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Panos PRO
Panos PRO 12 timer siden
He struggles to find the advantages over iPhone 11. Looks like a sponsored video 🍎
Amsyar Danialz
Amsyar Danialz 12 timer siden
It's good, just so Damn GOOD
Maryam Z
Maryam Z 12 timer siden
I like his reviews. He dope ❤️👍🏻
taylan ozciftci
taylan ozciftci 12 timer siden
I still use Iphone x. What would you like to suggest for me for next phone? I’m thinking to get soon
Kian Ontong
Kian Ontong 12 timer siden
Marques the reason we put cases on our phones is because when we get a new one we have to keep it for 2 or 3 years, unlike you who just gets free phones every week
Maryam Z
Maryam Z 12 timer siden
Wonder what’s mini gonna be like and if it’s battery is gonna be worse or better. The idea of smaller size makes me wanna take it, but again all the battery I will loose torture me 😂
Saurabh Shrivastava
Saurabh Shrivastava 12 timer siden
So, my downloads will fail mid way, my games will DC mid way because my phone decided to switch bands when it pleases?
Arunn Killerxxx
Arunn Killerxxx 12 timer siden
Iphone 11 T
spaghetti. man64
spaghetti. man64 12 timer siden
you know he showed that ps5 in the background on purpose 😂
Pranjal singh
Pranjal singh 12 timer siden
who else noticed a ps5 console unboxed at 8:00
Endless Entertainment
Endless Entertainment 12 timer siden
Bo Rerun
Bo Rerun 12 timer siden
Those fake speaker grills are still fake and cheesy
reii oniichan
reii oniichan 12 timer siden
Apple dares to force this magsafe because they know their consumers are still gonna buy! Goddammit please samsung google make a clean, extremely optimized OS so i can move to u guys!
Peter Ilsøe
Peter Ilsøe 12 timer siden
8:00 Aaand Marques already has the PS5
Jason Meyerson
Jason Meyerson 12 timer siden
I want one so bad I've never had a iphone and I've always wanted one
Syed Iftikhar Ali
Syed Iftikhar Ali 12 timer siden
10:31 hmmmmmmmmm iykyk
Ali Shah Khan
Ali Shah Khan 12 timer siden
10:33 PS5, I see.
Acu Light
Acu Light 12 timer siden
The OnePlus 8pro costs less and is WAY better
A G 12 timer siden
yo dont make a video like this, you'll make sony not be great :(
Delta force 2 GAMING
Delta force 2 GAMING 12 timer siden
I’ll buy 1 in 2023
Lucy 12 timer siden
i can’t explain it but whenever he interviews people, marques has the vibe of a (very talented) middle schooler doing the school news
Narayan Ramkisan Misal
Narayan Ramkisan Misal 12 timer siden
When are you going to review iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 pro max?
Siddharth Barodia
Siddharth Barodia 12 timer siden
Most diplomatic review ever.
Ashish Amolik
Ashish Amolik 12 timer siden
If iphone was a girl. MKB: I love her mostly because of her looks
rishikrishnan Pk
rishikrishnan Pk 12 timer siden
I thought the #1 accessory sold for iPhones is the charging brick....
Renxy Baluyot
Renxy Baluyot 12 timer siden
12:38 the icon next to the flash indicator on the camera is that only exclusive to the 12 series? Or is that ios 14.2?
Karan Somaiya
Karan Somaiya 12 timer siden
From next year 5G will be sold separately 😶
Jihan Ulil Amri Nasiruddin
Jihan Ulil Amri Nasiruddin 12 timer siden
14:16 those are not orbs, those are spirits wondering how they can get their hands on the new I Phone.
TheWebStylist 12 timer siden
For all of us that bought the 11ProMax a year ago, def no new feature reason$ for most of us to make the jump
باشا السيارات car
باشا السيارات car 12 timer siden
but there is no 120 Hz I will wite for iphone 15 😖
Aman Sharma
Aman Sharma 12 timer siden
Siri be like - "gajjab beizzati hai yaar"
Arze Bautista
Arze Bautista 12 timer siden
In the philippines the iphone 12 64 gb cost $1060😢
Ali Nasir
Ali Nasir 12 timer siden
You are having so much butttts in the video and why it has to be specifically butttt
Loay Katarya
Loay Katarya 12 timer siden
so even the charger doesn't come with a charger...
Otaku_Slayer 12 timer siden
Anyone gonna note the ps5 tease
Yasindu De Silva
Yasindu De Silva 12 timer siden
Marques back at it with the 69 😂😂5:02
Bryce Honey
Bryce Honey 12 timer siden
How’s the PS5 going?? Nice little sneak in there.
M S 12 timer siden
Why do you hate the color :( This year’s red is so alluring! Every time I pick it up, I turn it around to look at it. It’s weird.
122_Utkarsh Gautam
122_Utkarsh Gautam 12 timer siden
Apple gave wallet cover so that u lose ur credit card along with ur phone and lose all ur money... So that they can introduce "Apple Insurance and Loan" to their customers
Gautam Srivastav
Gautam Srivastav 12 timer siden
How gullible can u be?
Anand Shah
Anand Shah 12 timer siden
Cries in GT710
Arjyoulatest 12 timer siden
Marquest i am okay with ur presentation style but some time u look too much outside while shooting. Eventhough it looks natural. Sometime feel cliche.
