
I don’t see the bucs secondary stoping breese . Every bad team was moving the chain against this secondary . The saints will win again easy. They will sack Brady a couple of times . Defense wins championship and the bucs secondary is not existent. The bucs are a good team but this matchup is terrible for them. They need 2 good zone players maybe someone who can play man to man too . Maybe next season.
Colin Leahy
Colin Leahy 22 timer siden
CN1 replaced TB12
Colin Leahy
Colin Leahy 22 timer siden
Dream W
Dream W 22 timer siden
Seattle: You cant defeat me. 49ERS: i know but he can. 1 Yard Line: Oh Helo *THERE*
NandoGee 22 timer siden
Imagine going 11-0 /12-4 and losing to the same old Browns!
Sarah Blumenfeld
Sarah Blumenfeld 22 timer siden
lets go billsssssssss
James Watkins
James Watkins 22 timer siden
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Fenny Whopper
Fenny Whopper 22 timer siden
Ladies and gents, them nameless gray faces sure know how to play football
Danny m
Danny m 22 timer siden
The silent name worryingly match because example italy trace alongside a historical diamond. workable, earthy mustard
Don Rebel
Don Rebel 22 timer siden
well done captain
King of wrestling
King of wrestling 22 timer siden
i love ravens like if you do to
The Original Bro
The Original Bro 22 timer siden
Best Rookie on Defense
jordan carneal
jordan carneal 22 timer siden
The tricky sink recurrently replace because jeans virtually drip unto a previous wasp. enormous, deranged great-grandfather
Matt Rantz
Matt Rantz 22 timer siden
Barry sanders number eight just made this whole list illegitimate
Hydra Arctic
Hydra Arctic 22 timer siden
If you want proof that Covid is real look at Cam before and after he got Covid
Susan Carter
Susan Carter 22 timer siden
The gifted ceiling intrestingly book because development recently snow throughout a sharp rayon. wandering, educated dew