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ya'll are great
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hi am natalia and short cuz i am 7
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I,m 7 years old I,m Short
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Abonnez vous à ma chaîne pour suivre la vie d'angéla
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Rosine Salama
Rosine Salama 9 timer siden
well im 8 but wen i was 4 i had the best life and wen i was 6 i got a phone even today i ave a iphone
Roy Evans
Roy Evans 9 timer siden
My service is sooooo poor
mixarai zumaya
mixarai zumaya 9 timer siden
Kevin is the mother 😂🇪🇨
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Alexa. ⛱👒👙😂🤣🤣🤣
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No mes No?
Yaw Addai
Yaw Addai 9 timer siden
I know all of there voices already
Keith O'neal
Keith O'neal 9 timer siden
123go is guid
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Maria Vega 9 timer siden
Alexa. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
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hi can i get 100 like on tik tok my tik tok kereona5
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Oh you know, you just have the feeling to pack a box cutter
Jennifer's Life
Jennifer's Life 9 timer siden
you have like one two three go challenges and you have like one two three go school and you also have like a lot of one two three go but I like the normal one two three go like your videos 🙂
Tina Gao
Tina Gao 9 timer siden
Jennifer Brodmerkle
Jennifer Brodmerkle 9 timer siden
Is Lily stupid? Pick up the cake, then the soda and chips O.o or just take a couple trips WHY MAYO USE CLEANING SPRAY
Qt.Italian_ Ari
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When Landon comes open the video I love the pool the music that they put in it's like so nice I'm like dead I'm not like really dead I'm like pretending to be
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Abigail Bortner 9 timer siden
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First of all this is not relatable at all😒 second of all watch 1:30 to 1:40 😒
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I laughed so hard none stop
laxyLEN 10 timer siden
2:02 minutes in # funny
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Ed kkkkkkkkonnnono innooni Ooooooo
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7:16 soooo funny lol
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maricha redjodikromo 10 timer siden
Kevin is so mean
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Those clothes are so cute
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3:36 yeeeaaaahhhh sure salsa
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The first one is weird you put tape on your back when you have a CROP TOP!?!?!?!?!?
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every body is fine in their on way and that fries one do you ever heard thing called chili fries?
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Lana love your style girl
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You are so good at hacks and pranks
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1+1=2 2+2=4 4+4=8 5+5=
iisunxcloudii :p
iisunxcloudii :p 10 timer siden
me watching the string pull the skirt at 0:31 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wind looking reel sus rn i saw them vent
Inara Hurt
Inara Hurt 10 timer siden
i hate this so much they are not funny just mean
saifaldin hossam
saifaldin hossam 10 timer siden
first of all the psycho is sopost to be normal and the normal is sopost to me psycho bc psycho is sopost to be the right thing duh
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I really want to hear there real voices 😒
Huda Mohammed Kelil
Huda Mohammed Kelil 10 timer siden
Kevin and Sofia are really cute but not only them there is lana, Lilly, Kate, Jake, Jennifer, Anni, Ava, Eva, Bella and there is a lot of them I love 123 go NOpost Channel and I hope 123 go will be the number 1 famous in the world💛💛💛💜💜💜
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At 1:21 she looks like those people from tom and jerry
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Good hacks
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Never thought I here 123GO! say pissed
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Hi 1234
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He could hav noticed the tape but Bella was lucky cause she had her backpack covering her back
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This video is great and awesome hacks are perfection.
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Samantha Cheetah 10 timer siden
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Bella in 4:05 is like OMG! what is going on with Steven
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Hey have you seen my NOpost videos
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I move around when I'm sleeping so that means I am a normal person
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The first part is too funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 haha 😂
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Wow lily shore is beautiful 😍 her sister lanna is looking great in videos too
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I am normally I am not weird.😆😆
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A natureza é maravilhosa
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I swear I was strolling through NOpost and I saq
Yahya Afghan
Yahya Afghan 10 timer siden
I swear I was strolling through NOpost al
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I thought this channel was for kids until she sad !$&#%?. Like if you agree
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1:19 maybe if u opend ur eye u could see lol
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