Karl Marx jr
Karl Marx jr 6 minutter siden
Man I doubt some of our fans are actual fans. We're literally top and they turn on certain players. We're SUPPORTers. Clues in the word
Kong Sun Chan
Kong Sun Chan 8 minutter siden
Use u23 in Europa cup fa cup. Save the squad
Peter Helmore
Peter Helmore 14 minutter siden
no epl side will sign this month !!!!!!!!!!
Kong Sun Chan
Kong Sun Chan 16 minutter siden
Now use the backup perhaps u23 squad vs liverpool fa game
Robbie Brooks
Robbie Brooks 35 minutter siden
Howson needs to lay off the booze, this is the best team/squad we've had since 08/09!!
Fergie's Son
Fergie's Son 42 minutter siden
Mr "ANTS & NO PANTS" said he will rather have NDOMBELE OVER BRUNO! when Since BRUNO signing 17 games unbeaten away from home ,366 days, tied SAF AWAY RECORD, 21 wins from losing positions, most points in a 12 mth period in England only 2nd to Bayern Munich in all Europe, 44% increase in wins .. YET RANTS SAYS HE WOULD TAKE NDOMBELE OVER BRUNO ,HIS AGENDA STINKS FOOLISH .. SIT DOWN FFS
Josh smith
Josh smith 55 minutter siden
Uniteds out of form forward players will cost us the league
Subhan Qureshi
Subhan Qureshi 58 minutter siden
That headphone drop was like mic drop. Loved it.
Gary Barnes
Gary Barnes Time siden
How'd all those fans feel stood at woodwards house demanding Ole out
Street Syndicate
Street Syndicate Time siden
Abraham Benedict
Abraham Benedict Time siden
There's no such thing such as a finished article in football, tho. We have peak form, and peak peak format that becomes a legendary team. But nah you either win and try to keep winning, or you'll be equals. That's the difference between the current Liverpool, City and Fergie's United. Or the difference between Messi & Ronaldo with the rest of them.
Keshav Maghoo
Keshav Maghoo Time siden
Maguire has probably missed the most headed chances in the league smh
John Step
John Step Time siden
Howsons spot on here let’s take it easy and see how things go people will complain about anything if we’re finishing top 4 that’s where we are .
anand balaji
anand balaji Time siden
If Rashy and Tony start firing we will be winning games comfortably..
Stephan Rasmussen
Stephan Rasmussen Time siden
How long can we keep winning without goals from Rashford, Martial and Greenwood? We need these players to get going now.
Abhishek Das Sharma
Abhishek Das Sharma Time siden
Love the fight from the team 🔥
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone 2 timer siden
Our mentality is so much better. Night and day. Evidence? 21 points from losing positions, next highest in league being 10. Even have few leaders. Every player with possible exception Aaron has improved, starting with David. Tony just needs a goal. He's improved overall IMO. So many positives.
Abel Idicula
Abel Idicula 2 timer siden
In my opinion shaw needs to work on reading what his teammates are gonna do how many times did we see martial play a good ball into space but shaw just stood there I'm not saying martial had a good game but he was creating alot of passes that shaw would leave, looking into the future hope ole plays Telles against teams like fulham who sit back and wait for an opportunity
Tapor E
Tapor E 2 timer siden
cavani chant. give it.
Akram43 2 timer siden
MARTIAL + GREENWOOD = HORRENDOUS If we play with same intensity and press that fulham gave us first 10 mins we would blow teams in 10-15 mins
Pratap Mishra
Pratap Mishra 2 timer siden
I agree with Howson. Just fucking Enjoy , it took us 8 years to be here. Let's not moan now or think what's gonna happen in future.
Jon Colato
Jon Colato 2 timer siden
Does SAF go on and win the league with the squad this season? 🤔
KayDee 3 timer siden
Injuries are a major part of winning a title, the manager needs a full squad to choose from...
David Anstis
David Anstis 3 timer siden
A lot of teams have caught up as far as being a challenge to the big clubs. There is nothing like a good hard ground out win. A win is a win, doesn't matter how you get it.
D Brown
D Brown 3 timer siden
Andy fan cams are the best
D Brown
D Brown 3 timer siden
21 is...
Subhan Qureshi
Subhan Qureshi 3 timer siden
Foul on fred was a clear penalty. The shit referee didn't even check with var. Seems the penalty agenda from klopp and mourinho has got in the heads of official. Like wise first city goal against villa was offside and it was not checked by ref aswell.
lefftiee 3 timer siden
Hopefully we will back on what we were has to be
KayDee 3 timer siden
Howson too scared to stick his neck out and believe/hope 😄😄 ... full fence sitting
sloppygoo 3 timer siden
Oles at the wheel tell me how good does it feel. We have Pogba Fernandes and Fred. Marcus rashfords a Manc born and bred!!!
