Boss4852 Gaming
Boss4852 Gaming 8 timer siden
Did he seriously call the T-800 the T-100??
THE REAL JFK 8 timer siden
Cant wait for doctor strange vs Wanda he gon win tbh he got that stone
Raven Strong
Raven Strong 8 timer siden
I was searching for this dangerously hard last night 😭 .
Mystreek 8 timer siden
thank you Erik and the team for your hard work for covering almost, if not everything, on Wandavision I was able to geek out a bit during these past few weeks. On to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier!
Jason Dearham
Jason Dearham 8 timer siden
Fietro was a leftover from the 80's episode... He was Mike Seaver's best friend!
Jordan Bonner
Jordan Bonner 8 timer siden
666th like
Sue Tap
Sue Tap 8 timer siden
2:58 did he say t-100?
Tobias Hansen Beite
Tobias Hansen Beite 8 timer siden
The mcu future is looking bright
Pinche Pandulce
Pinche Pandulce 8 timer siden
2:58 terminator t-800****
John Croft
John Croft 8 timer siden
Was patiently waiting for this video :)
Ryan Feltmann
Ryan Feltmann 8 timer siden
KingKlutch13 8 timer siden
14k views in 6 minutes
Crazy RedDead
Crazy RedDead 8 timer siden
Very true
Jordan Bonner
Jordan Bonner 8 timer siden
Daniel _
Daniel _ 8 timer siden
it’s still.. Rest In Peace Sparky 😢🐶
Sara Martinez
Sara Martinez 8 timer siden
I think White Vision might appear in Armor Wars. I mean it makes sense.
Tadd Tilton
Tadd Tilton 8 timer siden
I appreciate you and your whole crew buddy.
Kyle Fielder
Kyle Fielder 8 timer siden
But what is beef if not cow persevering
Kanye West
Kanye West 8 timer siden
I am both happy and mad at Paul Bethany for that secret cameo.
Max Fink
Max Fink 8 timer siden
Who else thought the Vision battle was epic
Shawn Barnes
Shawn Barnes 8 timer siden
Those mountains I think are 100% Wundagore mountains. If you look at the illustration from the comics they look the same. Chthon I feel will be the next big bad or at least for Wanda and Dr Strange’s story line.
Rex C
Rex C 8 timer siden
Wow you guys are fast to comment
Watchface Boss
Watchface Boss 8 timer siden
Come on ross it ws a simple story bt v made it complicated vd our theories,ny1 agree or nt????
Wynty 8 timer siden
Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson 8 timer siden
First time in my life I’m glad to early... To the video that is
Red Panda
Red Panda 8 timer siden
Big brass ones showing us the final moments of the Hex the whole time...*THE WHOLE TIME!*
julian t
julian t 8 timer siden
They could easily make Jimmy Woo a Skrull, he works in the government, no family we know of, works with superheroes, miss understands human questions, unusually happy to get coffee. He's a good candidate
AAlves 8 timer siden
Wanda might not be able to feel Vision, but I sure as hell felt the tears coming down my cheeks after these last 2 episodes
KTLC1 8 timer siden
I feel like the cgi in this ep is so much more noticable and stand-out-y than it was in the last 8 eps
Shane Herndon
Shane Herndon 8 timer siden
Jay 7
Jay 7 8 timer siden
Really mad that white vision wasn't reshaped to be ultron since the timeframe for the last episode should be around 2015-2018 smh😭😭😭😭
Logan Lynn
Logan Lynn 8 timer siden
maybe the mcu white vision is a adaptoid in the mcu
The Roger
The Roger 8 timer siden
What is subscribing if not notification persevering?
Zoha Khan
Zoha Khan 8 timer siden
I was waiting for this thank you
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 8 timer siden
What we all waited for
Fishy Boi
Fishy Boi 8 timer siden
Wanda also through multiple cars at Tony in civil war at the airport
Louis Avalos
Louis Avalos 8 timer siden
Will wanda go to dr.strange for help??
Ricky Cabrera
Ricky Cabrera 8 timer siden
I came here for Voss and only Voss
Washkabe 8 timer siden
In the immortal words of Count Dooku: "I've been looking forward to this."
