McLaren MCL35M fire up
AllAspectZz 8 timer siden
Whats the name of this song, I NEED to know!
m598lmr 9 timer siden
This video hasn't aged very well.
DrPickleMaster 10 timer siden
Carlos actually spent time yet lando was just like: hand=paintbrush
Vacaneu 13 timer siden
some claims were made
Róbert Fölkel
Róbert Fölkel 15 timer siden
7:41 - how can I get that software? aka mclaren.pitwall.fopnet pls pls pls!! ;-)
Anna Venturi
Anna Venturi 16 timer siden
Bellissimo video Lando Norris e Carlos sainz
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte 23 timer siden
After Hamilton left McLaren starts to go downhill :(
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte 23 timer siden
I miss the old livery with Vodafone 2010s and late 1990s-mid 2000s West
Dave Hayes
Dave Hayes Dag siden
When cars were manual gear box, and big Goodyear tyres that can take these big engines, hybrid cars, oh dear
xiami Dag siden
10:19 Lando - "er fucking wet ... can't see a thing"
Fardeen saifi
Fardeen saifi Dag siden
Barwell Racing
Barwell Racing Dag siden
Silbye Dag siden
Seb Parker
Seb Parker Dag siden
Idk why people are being mean I think it’s great
El Kapitan
El Kapitan Dag siden
is he american or british?
Mindundi Cabreao
Mindundi Cabreao Dag siden
2:57 Juraría que el diseño de los pontones ha cambiado con respecto al coche que presentaron el otro día. 🙄
dimath abeynayake
dimath abeynayake 2 dager siden
ferrari is having carlos as number two ,wonder why he went as maclaren even has a better car
Khaled El Bacha
Khaled El Bacha 2 dager siden
A sports article reported Daniel's trial of the new McLaren Mercedes. Ominous they described his words: "feels fast, been a while". McLaren does need some more time to be a title contender, but it'll be competitive this season.
AmonRACRO 2 dager siden
I got to say, is that advatange? You have rain circuit for testing!! I mean for perfect weather race you all know your setups! :)
K K 2 dager siden
It's cute.
Tulsi Kanodia
Tulsi Kanodia 2 dager siden
Petition to get Carlando to make videos together again ;-;
Katie J
Katie J 2 dager siden
Anyone else notice Carlos on the screen in the background at 2:41 😂😂
ROD ROD 2 dager siden
Donald _Duck
Donald _Duck 2 dager siden
" feels fast " ...then the reality knock the door ... 10th place , 14th place etc... amateur...!!!
Pinar Han Nuranel
Pinar Han Nuranel 2 dager siden
It’s amazing how McLaren involved fans intro launch🤘🏽
Vasu Gupta
Vasu Gupta 2 dager siden
This year's car seem to be sounding even more louder than before.
Lee Fall
Lee Fall 2 dager siden
6:42 Woops
Anna Venturi
Anna Venturi 2 dager siden
Klebyton Fernandes
Klebyton Fernandes 2 dager siden
Number ONE
James Antill
James Antill 2 dager siden
Who on earth gave this the thumbs down? Whats not to like???
Neale Ware
Neale Ware 3 dager siden
I am really glade Daniel Ricciardo has gone to McLaren. I have always thought he made a big mistake leaving RedBull in the first place. At least he has a better chance of getting on the podium now and or winning.
Billybob Thornton
Billybob Thornton 3 dager siden
''Big heavy, low-revving v8 engine'' 9.5k rpm... not too bad for a low rev v8 engine
Bahruz Jafarov
Bahruz Jafarov 3 dager siden
Why the front tire is so huge? Do we have any changes?
Simone Costantini
Simone Costantini 3 dager siden
Anna Venturi
Anna Venturi 3 dager siden
super lando norris and daniel ricciardo super musicisti di successo
Jay Maz
Jay Maz 3 dager siden
love these guys!!! the rapping was sooo baddddd though LOOOL xox
Matias Hauko
Matias Hauko 3 dager siden
0:57 is a fernando alonso enginner when he was in ferrari no?
Fraser Towne
Fraser Towne 3 dager siden
I thought Carlos was Spanish ?!
Agatha Beatrice Belen
Agatha Beatrice Belen 3 dager siden
Gustav Nørby
Gustav Nørby 3 dager siden
14:21 like a gun
don pia
don pia 4 dager siden
Where is the race?