Archish Raval
Archish Raval 3 timer siden
So DVB is a 40 mil bench warmer
Dylan Large
Dylan Large 3 timer siden
Cavani was man of the match no doubt
adarsh singh
adarsh singh 3 timer siden
21 is coming so nike deal incoming
Blue Maniac
Blue Maniac 4 timer siden
The top lol 😂
Grassroots Football
Grassroots Football 4 timer siden
tbf to howson a couple of the points made about luke shaw came to light tonight.. stil been our best defender this season mind you
Grassroots Football
Grassroots Football 4 timer siden
you know what irks me more than the Oleout mob (and noone will ever know just how much they annoy me) is the flip flops who are now suddenly Ole in.. if you were ever at any point in the Oleout camp but are now "behind him" ask yourself why is that? and the answer is because we are top of the table and haven't been beat in the league in months., and you are following the club for success and nothing more
Rjb771996 4 timer siden
My 11 for liverpool fa cup: Henderson Awb lindelof Maguire shaw telles Vdb matic pogba Cavani rashford
Simba 4 timer siden
I'll tell you what, you lot can do a MEAN match review. SO on point. It's so good, I don't even watch the regular post match coverage anymore.
Simba 4 timer siden
Joe's right. When will the 4-1s come back???
Dan 4 timer siden
Martial's last season
Callum Walker
Callum Walker 4 timer siden
Mate not being funny but half this team gets in that 12/13 side easily.
hdfvf fddcd
hdfvf fddcd 4 timer siden
These are the games we draw or lose last season. I think when we are firing on all cylinders and blowing past the lesser teams people will take us seriously. GGMU🖤🤍❤
T-800 4 timer siden
Shaw was great tonight
Colin Wrex
Colin Wrex 4 timer siden
Ste, you are literally saying what every bloke is thinking, no BS, no messing about straight to the point. Love it
Tee 01
Tee 01 4 timer siden
Ste ‘double-dinner’ Howson
Robin Williams
Robin Williams 5 timer siden
Our right side needs to be much better, and we need to give martial a bit of time on the bench, use telles on the left.
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 5 timer siden
Stop corners to maguire he can't even head towards goal never mind on target
sjewitt22 5 timer siden
Really need Greenwood and Martial to hit form .
Zak 5 timer siden
The fact you guys didn’t lose your head at the goal just shows the confidence in this team
John Step
John Step 5 timer siden
I know what medication Adam’s been taking 😏
foad ghavami
foad ghavami 5 timer siden
Enjoy the view, we wont lead for long, but is enjoyable to be where we are, enjoy the view
Jake Driver
Jake Driver 5 timer siden
I really was against us signing Cavani. I’m so fucking glad I was wrong.
shane brattsel
shane brattsel 5 timer siden
Your like "come on lads" with the little movement, 🤣🤣🤣
Ragnar 05
Ragnar 05 5 timer siden
So Donny couldn't even get the last 10 mins today ????
Joseph Stanley
Joseph Stanley 2 timer siden
Why would we bring him on when we are defending a lead. It’s about Man Utd not vdb . I want to see vdb do well at united but I could care less if he’s not getting the most minutes and the team are winning. Idc about vdb minutes of united are winning games
Rapid Mooo faraahhh
Rapid Mooo faraahhh 5 timer siden
If donny doesnt start on Sunday something ole doesnt like bout him maybe he wasnt ole.signing or lacking confident or doesnt have the style to play for the team. I rate dvb think hes a good player for long term only issue is hes not defensively sound which ole may opt to not play him.
REDUK 5 timer siden
Call me stupid but if Pogba was to pop his collars lately is there a Cantona about his swagger....🤔🤔🤔
Guru Sohal
Guru Sohal 5 timer siden
I am so glaaaad Andy is coming regular now. I miss his rants
Abu Tahir
Abu Tahir 5 timer siden
The whole teams effort is amazing however our forwards aren't scoring enough wanna see some hatricks.
Ricardo Antonio Arzamendi Díaz de León
Ricardo Antonio Arzamendi Díaz de León 5 timer siden
Howson's MOTM: Anyone but POGBA...
Michel Dufenberg
Michel Dufenberg 2 timer siden
Racist pr1ck
Nikunj Pasari
Nikunj Pasari 5 timer siden
Right side of the attack was poor as always....don't know what has happened to greenwood...