KD TheDripGod
KD TheDripGod 8 timer siden
Here come the Scarlett Witch
Trizzyy 8 timer siden
strange not showing up lost me money, thanks erik
Malachi Hill
Malachi Hill 8 timer siden
when is the next ep
Markus Aquarius
Markus Aquarius 8 timer siden
The Mutants
let's all skip the drama
let's all skip the drama 8 timer siden
Been waiting for thiiiisssss
Moldomré 8 timer siden
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Finn Pie96 8 timer siden
ah yes 3minutes
Morgs 8 timer siden
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Justin G 8 timer siden
I have no business being this early.
Clartaholic 8 timer siden
Now we wait for falcon
eduxr 8 timer siden
was waiting for this video
Yabriel Rivera
Yabriel Rivera 8 timer siden
Yeah!! I've been waiting for this😁
Kevin Jake Cadayong
Kevin Jake Cadayong 8 timer siden
I think the ending was beautiful. It's just about Wanda and Vision
Gucci_Gill978 8 timer siden
I’ve been waiting for this!
The Scarlet Witch
The Scarlet Witch 8 timer siden
I will get my children back.
Thomas Boland
Thomas Boland 8 timer siden
Ridley Brock
Ridley Brock 8 timer siden
what a final episode
stranger idk
stranger idk 8 timer siden
Fun fact: you rushed to comments to see what to comment because you’re early
Da Boss
Da Boss 8 timer siden
Yea you read my mind
Mr. Sky
Mr. Sky 8 timer siden
Yes I’m early
I'm like... Early
Hamiz Iqbal
Hamiz Iqbal 8 timer siden
Ive been waiting for this.
realEarthly 8 timer siden
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Renzel Cruz 8 timer siden
Elizabeth olsen is so gorgeous being scarlet witch
xl DragonMaster
xl DragonMaster 8 timer siden
POV: you’re not early you’re just on time
Marife Pechera
Marife Pechera 8 timer siden
1,991 person here
Aryan Chakraborty
Aryan Chakraborty 8 timer siden
Where did white vision go after getting his memory back he should had come to wanda rather then going away
Korey Crawford
Korey Crawford 8 timer siden
The darkhold is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be Unnatural
THE REAL JFK 8 timer siden
Duh it’s magic lol
Amirul Afwan
Amirul Afwan 8 timer siden
I'm waiting for this 🔥🔥🔥
Jose Tello
Jose Tello 8 timer siden
Captain Holt: BOOOOOOOOO(H)NE(R) ?????
Hi-Def Ronin
Hi-Def Ronin 8 timer siden
I look at WandaVision as a “Prelude” to the Phase 4 craziness. Imma be patient because I know the pay off will be amazing in the future 🔥🔥🔥
The Awkward Troll
The Awkward Troll 8 timer siden
It is time
Plai Beatz
Plai Beatz 8 timer siden
So has Monica’s powers gotten stronger since she’s passed the hex 4 times? Assuming when it was closing is the 4th time.
dallas_ldld_ 8 timer siden
who else was waiting for this
danisar 8 timer siden
Im still not over it tbh
xxxTino xxx
xxxTino xxx 8 timer siden
We still have so much Marvel ahead of us to fill the emotional hole that WandaVision gave us❤️
phat fred
phat fred 8 timer siden
i absolutely loved it
Lawrence Gutierrez
Lawrence Gutierrez 8 timer siden
Early Gang Erik
doubletime 8 timer siden
I am convinced Wanda can defeat ichigo
Lane Dayes
Lane Dayes 8 timer siden
Best series ever .....sad it ended...
Gnan Siddharth
Gnan Siddharth 8 timer siden
The center of wanda’s tiara looks like magneto’s helmet
Drew C
Drew C 8 timer siden
Exactly what I was thinking. Way closer to that than an M.
N8 C54NK
N8 C54NK 8 timer siden
69th 😉
sauce.1400 !
sauce.1400 ! 8 timer siden
Damn I’m early
Lewis Mccullock
Lewis Mccullock 8 timer siden
Will there be a season 2?