Food banks on the edge
COVID-19 in Montana
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Power of the pardon
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How Asia contained COVID-19
The state of the economy
Remembering Pat Quinn
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Puppy saved from alligator
Frank D'Amelio
Frank D'Amelio 20 timer siden
At 4:59 min she Certainly did.
Ian Brighouse
Ian Brighouse 20 timer siden
Poor guy....
cadiy candy
cadiy candy 20 timer siden
I don't understand why people still want to live their if the water is bad
DEXTER JONES 20 timer siden
Racist deporting a nazi, shameful.
JD Grawe
JD Grawe 20 timer siden
This aged like milk
freaky frank booth
freaky frank booth 20 timer siden
Why is there ZERO on youtube about Hunter and his disgusting acts regarding children? There are some things that transcend money and politics. NOpost should be ashamed of itself.
MALLYGEEZ1 20 timer siden
We are and forever will be. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Goosebumps
Jayson Van Maldecir
Jayson Van Maldecir 20 timer siden
The pilot is busy contacting the ground officers for an emergency landing..
Jayanta Ray Chowdhury
Jayanta Ray Chowdhury 20 timer siden
It's misleading that Chinese people don't have money to buy these massive number of apartments; in fact these are already mostly sold and the developers booked their profit and invested in new developments subsequently. The fact is that as the Chinese growing middle classes have limited options of investments in stocks or shares; they see this opportunity to buy properties as investment options for them for the future. So although they may not have any plan of living there they have bought apartments in these ghost towns.
Granny Boomboom
Granny Boomboom 20 timer siden
She should have said., my husband is terrible.instead of Dr.King. U were weak Jackie if this is true.
BIG LOKOTE 20 timer siden
Did he say Mike Jones?
carla mc ewen
carla mc ewen 20 timer siden
why is he in custody? How come the police who assaulted him are not in custody? Assault is assault, after all. Should not matter if you in uniform or not
Accro Lamela
Accro Lamela 20 timer siden
No mask
cactuss_gr33n 20 timer siden
Ahhh corona what have u done
bfdi firey
bfdi firey 20 timer siden
god bless those killed in the crash hope the people who died live a happy afterlife in heaven
Danielle Colclough
Danielle Colclough 20 timer siden
😍Chloe is a cancer ♋she was born in July of course she comes with emotion and 10 different expressions I'm a July baby myself so I can relate where theatrical over the top dramatic and we wear are emotions on our sleeves. And music is one of the best gifts of life for her so that she can Channel all that (good & bad, feelings of raw emotions) in music!!! And Halle such beauty passion memorizing I'm hypnotized... I don't know what an angel sounds like but its almost like a enchanting Siren. The world will find love in her voice and fall underneath her spell!!! 😍😍😍
Luner 20 timer siden
watching this after yuri on ice lol
jackie 20 timer siden
Faith Njeru
Faith Njeru 20 timer siden
P1xal123 20 timer siden
if that was my dog i would FRICKEN sue and take all the police stations money and slap em LIKE bro A HAPPY DOG WANNA PLAY AND A OFFICer SHOOTS IT *this is what dog said in heaven* UR A IDIOT why shoot me now i haunt u
Frank N
Frank N 20 timer siden
I recently published a book about dealing with depression in my teenage years after my fathers suicide. This story is filled with laughs but also delves into mental health issues.I’m sharing this to raise awareness and hopefully my story can help others. #silent_sufferers
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith 20 timer siden
A lot of things but he never clarify’s because he doesn’t know himself !
Bernie The cat
Bernie The cat 20 timer siden
She should be getting help, not prison. Why can’t someone just bail her out?
marco holloway
marco holloway 20 timer siden
Most morally and criminally corrupt and racist president in American history ...a National Disgrace
Sergio Scarponi
Sergio Scarponi 20 timer siden
Seems like when officers gets attacked and defend themselves, then get the upper hand, it's automatically excessive violence. Isn't it survival mode after being attacked? Defending oneself? What's up with that?
Anup Rai
Anup Rai 20 timer siden
Real life Raft gameplay look real Af.
Tapas Barik
Tapas Barik 20 timer siden
By the way he ran for it and won it,
Jacamoto Sukiyaki
Jacamoto Sukiyaki 20 timer siden
Another reason to never buy Ford
Papa John Beirut Vet USMC
Papa John Beirut Vet USMC 20 timer siden
Jesus H Christ- after about 1 minute of looking at this PATHETIC looking reporter and the same for her PATHETIC sounding voice I want to jump off a fucking cliff !
Eduardo Ota
Eduardo Ota 20 timer siden
So he doesn’t want a penis but now she penis inside her cause he considers himself a woman. Like no normal woman wants to date a trans woman. Its either you’re real or you’re not. No hate, no discrimination, just admitting you’re not even close to what a real woman is. You will never be a real woman even with a vagina, its all a mask to cover up who you are. Instead of embracing what you’re not, celebrate who you are, not a facade of your former self.
