Doireann Nic Chonmara
Doireann Nic Chonmara 5 timer siden
No, he has 6.1 mil subs rn lol
Zosia Samosia
Zosia Samosia 5 timer siden
you really have my humor these days
Alexus Asbury
Alexus Asbury 5 timer siden
Crawl on top of me.... ✨DaDdy✨ ✋🥴 😭
Rainbow Skies
Rainbow Skies 5 timer siden
3:39 balls of hair for some reason I thought he said hair from balls XD
Lilly Afton
Lilly Afton 5 timer siden
As a woman I speak for the rest: we don't claim them
CH4ZZ4 5 timer siden
This kid Me at 12 grinding minecraft
Nancy Brown
Nancy Brown 5 timer siden
Her not feeling bad for killing a hamster and baby birds Me saying sorry a million times to my cat when I move in my sleep while she’s sitting on me
rhiannon R
rhiannon R 5 timer siden
i turn my volume up to hear the asmr to then get screamed at by daz 😂
Alexus Asbury
Alexus Asbury 5 timer siden
✨A cRaWlInG nAkEd MaN✨ ✋🥴 😭😂
iluminousXstar 5 timer siden
Zak Lightfoot
Zak Lightfoot 5 timer siden
You have always been here for us but know das we are all here for you and help each other get passed with smiles on our faces Thk u
Giorgia Young
Giorgia Young 5 timer siden
daz at the end of the video: i hope you all enjoy my pain
o Fataal
o Fataal 5 timer siden
This made me cringe so hard!! 😖😖😖😖
Ya boi Dark
Ya boi Dark 5 timer siden
I just realized that I have been skinning and hunting animals in red dead
Fluffpie 5 timer siden
Well, some people are relaxed by being scared, not me but-- Wait, villain deku, um, no, couldn't be- Tomura Shigaraki--- UMMMMM
Zaynab Patel
Zaynab Patel 5 timer siden
"she's been crying everyday from 9am to 5 pm" Also them: "the baby is one day old"
sanrio baby
sanrio baby 5 timer siden
Dogs can see spirits but cats scare them off
Jia He
Jia He 5 timer siden
didn’t daz play this before
FigetPrincess 5 timer siden
$10 - $20 - $1000
Antonio Zarate
Antonio Zarate 5 timer siden
I hay this so moch
Downgraded Computer Programs
Downgraded Computer Programs 5 timer siden
Girl:Go’s down slide to hell Fav:Where’d she go My head:INTERESTING
westgoobies n
westgoobies n 5 timer siden
0:20 the face you make when you say a fake persons name and they respond
RobloxSkitsGlory 5 timer siden
Mr. Olivia
Mr. Olivia 5 timer siden
No one: Literally No One: Baby: *Scares Grown Man*
Susie Slack-Smith
Susie Slack-Smith 5 timer siden
Daz: LINDA! Take the ghosts out.
Brett Binder
Brett Binder 5 timer siden
What game is that?
Ha2x2er 5 timer siden
I also didn't understand
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith 5 timer siden
Bro I’m crying dazes face😂
Rumble Roar
Rumble Roar 5 timer siden
That big foot poster is from that edith finch horror game🤔 now i just what daz to play it 14:31
Taryn Burtlow
Taryn Burtlow 5 timer siden
She reminds me of the feminist lady that sued a guy for saving her from drowning
Spunk Papa
Spunk Papa 5 timer siden
The funny thing is if we didn’t kill the animals then they would over power us
Anora roos
Anora roos 5 timer siden
try gibi asmr
ceejay hove
ceejay hove 5 timer siden
“Give me your finest bottle of get the fuck off of my back” -Daz games
Holly Sarah
Holly Sarah 5 timer siden
Yes I’m watching this at 3am tryin not to wake up the house laughing 😂
Clanplayz 5 timer siden
Ngl it lookes like P.T Pretty sure it’s a ripoff of P.T Yup it is looping around definitely a ripoff of P.T except for the rooms and all that not sure bout that but ya probably a ripoff
TimeStamp Legend
TimeStamp Legend 5 timer siden
If anyone is wondering, the McDonald’s is rated 1-1.5 stars
Harmony Counts
Harmony Counts 5 timer siden
im vegan and I gonna reconsider being vegan
Skyler OwO
Skyler OwO 5 timer siden
im trans my pronoun is she/her
Dino_Dino_ Games
Dino_Dino_ Games 5 timer siden
i can see yall scrolling into the comments.....
Krysta Knight
Krysta Knight 5 timer siden
It’s the faces for me 😂😂😂😂😂(DAZZ AT THE END)
Divany Almodovar
Divany Almodovar 5 timer siden
I love the fact that when he grabbed the puppy, he had that excited 5 year old smile🤣😭✨✨✨💜💜💜💜💜
Yui Plays
Yui Plays 5 timer siden
Its 2 in the morning and all my familys alseep and theres me laughing my head of and not breathong 🤣🤚
— KING BR3ADBIN — 5 timer siden
Daz: I don’t hate anyone. Me: um...Hitler, bin laden, every Sunderland fan. The list goes on...and on...and on...YOU GET THE POINT!