Unknown 18 minutter siden
He's going through personal issues. His friend killed himself a couple of months ago so it's understandable his head isn't in the right place and he's a young kid too people forget.
Joseph Stanley
Joseph Stanley 2 timer siden
Tough run of form. Happens to all young players. Back him he’ll be fine
Aquila Rossa
Aquila Rossa 6 timer siden
No supporters in stadiums is actually an advantage for City, because they are already well used to empty blue plastic seats at their stadium that they did not pay for.
IrishSinner89 6 timer siden
I love coming back to this Video
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 6 timer siden
T la meilleur, on t adore ???
Rohit Paradactyl
Rohit Paradactyl 6 timer siden
Over the last 8 years I've never felt that something so special is coming together Ole has brought the magic back
Killer Pass
Killer Pass 6 timer siden
05:57 absolutely spot on Ste, enjoy the ride!
Dimitri Man
Dimitri Man 6 timer siden
2 - 1, 21 IS COMING IN 2021
Killer Pass
Killer Pass 6 timer siden
03:20 totally agree, i think this team has a lot more to give, if we can get going properly and go on a good run, then I'll start to believe we have a chance to win the league
VTA 6 timer siden
I'm glad that we won, but for real though... why does Ole take forever to make substitutions? Also, did Van de Beek ran over his dog or something? Like, I get it he needs time, and he will likely be Pogba's replacement, but to not feature at all for a couple of matches now?
Mo Toredo
Mo Toredo 6 timer siden
We did it again top of the league now is locked..let keep moving man u on fire
Matthew Colderley
Matthew Colderley 6 timer siden
Can we give Fred a shout - he gets slagged far to often, but I watch him closely , he’s like a rat - (in a good way) gets everywhere and gets it toe on to loads of interceptions, his passing is getting miles better ! Unsung hero Fred - he needs more praise
Matthew Colderley
Matthew Colderley 5 timer siden
@jordan clayton I disagree- watch him for a whole match - he played some cracking balls today under pressure,
jordan clayton
jordan clayton 6 timer siden
Still a bag of nerves every time he gets the ball under pressure though
Jimmy James
Jimmy James 6 timer siden
Double trouble Steven merson Adam popperdom 😂😂😂😂😂
Killer Pass
Killer Pass 6 timer siden
"We're bastard top" 😂❤
Zak 6 timer siden
6:52 that whistle was slick
R G 6 timer siden
I'd love to know someone like Andy! Can tell hes pure banter
Robert Wagoner
Robert Wagoner 6 timer siden
Evening today Adam we have these haters saying today wasn’t good enough call me stupid we sit top of the league enough said
DonGaZa187 6 timer siden
Just think our build up play has to be better, we go for over the top ball to much, bruno great player but please stop losing the ball in vital positions please!!
Max K
Max K 6 timer siden
I agree with Ste, this is the most enjoyable United team I've seen since 12/13. The team looks together, they look like they love playing for the club and it's easy to get behind them. Let's enjoy the ride and if we finish at the summit, let's have a party
DJ General Outlaw 2
DJ General Outlaw 2 6 timer siden
I think van gaal had the best team since post fergie! Think about it on paper we had falcao..blind..depay..di maria.. darmian.. rojo.. romero.. herrera.. Bastian schweinsteiger.. a few more all these players was at there peak but unfortunately it didnt work out!
Shimon 6 timer siden
The problem is not getting a goal the problem is our shaky defense!
Ray Murphy
Ray Murphy 7 timer siden
Still not convinced we're title challenges yet am believe. United till I die but 2 more top quality players yet first move who agrees..
Blank 7 timer siden
Just last season we used to struggle to play when opponents would sit back. We lacked so much drive. Now we create and actually take risks
Unknown 21 minutt siden
@Joseph Stanley The Ole outers pissed me off so much especially last season. In his first summer here Ole cleared out a good chunk of the deadwood including players like Sanchez and Lukaku and then Pogba, Rashford and Martial got long term injuries on top of that so even though we had a really bad first half to the season last season I backed Ole because I knew the squad was bad due to injuries and Ole actually having the balls to sell the players that weren't good enough even if it meant we were lacking quality in the short term. The Ole outers just want instant success and act like we are still the dominant force we were under Sir Alex but we aren't. We've been bang average since 2013 it was never going to be a quick fix for any manager.
Joseph Stanley
Joseph Stanley 2 timer siden
This is why ole had to be given support and not sacked. Those ole outers look so silly now