Arda Kolimsky
Arda Kolimsky 5 timer siden
Referee was a disgrace
em5le 6 timer siden
7:11 absolutely sold him
Arda Kolimsky
Arda Kolimsky 5 timer siden
He deserved it..had a decent game with the players around him.
Chris Grice
Chris Grice 8 timer siden
How that team won fuck all is one of life's mysteries
Berto de los santos
Berto de los santos 9 timer siden
Maguire sympathy? He is a misfit , on the pitch and even in Greece
Make YouTube great again
Make YouTube great again 10 timer siden
I would love a shouting contest between Gordon Ramsey and Keano.
Bu Rida
Bu Rida 12 timer siden
Loud mouth grandmother 👵
NemoJi Meister
NemoJi Meister 15 timer siden
Why was chunks playing in this game ?
Pranjal Prakhar
Pranjal Prakhar 15 timer siden
Keane has the best leadership character . No ond will ever be a captain like him.
accessmediaable 18 timer siden
brings back the memmories, great to see this game again ; )
The Daddy Fish
The Daddy Fish 19 timer siden
Bruh wtf
Steve Nicol
Steve Nicol 21 time siden
Roy may come across as a hard man but he has a heart of gold. The first thing he did when he made some money was buy a brand new caravan for his Ma.
Mark Gaffney
Mark Gaffney 22 timer siden
Roy keane is a shit head
viva warrior
viva warrior 23 timer siden
they laugh but hes right, so was slavan he said england would be dangerous from set pieces
Ashok Bhardwaj
Ashok Bhardwaj 23 timer siden
Keane has not exactly been a great manager .
Joanna 23 timer siden
NOpost sees a video with Keane, NOpost puts it first on recommendations immediately. Well done NOpost
sepultribe 111
sepultribe 111 Dag siden
The last real England and Wembley !!
EllieVlogs Dag siden
24 years later and we are still singing about her. She just won’t go 😂
TheRapscallion Dag siden
Imagine the scenes if England get to the semis in Euro 2021 and fans are allowed back in
Alex Ramsden
Alex Ramsden Dag siden
Koch 15 million Harry maguire 80! Get some testicles Harry Roy n Beckham wen out for war
Iqbal Hussain
Iqbal Hussain Dag siden
Won 2 games all tournament 🙄
Conway Dag siden
"I don't think so no" lol
minij hooi
minij hooi Dag siden
U guys are very biased, where’s the energy u guys use every time to criticise David Luis all the time, fake people everywhere.
sports Cahill
sports Cahill Dag siden
Check out. sports cahill
Joanna 23 timer siden
He needs a pat on the back to make him feel better? Jesus wept. He's a professional sportsman
Icecream Dreams
Icecream Dreams Dag siden
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Paul Burns
Paul Burns 2 dager siden
Sitting in a TV studio talking shite is not sport. When did football become all about mouthpieces?
Darren Hayward
Darren Hayward 2 dager siden
Unlike Red Rum Tiger Roll was bred originally to win The Derby rather than a Grand National
Allan 2 dager siden
Doumulan is finished with the sport I'd say.
5574210 2 dager siden
The Cyclist
The Cyclist 2 dager siden
wow. Pogacar is a machine and I am sure he pretty much emptied the tank to the line. Great to watch and to know that you might not need to have a great team around you to win the biggest bike race in the world!
Matt malone
Matt malone 2 dager siden
Keane was finished by the time Ferguson got rid Roy knew it and so did Ferguson keano comes across as bitter
prod. 2 dager siden
Gareth Southgate is a fucking wanker
minij hooi
minij hooi Dag siden
Roy Keane :- the king of foul 👑
a 2 dager siden
Roy hates most of the people of the world.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 2 dager siden
NOpost sees a video with Keane, NOpost puts it first on recommendations immediately. Well done NOpost
Tom Shorrock
Tom Shorrock 2 dager siden
Year 7 music hit different
raymond sweeney
raymond sweeney 2 dager siden
so wrong about Liverpool ! but a legend all the same , ( Evertonion )
adredy adredy
adredy adredy 2 dager siden
where is sound :/
Duke of Istria
Duke of Istria 2 dager siden
Why would you be surprised? He is a vegan
derekthesec 3 dager siden
Jockey Hollie Doyle is so amazing. Winning a Group 1 race must be one of the highlights in the 2020 Flat season.
derekthesec 3 dager siden
What a lot of achievements during the shortened flat season. So entertaining while staying at home. Showing Sunday racing, such as Cartmel and Thirsk. Even showing Pontefract on TV. Keep up the good work.
mark jeffers
mark jeffers 3 dager siden
Funny I didn't like keane when he was playing but he's great to listen to for sure always brutally honest love that
yohansen79 3 dager siden
So *bloody* insightful ! I subscribed 🔔
NB protocol
NB protocol 3 dager siden
If Froome didn't have a supersized ego he would have retired after that dumb crash that was his fault.
