Pyrex C
Pyrex C 5 minutter siden
Lewis Hamilton is not human.
Kanta Verma
Kanta Verma 5 minutter siden
Hamilton you get 100 wins also
Murorder 5 minutter siden
out side track limits. every time Hamilton.
Thank you For Coming
Thank you For Coming 5 minutter siden
Congratulations Lewis!
nasbedak naskleng
nasbedak naskleng 6 minutter siden
Nikita Mazepin is the most consistent driver in this season
whateverhappenshappens 6 minutter siden
hockey1freak 6 minutter siden
More action in 22 laps than an entire season of watching Lewis win everything.
averagemalaysian 6 minutter siden
Right at the start I hear nannini, fittipaldi and schumacher. Next thing i do is check my calendar to make sure I haven't done a doc and marty mcfly.
The Nose Goblin
The Nose Goblin 10 minutter siden
Congrats Sir. Inspiring.
Simon Falize
Simon Falize 10 minutter siden
Ver ham bot again!!!
akshay chavan
akshay chavan 10 minutter siden
Just luck by chance and give all credits to car not him
Rini Rina Chan
Rini Rina Chan 10 minutter siden
Connor Thomas
Connor Thomas 10 minutter siden
The calm before the storm, I've heard a lot about how chaotic this race was
BigBaron D
BigBaron D 11 minutter siden
Another Hamilton parade?
Kazzzyn 12 minutter siden
*IS.* *THAT.* *GLOCK.*
A M 12 minutter siden
A different set of rules for Ferrari
Lumi 13 minutter siden
This isn't even his final form
Shafiq Munir
Shafiq Munir 15 minutter siden
George really need a better car to perform
Momiji Super
Momiji Super 15 minutter siden
角田選手〜!どうしちゃったんだよ〜 速さを見せないと口の悪さだけ突かれちゃうぞ! 決勝で見返してやれ!
Luis Aguirre
Luis Aguirre 15 minutter siden
Ok @f1 we need those 10 ON BOARDS, doesn't matter if takes a 30min video
Dieter bohl
Dieter bohl 15 minutter siden
The Car is Op The driver is only a 3
Riley Knights
Riley Knights 16 minutter siden
Would love to see a shootout qualifying session between senna Schumacher and Hamilton In a equal and neutral car to see who comes out on top
wilson chan
wilson chan 17 minutter siden
thats the worst place to put the sub-titles
szewei1985 18 minutter siden
Haha too bad. He unable 2 master the red bull. Deng it.
Robert Koeck
Robert Koeck 18 minutter siden
C'mon Max. Need this win. You're the only one separating Lewis from number 8.
Alby Wall
Alby Wall 18 minutter siden
is your eye okay bro
stunner s
stunner s 19 minutter siden
F3 or gokart 😂
Matheus Fazzio
Matheus Fazzio 19 minutter siden
Here in São Paulo, always rain! 😅
Diego Aguilar Nuñez
Diego Aguilar Nuñez 19 minutter siden
Pérez shouldn't be on Red bull, he is just money for Red bull, out Perez!!!
szewei1985 22 minutter siden
Haha still able 2 top despite slowing down the last corner is very phenomenal
Somewhere Strange And In Between
Somewhere Strange And In Between 23 minutter siden
Now that was a LAP!!
Nugraha Midarna
Nugraha Midarna 24 minutter siden
Amazing leclerc
Nick_is_just_a_Drummer 24 minutter siden
Ahhhh, the sideburns
C4sp3r Houdini
C4sp3r Houdini 25 minutter siden
Its a Ton of poles for Lewis!
林建安 26 minutter siden
szewei1985 27 minutter siden
Haha nice
Leonel Lopez
Leonel Lopez 30 minutter siden
hammer time!!!
Audrey Y
Audrey Y 30 minutter siden
and it wasn’t even 3 purple sectors
Real Racing
Real Racing 30 minutter siden
Anything Mike
Anything Mike 30 minutter siden
And he still goes fastest...