Robert Tomasello
Robert Tomasello 5 timer siden
22:26 no, it’s not roots, it’s Stranger Things
i am obbesed whith everything lol
i am obbesed whith everything lol 5 timer siden
Katherine McGovern
Katherine McGovern 5 timer siden
Wow I love how he said Italian (cuz I’m Italian) lmfao
hi karen
hi karen 5 timer siden
i have a can of air, im not afraid to usee it
Tamia Joachim
Tamia Joachim 5 timer siden
Nobody: Still nobody: Daz: " you're making it hard for yourself " Me: copying him for days 😂😂😂😂 he's the best 2:48
Neri Berri
Neri Berri 5 timer siden
*Me just watching daz games* *girl bangs her head one the door* Daz games: APART FRON KNOCKING HER THE FUCK OUT! *Just dies on the spot*😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bakugo Katsuki simp
Bakugo Katsuki simp 5 timer siden
DanG i guess 88 people where so scared they missed the like button
Bakugo Katsuki simp
Bakugo Katsuki simp 5 timer siden
4:06 i feel this though
5th hour
5th hour 5 timer siden
Hit her with the dam belt like omg
Oliver Sexton
Oliver Sexton 5 timer siden
Plot twist: He actually lives in Australia and he's plotting to destroy the whole continent and he's making this video so that everyone will have forgotten it before he pulls off his evil scheme...
Annie V
Annie V 5 timer siden
daz by mukbang they mean the shark will be feasting on the woman not the woman feasting on the shark
Ana S
Ana S 5 timer siden
2:07 🤣🤣🤣
John Sexton
John Sexton 5 timer siden
Plot twist: He actually lives in Australia and he's plotting to destroy the whole continent and he's making this video so that everyone will have forgotten it before he pulls off his evil scheme...
Stupid Cookies
Stupid Cookies 5 timer siden
You do not know how much I pee in my pants😂
Katie Leigh29
Katie Leigh29 5 timer siden
No Trisha babes -just no stop signing my ears are bleeding✋💀
{Apache} 5 timer siden
my leg felt that pain p-p is this how things work p-p
Clxùdii 5 timer siden
Pennywise when he sees the man making out with his balloon: 👁👄👁
AngelicSkye 5 timer siden
When I didn’t know what tics were I just thought they were cute and quirky but it’s serious
Dino_Dino_ Games
Dino_Dino_ Games 5 timer siden
hey daz i really wanna say from hearing his story i just wanna say you make my life better you dont even know how many failed atempts i done and i love you. you make my day better and i love you you make me happy and you are the best your the reson why im alive right now . i love you your the best thank you for helping me im really trying to keep my head up.
Gerda Desmedt
Gerda Desmedt 5 timer siden
Ahahah the end ahhaa
Duck Man
Duck Man 5 timer siden
Daz only gets veiws on his reaction vids because we're all too scared to watch the video xd
SgtFoxx Gaming
SgtFoxx Gaming 5 timer siden
Thanks for not being actually rude about it lol
Hazel Hart
Hazel Hart 5 timer siden
you know like alot of animals dont ask for consent before sex so her point is stupid
Weeb_tf34 5 timer siden
Joshua 5 timer siden
Depression is in my head? Yeah of course it is, it's not in my fucking arm!
rodhan walsh
rodhan walsh 5 timer siden
Any normal person would call the cops they acting like the police cost money
Brianna Lapora
Brianna Lapora 5 timer siden
Oml imagine playing this in VR
Joshua 5 timer siden
Plants actually feel pain
hi karen
hi karen 5 timer siden
Kiki Doggo
Kiki Doggo 5 timer siden
Nobody Daz saying he got no Talent. Uhh you do you actually have a talent and that is making us laugh 😁
Memes Tok
Memes Tok 5 timer siden
The subtitles are amazing
Chance Hooper
Chance Hooper 5 timer siden
Daze you don't know song like just listen to the god damn thing!
Albino legend
Albino legend 6 timer siden
If the title was true I would be in area 51
Andrew Owchar
Andrew Owchar 6 timer siden
Hey daz its 2021 still want to live in the fjture
Bryant Wowzers
Bryant Wowzers 6 timer siden
Daz not trying to be mean but fat peoples laugh are so funny evertime u laugh it just crackes me up🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Kieryona Sherman
Kieryona Sherman 6 timer siden
Why does she look like that one dude from despicable me yeah she talking about being Vegan but sweetie I will happily eat some chicken you can keep your rabbit food thumper. I assume she's not married lol and I feel for that poor dog also I ain't any of those groups I'm a weirdo that's my group so yeah. She calls us people who eat meat weak but I could literally sit on her and she would lose oxygen but we're the weak ones.
Cool Mill
Cool Mill 6 timer siden
5:52 turn on captions and look...