Hania Chowdhury
Hania Chowdhury Time siden
Wijnaldum’s goal was beautiful
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Time siden
How can they play still dre after auba scored 😂😂
Just busting your balls
Just busting your balls 2 timer siden
After match he celebrated by bedding brother's missus.
Guilherme Ferreira
Guilherme Ferreira 3 timer siden
Just absolute gobshit that fans arent allowed
Stonka 3 timer siden
Biggest game monk was ever in charge of
Footy Moments
Footy Moments 3 timer siden
Who is here after Rooney retired
x 7
x 7 3 timer siden
So that’s the town where Hobbits come from 👍
anthony duvall
anthony duvall 4 timer siden
motty is a legend
YaLocalKebab We have it in stock.
YaLocalKebab We have it in stock. 4 timer siden
That Ramsey goal was just like the Tottenham 1st goal against marine😂
maxmel17 4 timer siden
As a Fulham supporter this sickened me. Oldham completely outplayed us. The penalty we got wasn't a penalty.
Finley Squires
Finley Squires 4 timer siden
soinu foig
soinu foig 5 timer siden
That must've been our 4th headed goal direct from a corner in the last 8 years. 😂🤣
Nguyen Ngoc
Nguyen Ngoc 5 timer siden
MU là số một
Yaya Kane
Yaya Kane 6 timer siden
sadio mane le meilleur
The Shades End
The Shades End 6 timer siden
Lower league players have more passion than the premier league player's
6-5 Eleven goal 11 goal omeygat
m haziq
m haziq 7 timer siden
then youtbe suggest me this video in 2021
Guled Osman
Guled Osman 7 timer siden
7:20 why is luiz not celebrating
Juan Segundo
Juan Segundo 8 timer siden
Qué cantidad de moustruos en esos partidos gran rivalidad de esa época eran imperdibles esos partidazos
Mayooran 8 timer siden
Who else is watching after it was confirmed ozil’s leaving
robert langmuir
robert langmuir 8 timer siden
The longest anyone has run with a ball only using one foot.
Robin Joshy
Robin Joshy 9 timer siden
Was I the only one recommended this video b4 are crucial tie at Anfield tomorrow ??
Blue 9 timer siden
Liverpool vs Man City 9:35 that one kid: Go Bayern!!!
syed firdaus
syed firdaus 9 timer siden
And Rooney has been officially appointed as Derby's manager
Isaac Pugh
Isaac Pugh 9 timer siden
I see crying Blackpool player. I watch.
Vanessa Rodriguez
Vanessa Rodriguez 9 timer siden
Alguien que viva en Miami y quiera trabajar 💼
Andria Gaming
Andria Gaming 9 timer siden
Van gaal did again in 2015 but.. he still get sacked.. so sad 😂
Abrisam7 10 timer siden
H678 9
H678 9 11 timer siden
I remember celebrating Watson’s goal like crazy back in 2013
cows are cool 99
cows are cool 99 12 timer siden
101 comment
Emily An
Emily An 13 timer siden
All I see is Louie Barry everywhere on my socials
Mark Heitz
Mark Heitz 13 timer siden
Big Sam's made all the difference 😂🤣
Rian Patel
Rian Patel 13 timer siden
Im an arsenal fan, but I was surprised not to see arsenal vs Nottingham forest
IrfanImran90 Gaming A.K.A Irfan Imran Gaming
IrfanImran90 Gaming A.K.A Irfan Imran Gaming 14 timer siden
He take out goalkeeper gloves cause he hand so soft
Johannsen Noana
Johannsen Noana 14 timer siden
Only kid comparing him with Harry Kane
Scott Robertson
Scott Robertson 15 timer siden
Not really a shock west brom are dogshit and will be relegated with sheffield
Kezetuolie Dziivichii
Kezetuolie Dziivichii 16 timer siden
It hurts more than a loss Because Chelsea play with their full starting 11
Arga Wibisono
Arga Wibisono 16 timer siden
Now he retired already as a footballer, thanks for everything Wazza, you pulled me into football and made me loving football and Man United, even though now i'm not united fan anymore but i still follow your career, best of luck Wazza, respect.
SSAGRULHR 17 timer siden
Liked that video about weather condition
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 17 timer siden
That must've been our 4th headed goal direct from a corner in the last 8 years. 😂🤣
M1st4rE1it3 19 timer siden
Nobody's talking how dead the comon tater sounds like on drogbas first goal
Viro B
Viro B 20 timer siden
Last time I checked, both teams had to play on the same pitch.
The Alpha Master
The Alpha Master 20 timer siden
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
a a
a a 21 time siden
liverpool it is best tim
Mr AK47
Mr AK47 21 time siden
Well done Blackpool. Hope West brom get relegated
Serkan Koluman
Serkan Koluman 22 timer siden
Bana Mesut gelcek diye, 120 dk, 2 yıl öncenin maçını onun için izlettiren hayat size neler yapmaz...
Abdu qaadir Canshuur
Abdu qaadir Canshuur 23 timer siden
One of the finest goal scorers ever
Segun Oguns
Segun Oguns 23 timer siden
GUNNERS 4life!
Archie Craigie Halkett
Archie Craigie Halkett Dag siden
Really surprised Jose didn't park the bus after going 1-0 up and Cummins scored with his back in the 95th minute.
Abubakar Bah
Abubakar Bah Dag siden
Oshioke Asada
Oshioke Asada Dag siden
So emotional right now. Rooney carried this game on his back