Next PM
Next PM 32 minutter siden
Who else came here after watching the top 10 Lewis Hamilton pole laps ✌🏼
Мария Смирнова
Мария Смирнова 33 minutter siden
Oh Nick... I was a huuuge fan of him when I was 13-14 y.o. <3
szewei1985 34 minutter siden
Haha love his awakening from 2007 till today sir lewis is still the king
KaaN 35 minutter siden
Condanno la delegazione tecnica della Ferrari, chi non riesce ad adattarsi all'età moderna dovrebbe dimettersi immediatamente. La Ferrari è ai primi posti in ogni gara con la sua capacità di pilotaggio. Ma il motore Ferrari si è guastato.💣
Stopnate 35 minutter siden
Ok ok we get it Lewis Hamilton is Prince of poles
soraya pellegrini
soraya pellegrini 35 minutter siden
the weather forecast is really getting my hopes up for rain lol
Alan 35 minutter siden
Why is Beyblade even in F1
crxdelsolsir 36 minutter siden
Lewis die hard fan base: Pole even if Yellow flag ruined his run! I don't want to hear anything else. Reality+ Commentators + FIA + Real sport fans: There were no yellow flags during Lewis' lap
Nick Klein-Ridder
Nick Klein-Ridder 36 minutter siden
Hamilton cheat he did not drive slower by yellow But again its only the car Change my mind
John Micheal
John Micheal 36 minutter siden
Lewis Lewis Lewis! Soon, there will be nothing left for your haters to choose from. First driver I have ever seen to be this consistent, this fast, this well rounded and just this talented ever!! Talk is very cheap. Actions speak louder than words. PERIOD.
Vishal Dhakne
Vishal Dhakne 36 minutter siden
Now I am very bored to see Lewis winning again agian 😠
Meh 29 minutter siden
Get used to it soy boy
Tyrone Harris
Tyrone Harris 37 minutter siden
The rise of Sir Lewis Hamilton...The King of Pole Positions, he should get a special trophy for 100th pole position. Possibly the most talk about F1 subject in the history of F1.
szewei1985 38 minutter siden
Haha to see how far off sir lewis and alonso today is the big shame and further beaten by the younger specimen ocon deng
John van der Meer
John van der Meer 38 minutter siden
Get rid of those face diapers already
Gopal Dandu
Gopal Dandu 38 minutter siden
If someone said to Lewis in 2007 that only sky is the limit for the skills you have, then he literally touched the sky in F1 today with 100 poles and that singapore 2018 pole was hands down the greatest pole lap ever in terms of sheer driving skill because of the track, circumstances around it, etc.. I am not a hamilton fan, but I respect and admire his driving skills and how a relentless athlete he is. I was stunned in disbelief how he got pole on that day like most in F1 world. Who is the GOAT is always debatable , but on that just 1 lap atleast I would put him even above Senna. Hats off Lewis.
szewei1985 39 minutter siden
Haha sir lewis is the different specimen
Farris Duwayri
Farris Duwayri 40 minutter siden
That Singapore was insane! Faster than the simulations thought was possible.
Vanderlei Previato
Vanderlei Previato 41 minutt siden
o melhor de todos os tempos
deepwawa 42 minutter siden
"I'm not really a drive who sticks it on pole " shut up lewis you beauty
João Godoi
João Godoi 42 minutter siden
Vestapen vs Hamilton
What seek ye
What seek ye 45 minutter siden
One can't help but wonder where the social media team are currently. This is a very interesting time to post. 02:34 in England. Very grateful for the content regardless. Thank you to all involved👌🏾
zippo71111 46 minutter siden
1:51 , the look ocon gave perez before he hit him lol.
o0bananaman0o 46 minutter siden
bet Ricciardo is regretting the move/paycut given his performance
自己嫌悪カークラブ 46 minutter siden
Ocon is back babyyyyy!
szewei1985 47 minutter siden
Haha grats 4 the 100th sir lewis
Eli James
Eli James 48 minutter siden
I love your video
Tuna 48 minutter siden
wait they raced on saturday?
Jj Nich
Jj Nich 20 minutter siden
No the race is always Sunday. Free practice friday. Qualy on Saturday and the big show is Sunday.
Einre rxtd
Einre rxtd 48 minutter siden
I don't understand a word that Yuki is speaking
DrivingAddict 49 minutter siden
It’s weird seeing Verstappen wearing a dad cap
Sebastian Francisco Vazquez-Carson
Sebastian Francisco Vazquez-Carson 50 minutter siden
Hamilton is the epitome of a champion and a gentleman! How can anyone fault the man?!
П.С. Медведев
П.С. Медведев 50 minutter siden
Три раза срезал по внешке четырьмя колесами, безобразное пилотирование, фальшивый поул, фальшивый гонщик. Судьи намерено закрывают глаза на откровенные нарушения правил, потому что боятся что их начнут обвинять в расизме.
Dan Salemme
Dan Salemme 50 minutter siden
I liked the term "SSX Tricky the curb"
Stopnate 51 minutt siden
F1 normal starting order:Mercedes , Mercedes , Red Bull or Mercedes , Red Bull, Mercedes
Giutubo Spatubo
Giutubo Spatubo 51 minutt siden
I was hoping for PEREZ to do a better job in RB. Sure, it´s a new team, new car.... But it looks like he might not do any better than Albon and Pierre. He better get a podium tomorrow if he wants my support, not that it´s worth anything.