Aniq Ahmad
Aniq Ahmad 5 timer siden
DT you want wenger out now you get VAR to make it worst 😂😂😂😂😂 enjoy being mid table mediocrity 😏
elkadart1 5 timer siden
partie should not have been taken off it should have been xhaxa
edrosas 5 timer siden
Leno can’t play out from the back very well. Kinda a fact...
12345karimo 5 timer siden
I am sorry but is lino's fault he always do the same silly things he never kicks the ball a way just in case
Kritikal H
Kritikal H 5 timer siden
Had enough of premier league refs to be honest... all these headlines about the abuse they receive. I don’t feel sorry for them one bit. And until they’re held accountable by their employers. I hope people keep abusing them. I won’t do it myself but until the refs get to face the consequences for their mistakes.. I don’t wish them well at all.
Trackformers 5 timer siden
Drkeepup 5 timer siden
Luiz was awfull, how the hell he got a 7. He wasted so many balls just shooting long and passing to enemy.
Montana don
Montana don 5 timer siden
I think I am in love with pippa♡
Colin McDermott
Colin McDermott 6 timer siden
Arsenal are truly the gift that just keeps om giving 🤣🤣
Hong Ee Ng
Hong Ee Ng 6 timer siden
Y are we expecting to win? We havent win against burnleysince 2018
Milan Singh
Milan Singh 6 timer siden
VAR should learn from Cricket. One of the best uses of video review u will see in sport...
El Chapo Ibn Jon Al Drakowski
El Chapo Ibn Jon Al Drakowski 6 timer siden
Liam crying again 🤣🤣🤣
Maya Mitchell
Maya Mitchell 6 timer siden
you need to get james to do 2 stats shows 1 the decline of our top 4 chances coinciding with the signing of granite Xhaka and his stats and performance review in depth to put how much this man is at the heart of 3 managers losing there jobs💯💯👏🏾😳😳🤔🤔 2 a VAR review show of arsenal since it was introduced to show the inconsistencies in how we've been ROBBED i get it you don't wanna say it so let the stats do the talking 🔊🔊👏🏾👏🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾💯💯
Fun in spare time
Fun in spare time 6 timer siden
Xhaka is just being himself, nothing new!!! There’s mistakes in him every game. Should not be anywhere near the goal. In fact his best position is somewhere on the bench.
Curtis J
Curtis J 6 timer siden
What rating does Lacatalent get for the girliest scream ever on a football pitch?🤣😆😁
Bill Rose
Bill Rose 6 timer siden
Yeah when he's not making mistakes you think ok he's alright. Seems to put in a shift. But without the game losing mistakes he's quite limited. Doesn't score, isn't mobile. He can only progress the ball and stick his leg in as a defender. He's too much of a liability. Same as Luis. Everything is looking rosy until that one crazy mistake. He got caught on the ball too much yesterday as well. Need players able to make quick decisions. Xaka took that extra touch that cost us the game.
Tungba Channel
Tungba Channel 6 timer siden
Congratulations Mo
Nick J
Nick J 6 timer siden
Poor finishing cost us this game. Shouldve buried this game but we bottled it. Season in the league is done.
LeKaNsWaNsOn 6 timer siden
Hercules Heel Has a nice ring to it.
thailand smile
thailand smile 6 timer siden
Don't blame anyone but your players no excuses they have been making mistakes all season
enshalla123 6 timer siden
Mo's finally growing up, Arsenal no longer a priority
J V 6 timer siden
Why have we not seen a midfield of Partey at lone pivot with Odegaard and Ceballos infront.... BECAUSE THE MANAGER IS A COWARD.
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 6 timer siden
Scotland Yard must come in. There is something terribly wrong with the way the Premier League is being officiated. Why was VAR silent on the obvious handball whereas the red card decision was quickly rescinded? What was the linesman doing? The English game has been tainted by match fixing in the past involving big name players. Betting syndicates are surely more sophisticated now in this 5G world - so there must be equally sophisticated policing of matches and officials. For a start I would suggest that the VAR comprise a 3 man panel.
Vx Amen
Vx Amen 6 timer siden
Arsenal fans doing their favourite hobby- scapegoating 😂... arsenal should 1 of been 3 up before the incident. 2 Leno shouldn’t be passing the ball to players surrounded and pressed with their back to goal. He can see the full picture... Why’s can’t he kick it away?
