Pa Salieu: Frontline
4 dager siden
Hashtags: #MyWorstCar
4 dager siden
Playboi Carti: Slay3r
5 dager siden
Henry Hall: Alive, Annoyed
Rico Nasty: OHFR?
11 dager siden
Old Dominion: Never Be Sorry
Mark Normand Stand-Up
17 dager siden
Hashtags: #WorstFirstDate
Autumn Westcott
Autumn Westcott 18 timer siden
I still want to know...where'd Higgins go?!
Kashif Rabbani
Kashif Rabbani 18 timer siden
The real winner was jin
Магомед Магомадов
Магомед Магомадов 18 timer siden
Gary Lotspeich
Gary Lotspeich 18 timer siden
More Pitz! :^)
Ema Miklášová
Ema Miklášová 18 timer siden
Wow. I love Harry Potter.🤩😍
matteo giulivi
matteo giulivi 18 timer siden
i feel like i've never seen anything less italian than olive garden
Lea Marene
Lea Marene 18 timer siden
“What are those lights in there? Are you watching Soul?” 💀
Rob Byers
Rob Byers 18 timer siden
Jimmy wasn’t getting the cat thing 😂
Tracey Cockrell Bryant
Tracey Cockrell Bryant 18 timer siden
This is an amazing movie. There are no coincidences. Rami was to play this part. And I am sure when he stepped into this part he had help spiritually from the other side. I felt Freddie's presence after watching this movie.
Shaun Champey
Shaun Champey 18 timer siden
What a little bitch
Aryeh Altusky
Aryeh Altusky 18 timer siden
@david Blaine what do u have with the 7 of diamonds)
Greg Lewis
Greg Lewis 18 timer siden
Good guy tells the truth,and lives it rare these days.
Jackie Rodriguez
Jackie Rodriguez 18 timer siden
Why does Jimmy look grey
lustig trala
lustig trala 18 timer siden
Bill is just amazing, love this dude
Daniel Barbosa
Daniel Barbosa 18 timer siden
That small 2 man couch does not look right with him, especially cause he he sat in the middle... looks like he’s sitting on kids furniture lol.
J V 18 timer siden
Good thing Biden has a PLAN! We are all going to start wearing masks - Oops, may bad Trump already said that. Okay, we are all going to "social distance" - Damn, Trump already said that too! Ok, here is one - we are going to develop and distribute a vaccine to rid this pandemic. "Son-of-a-Bitch", Trump was all over this, let me go back to my basement, and put my head in my ass where it was.
Cherno Bog
Cherno Bog 18 timer siden
Both need to overdose and disappear. Liberal pieces of shit
Oumayya areine
Oumayya areine 18 timer siden
I love jimin so much ☻😚😚
vali ani
vali ani 18 timer siden
and what happened after the show with the puppies?
MrGL1973 18 timer siden
Whoever sold this idea in the Tonight Show writers' room needs a raise.
Kas Music lyrics
Kas Music lyrics 18 timer siden
Kas Music lyrics
Kas Music lyrics 18 timer siden
LEXICOGRAFFER 19 timer siden
Just imagine JJ on the Steelers....I hope it happens.
survival conscious
survival conscious 19 timer siden
Most of Hollywood eats children.
Jason Sailer
Jason Sailer 19 timer siden
You Can't say I Drink for No Reason.
Nandini Bhagwat
Nandini Bhagwat 19 timer siden
Joanna Farias
Joanna Farias 19 timer siden
He 2nd the drop of the mic . He's like 'im the president of the united states' lol 🤭
Ann Buck
Ann Buck 19 timer siden
Check out Stacie Ann Buckley u tube. I lost my phone . Looking forward to the big game today Go Arron and team. Go Bucks and Brady. I am done minded today. Shh Go Arron..,....
Ken Elliott
Ken Elliott 19 timer siden
I luv U, Chris!!!! Thx for this!
Coby Blue
Coby Blue 19 timer siden
this kinda feels like watching that one guy too fucked up doing karaoke at the bar
Thinking Out of box
Thinking Out of box 19 timer siden
What a coincidence I said the guitar with them
Barry Reed
Barry Reed 19 timer siden
Definitely got that check out his cheesesteak a tasty cake song.
Sabikun Naher
Sabikun Naher 19 timer siden
This is so live.....
Ann Buck
Ann Buck 19 timer siden
Larry F
Larry F 19 timer siden
Nice and Jokey. Two TV Jesters prove: Yes It IS A THING.