Nasari Nitish
Nasari Nitish 4 dager siden
You are watching the ashes
Saad Qamar
Saad Qamar 4 dager siden
When new video will be uploaded I’m bored
marie janine
marie janine 4 dager siden
carlos enjoyed this challenge so much. he’s such a foodie
TheUniverse Nside
TheUniverse Nside 4 dager siden
All talking. No driving. Wth
Jan Maathuis
Jan Maathuis 4 dager siden
You ever heared about steady state cam?
Jan Maathuis
Jan Maathuis 4 dager siden
Please fire the cam man immediately!!! Is that a child filming for the first time????
INTERISTA DOC 4 dager siden
Anyway, they loved Carlos too much....
INTERISTA DOC 4 dager siden
Somebody who knows the song? It's sooo beautiful 😍
wagner de biasi
wagner de biasi 4 dager siden
Por favor coloquem legendas em português!
chloé 4 dager siden
8:59 well he wasn't wrong hahaha
untossableboi 4 dager siden
I'm.13 and I'm the same height as lando
traida111 4 dager siden
this cinimatic view is awful
cool boy
cool boy 4 dager siden
5:40 the kid to the right
cool boy
cool boy 4 dager siden
F1Mclaren 4 dager siden
Whats the name of that mclaren car? When lando and daniel driving in to the interview
Lee Rushby Photography
Lee Rushby Photography 4 dager siden
Dan's company car is a bit better than his last one at Renault! haha
Shishy 846
Shishy 846 4 dager siden
I like Carlos is like OMG this icecream i so good, this is one of the best icecreams when Lando can't taste it
Junglefever71 4 dager siden
What is the hoodie Dan is wearing, is that McLaren gear?
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez 4 dager siden
If I remember correctly, Alonso went 4 seconds faster than Jimmy Johnson in the NASCAR. I also remember that Jimmy Johnson got within a half second of Alonso in the McLaren.
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke 4 dager siden
I like tis very much with Lando Daniel Ricciardo in making a music melody I have enjoyed seeing Lando drumming what great video Lando is playing the like brilliant.
Daffa hilmi
Daffa hilmi 5 dager siden
dang! that engine sound give me a goosebump!
alfsters.ツ 5 dager siden
174 centimeters is 5’7 Lando, not 6’2... sorry Lando just a pet peeve
carlo moreno
carlo moreno 5 dager siden
Does someone else remember the Xbox kid?
Anna Venturi
Anna Venturi 5 dager siden
So cute video Lando Norris e Carlos sainz ❤️❤️♥️❤️♥️♥️❤️♥️❤️❤️♥️♥️❤️
kieran 0711
kieran 0711 5 dager siden
British people when Carlos said choco pops: So you have chosen the off-brand stuff from Tesco
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 5 dager siden
McLaren has earned a new fan in gaining Ricciardo... let's GO!
Jason Lay
Jason Lay 5 dager siden
Wait, why is Carlos doing signing ricciardos doll? 3 is definitely the magic number.
Ivan Bermejo
Ivan Bermejo 5 dager siden
Carlos? Are you there? :/
Karl Owen Aurelio
Karl Owen Aurelio 5 dager siden
As a tribute to their getting back together, both drivers should've pulled up driving orange colored McLaren Mercedes SLR s 😁😁😁
Ben J Motorsport
Ben J Motorsport 5 dager siden
I think it would be cool to see a FE driver swap cars with an F1 driver
SuperSpatman 5 dager siden
Zak seems like the kind of boss that we all wish we had.
Wouter Cornet
Wouter Cornet 5 dager siden
I can already see Carlos running to Lando to hug him after a race
Chetan N A
Chetan N A 5 dager siden
I heard Senna talk from the heavens :)
SAILXR MXNRXE 5 dager siden
6:05 the hate for daniel ricciardo is real lmao
New Normal
New Normal 5 dager siden
good job chat
Grabthar 5 dager siden
Dear McLaren. Please make new episodes of Tooned with Dan and Lando.
BULLDOG 5 dager siden
As Daniel ricciardo fan , I am now a McLean fan , I hope they improve to second spot this year🙏🙏🙏
Curious Pug
Curious Pug 6 dager siden
You guys tried your best to not revealing the car too much eh?? Keep zooming on the cockpit area so the rest of the car's aero didn't get leak, especially the barge board area😏🤔
Michael Hubert Lamla
Michael Hubert Lamla 6 dager siden
Thank you, McLaren!
Jamie Fox
Jamie Fox 6 dager siden
Lando needs jarv back.