Danielle Colclough
Danielle Colclough 20 timer siden
They are way better and more than Beyonce!
BlaadeKing 1
BlaadeKing 1 20 timer siden
Why does this interview feel like it happened 50 years ago? Documentary style on this is so dated
Isaiah Dos santos
Isaiah Dos santos 20 timer siden
mad respect but how come when the ladies make a biker club people love it but when men do something like that they hate it like thats kind of sexist
Banjo boys
Banjo boys 20 timer siden
What is it with snipers in dallas
Craig Schulze
Craig Schulze 20 timer siden
I heard that it was just publicity to promote the sequal to 2001 space oddity
Zul Azlan
Zul Azlan 20 timer siden
A happy family is living in a remote area, free from covid The head of family goes to mart for shopping, and accidentally contracts covid from another person That head of family returns back to the family, and infects all of family members All of family members, including the head get sick with covid. All of them died as the nearest hospital is already full with covid patients.
Child Entertainment Service
Child Entertainment Service 20 timer siden
Almost been a year with COVID already 😳. This video takes my mind off of things
carla mc ewen
carla mc ewen 20 timer siden
how many cops? why?
•Delhi• 20 timer siden
How can u be a proffesional killer? wth is the world
Kevin Mud
Kevin Mud 20 timer siden
Religion has always been fake used to control if you can't see that by now I got some ocean front property in Kansas to sell you
Baljit Saini
Baljit Saini 20 timer siden
America be ashamed of yourself,being your cops giving justice they just kill!Wow best country!
Bjørn Jordan
Bjørn Jordan 20 timer siden
Here come sleepy joes to come get them him at his door come and get it
Vincent McMillan
Vincent McMillan 20 timer siden
But we have airplanes. None have ever flown to the edge and then went to the other side.
Rusty Dagger
Rusty Dagger 20 timer siden
How could he possibly nave had a fair jury trial when there's been years of the media throwing his name under a bus?
Danny Furrison
Danny Furrison 20 timer siden
And teachers refuse to get involves because they're cowards
Jonathan Rogers
Jonathan Rogers 20 timer siden
Cop should have went to prison
alexandra störbrauck
alexandra störbrauck 20 timer siden
If it is done like these men conceded, then it's not humiliating or anything like that.
Ayn Smith-Shaw
Ayn Smith-Shaw 20 timer siden
my angle
Nordic Tyr
Nordic Tyr 20 timer siden
What a disgrace... they tarnished the reputation of doctors who served in front line wars.. shame on them. Bad rep for that honour degree..
APO11O 21 time siden
Iran is "Biden" their time. Get ready Anericans. Its what you get for sleeping with Israel...
misssophisicated 21 time siden
Did anyone else hear the doctor's voice choke up?
James Ward
James Ward 21 time siden
there is no Racist at on earth NAZIS Shall PAY
Stick • 50 years ago
Stick • 50 years ago 21 time siden
Atleast he took more care of the kid then the parent did the whole time
K DN 21 time siden
no honor among thieves huh
Clement GAVI
Clement GAVI 21 time siden
Indeed! There are other challenges that define and will continue to define generations. These challenges are contradictions. By this I mean when International Institutions responsible for deliberating on the common destiny, become platforms where those who harm generations are exhibited, I mean, dictatorships, as the case of the dictatorship in Togo for almost sixty years, which despite its harmfulness, will preside over the UN Security Council, will be vice president of the Human Rights Council or even chief negotiator of African, Caribbean and Pacific countries within the framework of cooperation with the European Union. Millions and millions do not have to come into the world to suffer.
Ayn Smith-Shaw
Ayn Smith-Shaw 21 time siden
aw 😭
duane flink
duane flink 21 time siden
I been in jail and think most inmates belong under the jail
Johnathan Scott
Johnathan Scott 21 time siden
Excuse to shoot plus fat boy needs to stay away from the sweets. She had a bag of weeds wtf?