Emmanuel ODEKUNLE 6 timer siden
Sincerely VAR/ref isn’t been fair today with Arsenal. However , Arsenal just played a team sitting 15th on the table and complain of penalty as if they have played exceptionally. You should know that your team is not playing very well they only show glimpses of organization during play but stayed inconsistent . Lack of desire is so visible and statistic of the game shows Burnley are more rootless except ball procession. If you look at the shot on target they have 5 to 3 from arsenal,they have 56% attacking shot accuracy against 20% from arsenal , they have better tackle accuracy, lesser foul etc. Arsenal fans don’t want to talk about their manager and he is the problem at the moment. West ham don’t have a better team, Chelsea Sack Lampard because 9th position is unacceptable. Managers are responsible for team selection, if a player miss chances or score home goal etc manager takes responsibility simple. Arsenal fans expectation has been lowered and no one care if the you sit on 10th position on the table just support Arteta.
sjw genius
sjw genius 6 timer siden
But....trust the process? I told you sacking Wenger is the wrong decisions.
Gooner4eva 6 timer siden
Can understand his point, we never gona move forward with players like Xhaka, Luiz and Willian.
LBellzawsum 6 timer siden
Yardman knew exactly what he was talking about 🙏
Deniz polat
Deniz polat 6 timer siden
Am I the only one that thinks if this was Manchester United that penalty would have been given
wellok 6 timer siden
Congrats Moh!
The Blady Pundeh Reviews Funny Videos
The Blady Pundeh Reviews Funny Videos 6 timer siden
all the clubs should just walk off the pitch when decisions like this happen....the refs and the fa think they have all the power. F*** em, premier league clubs don't have the balls to walk off the pitch. What is going to happen if half the teams refuse to play in protest?
Iggy Higgins
Iggy Higgins 6 timer siden
How many yards in a proximity? How long is a piece of string?
Sli 6 timer siden
The refs are as crap as Arsenal FC it's that bad.
Aarsenalfan 6 timer siden
Angry Chef
Angry Chef 6 timer siden
The only benefit of Thursday is the refs are foreign does the FA not wonder why none of our refs are allowed to euros / world cup
Fry 6 timer siden
SO Fixed, it's like Bidens votes...
Michael Farojoye
Michael Farojoye 6 timer siden
At 0:10sec to 0:50sec DT looked like he been boxed in and "battered"🤩🤩🤩🤩🤣🤣😅😆😆
Pranks 6 timer siden
Imagine if this guy was a man United fan
John Fraser
John Fraser 6 timer siden
Fu£&ing hell the jokes of these grown men is shocking, Southerners patter is honking.
W Lim
W Lim 6 timer siden
We can't finished top 4 since the day xhaka arrrived ....
norris williams
norris williams 6 timer siden
Please stop criticising Xhaka. Criticise Arteta, Xhaka is only doing what Arteta asked for them to do
Dave Ribeiro
Dave Ribeiro 6 timer siden
Start ceballos and Thomas
Felix Asomaning
Felix Asomaning 6 timer siden
😂😂😂😂 yo🤦🏾‍♂️😂
EZAblinG 6 timer siden
You do have to put some blame on Leno, your right in what your saying don't have to blame him for not kicking it long, but he should of got back to his goal, not only could he of been in a position to save it but he also could of even been another passing option for xhaka
Michael Farojoye
Michael Farojoye 6 timer siden
Granit Xhaka is the Disaster that will always hunt Arsenal FC 8timesx8timesx8times Over!!!!
Josh Bruen
Josh Bruen 6 timer siden
Nah pepe changed the game, fair enough he missed a sitter but thought he was the best player on the pitch when he came on
henry baring fowler
henry baring fowler 6 timer siden
Most sense I’ve heard all day 26:26
Tommy Lucy
Tommy Lucy 6 timer siden
I just can’t see what direction we are going as a team or a club 🤷🏻‍♂️
MJ 6 timer siden
Troopz > AFTV
Sadman Sakin
Sadman Sakin 6 timer siden
Arteta is the best manager in the universe. He is the reason we are in 10th.fantastic😌😇😍.Dt is like father to him
Isaac Konadu
Isaac Konadu 6 timer siden
After what he did vs palace how can he still be at arsenal
Udaco 6 timer siden
The best team play the ball from the back is Man City. Why they are better than us? All of them have good footwork. They were so calm to control the ball in their own box. Never look nervous because every one of them has good footwork. Even their GK has good ball control. While we were so uncomfortable playing from the back. Leno is not good at footwork. Xhaka also not good and slow to turn in his direction if been pressed. Tierney also not quite good at footwork. The same goes for Bellerin. The only player looks quite okay to play from the back is Luiz. Partey, Cedric, Ceballos and Elneny also seem okay too. How to play from the back when some of the defenders and the GK were not good at footwork?