Seba1805 3 dager siden
how come that every freaking time a debate like this takes place... comparing both guys in their respective National Team... they ALL forget about the fact that Argentina's team sucks balls??? everytime a difference maker kind of guy like these 2, can't make any difference if the other 10 players and the manager do nothing to help them...Portugal understood that... ARgentina is still struggling with poor management and call ups why do people INSIST on ignoring that???
dr 3 dager siden
great analysis
nahid hasan
nahid hasan 3 dager siden
This is thuggish behaviour.Pretending strong man image is one thing but saying this type of statement is damning for a footballer of his stature
MarathonMan 3 dager siden
Show the FroomeDog some respect
MarathonMan 3 dager siden
@Stefan Kucera lol like he is the only one
Stefan Kucera
Stefan Kucera 3 dager siden
no to dopper
Aaron Hunt
Aaron Hunt 3 dager siden
Carapaz will win
santiagobenites 3 dager siden
Thank you once again another fantastic race analysis. You never fail to pick up on and highlight those small and detailed moments of the race that make the difference, and I never fail to be impressed. Cheers!
P S 3 dager siden
Amazing how much of a difference Van Dijk ended up making. These comments were reasonable at the time
bareknuckles2u 3 dager siden
Southgate got OWNED by Keane in that conversation.
Ryan Neill
Ryan Neill 3 dager siden
Roy Keane in 2018: “Liverpool win the league? No chance...” that aged well...
Damian Clarkee D
Damian Clarkee D 3 dager siden
I think Keane and Wright would make a good manager/coach pairing. Legends
Bert Delf
Bert Delf 3 dager siden
anyone but ineos
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma 3 dager siden
thing is roglic folded last year on mortirolo and agliru is same if not worse. if he can get unharmed through angliru, red is his
Ashish Varghese
Ashish Varghese 3 dager siden
All is Robbish!!
Steve Nicol
Steve Nicol 3 dager siden
It's not confidence, he's just shit.
Felix Newstead
Felix Newstead 3 dager siden
Awesome analysis - thanks ITV and LR!
Abdi Sh Gaab
Abdi Sh Gaab 3 dager siden
The biggest shit talker in history beside Donald Trump is Roy Keane
Nefas1986 3 dager siden
Whoever is managing this channel should make this a thing, LR analysis of cycling races that is. I bet it’s gonna show in the channel numbers while delivering the best at doing this kind of stuff to us watching Great job!
Dave Samsung
Dave Samsung 3 dager siden
Ok, Froome's pre-race numbers may well have been good but being race fit is another story. I don't think there was ever a possibility of him being a serious contender.
Sunbather 3 dager siden
Awww yeah its Lantern a España time
epincion 3 dager siden
Excellent analysis. Pity you could not do this (Commentary along with video footage) every day.
Bill Brand
Bill Brand 3 dager siden
Best cycling commentary in English bar NONE - this guy knows his stuff and is so articulate, eloquent, and concise.
Alexander McNamara
Alexander McNamara 3 dager siden
Evra trying so hard not to burst out laughing when is talking about Boateng in that end clip
David Coomber
David Coomber 3 dager siden
Riding for the team that don't want him
ajollygoodthing 3 dager siden
Quite agree with comment below...coverage of the giro is TERRIBLE. Rob Hatch is the worst commentator EVER !! Here the commentary is intelligible, informative, unhurried and grown up. Eurosport must be so embarrassed about how they have covered the giro.
Chris Ko
Chris Ko 4 dager siden
It's hard getting used to watch an LR analysis when the footage isn't 144p.
Chris Ko
Chris Ko 4 dager siden
Podcast is great, if you haven't already, check it out. Great overviews, analysis and some speculation, banter and laughter.
Jason Riley
Jason Riley 4 dager siden
Get'em Sepp!
James Limb
James Limb 4 dager siden
As a Liverpool fan i love Roy Keane. He speaks the truth and is brutal, he says what he thinks.
robert jones
robert jones 4 dager siden
Jean mauratille
Jean mauratille 4 dager siden
Inject this content into my veins yes plz
array s
array s 4 dager siden
Roy speaks lot of sense here.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 2 dager siden
magic to climb the mountain this time. And it’s not his fault.
Ryan 4 dager siden
Froome will come back in the 3rd week
Jack B
Jack B 2 dager siden
Definitely not he's finished
Stopcrazydance 4 dager siden
LMFAO!!!! Love it!
ແມ໋ດ ຢູ່ລາວ
ແມ໋ດ ຢູ່ລາວ 4 dager siden
Nice analysis. 👍
Matthew Burrows
Matthew Burrows 4 dager siden
Lanterne Rouge is the man. Euro Sport highlights of the giro are absolutely terrible so it's nice to have some good analysis of the Vuelta.
Cel Vicente
Cel Vicente 3 dager siden
Bheki Nkosi
Bheki Nkosi 4 dager siden
Man it must be nice being Harry Maguire.
Wargey 4 dager siden
Is this a symbol that Ineos are going to go aggressive they know froome isn’t fit enough to race for GC are they maybe going to throw froome up the road and force JV to chase the race because if ineos can then leapfrog to froome that could be a really strong 2 up TT
Sashimi Tuga
Sashimi Tuga 4 dager siden
Can we just notice that Lanterne Rouge managed to plug his own podcast. What a madlad !
Eli Friedman
Eli Friedman 4 dager siden
Well spoken as always LR