Kevin Jenner
Kevin Jenner 21 time siden Plausible deniability
Tru G
Tru G 21 time siden
More people worried about food in the millions...? But idiots would tell you covid is worst
Garth Hampson
Garth Hampson 21 time siden
They have a fake Instagram account. Really
Cynthia Ann Eakins Garman
Cynthia Ann Eakins Garman 21 time siden
Thank you President Obama, to bring this to us today. I see that the respect that we all in circumstances expect for our dignitaries are being threatened. President Obama's personality and references are being transcribed negatively by this evident distraction behind him. The days of diversion are behind us. We, outraged, move instead along the path of openness to a greater awareness of the meaning to protect and serve an Oath, the Will of God, which was delivered to the first born. We are all first born into the arms of who ever holds us for our beginning touch. We long for it always. I am a total ethnicity of the truth, which all of our Presidents were sent to teach. And I say proudly, and in defense of these brave and beautiful; His true intent to bring a good change to the humanities of us is upon us greater than anything past or coming. Whoever may try going forth, to erase all of us the way we know individually has failed miserably, and was thwarted by this Administration. "Their" vain attempt hidden for too long, is "them." What a nasty word, "them." Try not to use their terminologies of coldness as this. We missed the subtle, then abrupt, eventually evil, brutalness of our good men and women to warn, and instead turned on them. We hope to be absolved, and we heed, because we must. Attempts to disuade us from this course here completely dismissed. We Come To Their Aid... (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) I voted for President Obama. I voted for every president that dare enter into the sweet visions of America, and try to end the slaughter of Christianity. Number one, Number two, we listen. Christ was a Christian. Who cares the color, race, gender, ability, or disability? Try, we were, and are ready, for the divide to be forever closed within, and beyond, the confines of an earthly existence. There is something much to come hereafter, but now we have come together. We stand together by a greeting, and our clean handshake, which is our badge of honor, by God. I feel the scorpion in the air and we must guide a way forward, forgetting that past, gently with the Book, which is merely an offer of our innocent writings of compassions. God Bless you all, and thank you President Trump, Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Dr. Ben Carson, Military, for sending and giving the best we could ever hope to accomplish. Thank you, outstanding medias, for your honorable, truthful word. Always here after standing on our own individual merit against any evil, dirty, or transverse method of disrespect, with our universal trust extended, as neighbors. Thank you Google, thank you NOpost. Thank you God Almighty, and in Heaven, Omnipresent, our Creator.
Petr Šebela
Petr Šebela 21 time siden
Kevin Jenner
Kevin Jenner 21 time siden US Hegemony intact
Balkan Genetics
Balkan Genetics 21 time siden
Police did their job . Stop this victimisation and hipocricy against Police forces
Faith Works
Faith Works 21 time siden
This guy was a predator. The hotel clerk from Holiday Inn said he was known for trying to hook up w young female tourists, and it's obvious his dad being a PO covered his preying on women. Thankfully, it didn't work in peru. The tables were turned on him there as he killed a young woman with a father who was politically networked. Federal prison in USA vs peru. Justice is being served just in a way no one could imagine. I am thankful Jesus Christ is my Savior and Lord over all. When I saw the shaman doing a ritual for justice I don't agree with that, but realized Jesus sent that guy to a place where his family wasn't covering his tracks.
Shalley Ina
Shalley Ina 21 time siden
false flag using racist card
Pamela Thorns
Pamela Thorns 21 time siden
Im sorry to say but the MMS really worked. If your body is filled with toxins you may experience some nausea and or diarrhea that because it pulling the toxins out then it will go away and the healing progress begins. Im not telling anyone to get this do your own research.
SandMan287 21 time siden
is a bat not an animal? because covid 19 came from bats and in china they found covid 19 in all animals
Calvin Wolf
Calvin Wolf 21 time siden
Joseph Ponte Doesn’t care about the guy who got slashed in the face by the 19-year-Olds. He clearly has an agenda. Taking away solitary confinement? “Good luck” on the outcome.
Anjali Singh
Anjali Singh 21 time siden
Her manager is a moron
Buf.Aviation 21 time siden
Imagine being “that guy” who brought the virus to the u.s. 😐
Brent Shirley
Brent Shirley 21 time siden
These women volunteered to have sex with him and follow his teachings. No one forced them. Is he a callous buffoon and jerk? Sure. But there were volunteers, not victims.
JoshDrama TV
JoshDrama TV 21 time siden
And the Oscar's best actor goes to:
duane flink
duane flink 21 time siden
Its booty rue
Bao 641ao
Bao 641ao 21 time siden
Its not stealing. "Reparations" they call it
Van Ford
Van Ford 21 time siden
Dear President Trump, We need you to start and head up a new "Union". This is how "we the people" strike back against the corrupt main stream media and the silicon valley tech thugs when they demonetize, sensor and boot us off their platforms. We, all 80 million of us, retaliate by boycotting every business that advertises on their platforms. We also write letters to the businesses that advertise on their platforms informing them that they are now the subject of a mass boycott due to the unfair behavior of the platforms. If these silicon valley tech thugs insist on bullying us then lets climb up in their grill and give them a big heaping dose of their own ugly medicine!! It's time for the people of this nation to rise up and organize ourselves into a multi-million citizen "UNION" to combat these hateful bullying silicon valley tech tyrants!! We also do the same to the lying thugs in the main stream media!! It's time to fight back!!!! MAGA!!
Hurst Shiftin
Hurst Shiftin 21 time siden
Live on the edge die off the edge.
Linda Thomas
Linda Thomas 21 time siden
** みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を51x82551
cheaters Marra
cheaters Marra 21 time siden
u make me laugh