Rap No Cap
Rap No Cap 6 timer siden
Robbie if your reading this get rid of the girl on the left
Golden Boot
Golden Boot 6 timer siden
Hes been useless since his debut go watch the 4-3 liverpool game he came on for his debut n his first touch was awful. XHAKA OUT
Yogurt Spicy
Yogurt Spicy 6 timer siden
Wood: I even don't move ......
Benjamin Collins
Benjamin Collins 6 timer siden
James is such a legend
James B
James B 6 timer siden
Thanks for the support bro 💪❤
henry baring fowler
henry baring fowler 6 timer siden
Stayed up till 4:30 to watch. I want die
Rahman Mohammed
Rahman Mohammed 6 timer siden
Arsene wenger was better than this get arteta out
Makanda Bakuangangu
Makanda Bakuangangu 6 timer siden
Vuyo Sakala
Vuyo Sakala 6 timer siden
interview him more
Golden Boot
Golden Boot 6 timer siden
Why is xhaka still starting every game???? Hes been a liability for years
Nubianpower 6 timer siden
Arteta as a player, had some similar traits, not the errors but the lack of foot speed. Perhaps he sees himself in Dhaka am not sure. I agree with No this type of error is in Xhaka locker and really we can't countenance this type of error from a senior player, he let himself, the team, the manager and the fans down.
hasnol hassan
hasnol hassan 6 timer siden
This is more fun than the game itself.
haris hodzic
haris hodzic 6 timer siden
Receiving the ball and facing your own goal on the 6yd box is counterintuitive to scoring a goal. (Unless you want an own goal) Say what you want about burnley style of play.. but they got a point at a fraction of the cost of Arsenal. We dont have Xavi, he have xhaka. Who's hipless and not confident with the ball at his feet. So lets stop pretending we're barcelona and lets play to win
Alex Gerontzos
Alex Gerontzos 6 timer siden
No excuse for VAR. If a ref on the pitch calls it and VAR wants to overturn then the ref MUST go over the to monitor and not wait for the decision in his ear and make the decision based on the replay he is the official on the pitch for crying out loud.
Achille Lele
Achille Lele 6 timer siden
When kelechi start swearing and shouting, then it tells you how frustrated VAR and the FA have fail the premier league
Favoritism will kill arteta career. xhaka willian bellerina!!!
Jorge Sánchez
Jorge Sánchez 6 timer siden
10th poh
Jorge Sánchez
Jorge Sánchez 6 timer siden
Jorge Sánchez
Jorge Sánchez 6 timer siden
Crazy Yardie Tv
Crazy Yardie Tv 6 timer siden
Jorge Sánchez
Jorge Sánchez 6 timer siden
CHICO THE REF 6 timer siden
The refs in America go through constant mental and physical training. We are scrutinized so hard on the National level if you even get there it is an honor and a privilege and you are held 100% accountable. You can be demoted in an instant to the lower levels until you prove yourself again. On top of that, once you become a national ref, you are retested every year. Technology is used to track everything from your heart rate, positioning on the field, etc. America has some stud referees.
Manush Nathoo
Manush Nathoo 6 timer siden
VAR is a cheat and they should get relegated
Raymond Tang
Raymond Tang 6 timer siden
Honestly with these players in Arsenal no matter who’s the manager. It will be the same. Only player can stay is Saka in this season
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 6 timer siden
Scotland Yard must come in. How is it that VAR did not alert the ref to the obvious handball yet could rescind his red card decision later? And what was the linesman doing? The many inconsistencies are clear indication that something is terribly wrong with the way the Premier League is being officiated. Let us not pretend that everything is above board when the English game has been tainted by match fixing in the past involving some famous names. Betting syndicates have become more sophisticated and therefore there must be equally sophisticated policing of players and match officials. I think the VAR should be a 3 man panel and not just a one man show. The performance of referees and VAR is bringing the game into disrepute.
S Shah AFC
S Shah AFC 6 timer siden
We need European refs
Azri Azis
Azri Azis 7 timer siden
Even blind knows its was a penalty..
Udaco 7 timer siden
We were told there are 3 referees inside the VAR room but actually, 3 of them are taking a free paycheck. No one inside the room except the safety or guard officer sitting at the door. All of them just playing poker for 90 mins.
Bini Yeshe
Bini Yeshe 7 timer siden
I think it’s xhaka is not the problem, nobody talks about our forward players not scoring.
Chin Chang
Chin Chang 7 timer siden
he problem is Xhaka can't kick the ball with his right foot and that is how he gave away the goal. I think we need to get rid of one-footed players.
Karume Huie
Karume Huie 7 timer siden
You just play a ball around a arsenal backline on everybody just get scare