Nova 19 timer siden
This is acutely pretty fire
Odin 19 timer siden
I guess her favorite song is Video Games by Lana Del Rey.
Abdul Sanin
Abdul Sanin 19 timer siden
Billie be like : Ewwwww ! It's my stepdad Gareeey !
HippieAtHeart 19 timer siden
I will be glad when he isn’t called mayor and just called by his name, Pete
Devo Davis
Devo Davis 19 timer siden
This literally had me crying. Solid gold.
Sean John
Sean John 19 timer siden
Taraji is do beautiful and talented, I wondered if she's in character all her life
bebe poo
bebe poo 19 timer siden
Why is no one talking abt ari’s dress🤣?
J 19 timer siden
Harry-and-Draco level chemistry lol.
Sadia Islam
Sadia Islam 19 timer siden
that part when he said vodka i was just shocked sounded exactly like Harry said on a concert
GRT XYZ 19 timer siden
Well Trump certainly f*cked up your country... so maybe it was suitable... He didn't use his penis though because according to Stormy it's a micro mushroom....
paddyfc07 19 timer siden
Tomas uSA
Tomas uSA 19 timer siden
Trrrrr brrrrrr😂😂
Uzma Tariq
Uzma Tariq 19 timer siden
baby shark was so funny!!
marc elo
marc elo 19 timer siden
Where are the drugz menz?
Christian 19 timer siden
That dude's beard is perfect 👌🏻
Rowan Turok
Rowan Turok 19 timer siden
Timothee Chalamet as a girl
pasindu kawshan
pasindu kawshan 19 timer siden
1:55 srilanka 🇱🇰
Kitty Mia
Kitty Mia 19 timer siden
i like taylor
Khaldan Carlos
Khaldan Carlos 19 timer siden
Jimmy Fuckn fake Fallon knows all the Answers to his Shows
Erin Kuljis
Erin Kuljis 19 timer siden
Omg I guessed pineapple too 😂😂😂😂
Kitty Mia
Kitty Mia 19 timer siden
im so happy to ariana and to her act is so funny
Ogo's Showroom
Ogo's Showroom 19 timer siden
Swish by Denzel
BTS&BLΛƆKPIИK__offical fan page!!
BTS&BLΛƆKPIИK__offical fan page!! 19 timer siden
youtube lets recommend after 5 years. 2021? like~~
Ariana Aghazadeh
Ariana Aghazadeh 19 timer siden
Алексей Гавриленко
Алексей Гавриленко 19 timer siden
Петр и Дарья упсихолога Николь идртвоачей идрребятауврачей
Алексей Гавриленко
Алексей Гавриленко 19 timer siden
Лусинэгоаорткян идртдевушки виде николькидман у психолога апотом исамт психологами николькидман психолог
Ahad Bhai
Ahad Bhai 19 timer siden
I thought she is gigi hadid!
Ogo's Showroom
Ogo's Showroom 19 timer siden
His actual voice sounds better than the studio effect !
Danny Dorrito
Danny Dorrito 19 timer siden
Trump had the first openly gay cabinet member though. Curb your research Jimmy I hate Trump too, but cmon
APURV VIJAY 19 timer siden
this was cool
Ramón Movies
Ramón Movies 19 timer siden
I still love Steve Martin and Martin Short! They're legends!
doc jennison
doc jennison 19 timer siden
Jason is great but for some reason her stuff has never really grabbed me. Great fiddle player.
Judy Brodeur
Judy Brodeur 19 timer siden
aninda kw
aninda kw 19 timer siden
After watching Outlander I'm afraid to touch anything in the historical places, what if.... 🤣🤣🤣
Nai x
Nai x 19 timer siden
Kaori Kim
Kaori Kim 19 timer siden
Recuerdo todo el caos con esta semana, todos los días fueron maravillosos
La’mour Yoon
La’mour Yoon 19 timer siden
So was there an interview or he just performed and dipped
Mars Rover
Mars Rover 19 timer siden
Fuuuuck these shows. What a dystopian nightmare.
Chin 19 timer siden
Are we gonna ignore the fact that Tarik acted out gazing longingly at the moon for "Twilight" then proceeds to show the letter T with his hands
itz_ Zak
itz_ Zak 19 timer siden
santa is the nice one santa nas x is the naughty one
Mr.Hoseok BTS
Mr.Hoseok BTS 19 timer siden
Jin over there beating the thing
Deborah Vought
Deborah Vought 19 timer siden
Thanks for the laughs! I love the Bernie portraits!! 🤣🤣🤣