Єфим Галетій
Єфим Галетій 12 timer siden
10:35 so PS 5 is here, ha
Mr Av3rageGuy
Mr Av3rageGuy 12 timer siden
8:02 got me thinking
Karan Somaiya
Karan Somaiya 12 timer siden
The iPhone will feel fast till the new one comes. 🙄
Hossein Salamatian
Hossein Salamatian 12 timer siden
Dorim3 12 timer siden
But mkbhd is mkbUHD
World Peace
World Peace 12 timer siden
13:03 Wild Mr.Beast appear
Murad Abdullah
Murad Abdullah 12 timer siden
Like iphone 4, apple is going back actually 🤣
R N 12 timer siden
What if Apple would delete charging port. How will future iPhone be charged in cars without wireless charging pads??
burqa 12 timer siden
Thank you for talking about how shitty the screen is regarding scratches. It scratches SO EASILY OMG!!!, and the battery, ugh!!!, WHAT A FUCKING BUMMER!!! I was expecting an improved battery than last year 🙄👎🏽 ... Everyone, if you want to avoid a rip off and a mock off from Apple, please, do yourselves a favor and don’t buy this generation of iPhone 12 😌 ... Apple MUST learn that we as clients deserve RESPECT!
Sherry Mathew
Sherry Mathew 12 timer siden
Love when u praise i phone
Hessel Folkertsma
Hessel Folkertsma 12 timer siden
8:05 PlayStation 5, baby!
Nithin Kumar Rajendran
Nithin Kumar Rajendran 12 timer siden
10:35 flexin on that ps5 you got there??
john hanna
john hanna 12 timer siden
since the iphone 12 and 11 pro max are almost the same price, which one would be better and why?
Davion Elliott
Davion Elliott 12 timer siden
iPhone 5 meet your distant brother iPhone 12
Variable 12 timer siden
I don't really care if the phone's 5G or 4G. I'll always use be wifi..
Roberto Lorenzo
Roberto Lorenzo 12 timer siden
Smart connection? Switch between 4G and 5G?. It might only be possible for some time. For how long do you thing the carriers are going to sustain the costs of keeping two parallel networks? Remember you only pay one subscription....
Devyansh Sewani
Devyansh Sewani 12 timer siden
8:02 am I the only one that noticed the ps5 in the background👀
Thomas Lukins
Thomas Lukins 12 timer siden
Marques, in these days of Covid your Phone wants a screen protector :D
Joshua Mitchell
Joshua Mitchell 12 timer siden
Its amazing that commercial campaigns can convince people that something is different when really its the same. BTW I have just invented and released a new shirt design, it has two sleeves. I know that all shirts have two sleeves but just trust me, buy my new 2 sleeve shirt, it's radically different.
Roshan Thomas
Roshan Thomas 12 timer siden
4 hrs of screen on time with 50% left on a 60 Hz phone with a non flagship chipset is not impressive at all. I get around 9-10 hrs on my 90 Hz OnePlus 8.
Ashutosh Pandey
Ashutosh Pandey 12 timer siden
It felt more like a justification video for what apple did to iPhone 12 and not like a review.
Vusumzi Maseti
Vusumzi Maseti 12 timer siden
10:35 just slightly flex the PS5 in the background
Mallu Tech Nerd
Mallu Tech Nerd 12 timer siden
13:04 Mr beast
Strafer66 12 timer siden
Can someone explain why 5g drains battery more than 4g or WiFi? Shouldn’t an internet network be mostly the same?
Gerasimos Rico
Gerasimos Rico 12 timer siden
How could u use a blue wallpaper on a red iPhone
Flying Tree
Flying Tree 12 timer siden
The phone is flatter then my girls ass.
TheHive 12 timer siden
screen 4 times harder Jerry: a little scratch at lv 6 and deeper grooves at lv 7
Jesús Zayas
Jesús Zayas 13 timer siden
You lost your credibility to me.
Jesse Bochek
Jesse Bochek 13 timer siden
Aren't wallets and magnets not really something that are supposed to go together?
Emir Şimşek
Emir Şimşek 13 timer siden
Please make English subtitles
Jahleel Barrett
Jahleel Barrett 13 timer siden
PlayStation 5. I say it!
Octávio Sá
Octávio Sá 13 timer siden
When Marques grabs the phone you think he's holding the iPhone mini
tomm2639 13 timer siden
5G sucks when u dig into the science. It will never be great. 6G some brand new tech is needed before it's better than 4G
Eduardo Rivas
Eduardo Rivas 13 timer siden
I saw a comment the other day talking about how big his hands are and now i cant unsee it lmao
Marcus Loke
Marcus Loke 13 timer siden
I suggest that my fellow viewers who have already bought this new magsafe for the iphone 12s, to put a thin layer of soft material (e.g. Felt) on the surface (or get a case). This is because similar to the earlier apple watches which had issues of getting its glass sensor scratch by gunk between the charger and watch, the same will happen to the new iphones. After all glass is made of sand and tiny sand particles can scratch any generation of gorilla glass.
What’s goin On
What’s goin On 13 timer siden
They’re putting 5G in the vaccines to turn our kids gay
Oscar S
Oscar S 13 timer siden
so the drop resistant vs scratch resistant is kind of the deal breaker for me at the moment. I never drop my phones. I don't like the screen protectors, I go commando with my screen. never got any noticable scratches. so will the iPhone 12 scratch easier because of this new ceramic shield stuff? do I now need a screen protector to avoid scratches, instead of drop resistance? :|
Ashan McNealy
Ashan McNealy 13 timer siden
Saw that PS5 tease