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Prem Singh
Prem Singh Minutt siden
Enoch Thornton
Enoch Thornton 2 minutter siden
20,000 plus people didn't like this? Let me guess--the virtual bot army that lack physical form.
14megasxlr 16 minutter siden
One has to wonder, if this is the technology that can be publicized.... what does the military have?
Bartuszek 19 minutter siden
After 11 years it’s still in my recommendations... the beginning of spot..
ThE-UnKO-LeMa 31 minutt siden
NO ONE: BOSTON DYNAMICS: ... This ME: Ok that was great! now if we could stop work on Skynet that would be great
baddreamm 33 minutter siden
This is great till they have guns and badges...
baddreamm 15 minutter siden
@14megasxlr u gonna fight bullets with water and sand lol how
14megasxlr 20 minutter siden
How terrifying, a soldier I can kill with a big magnet, and/or some water or sand.
Michael Tan
Michael Tan 33 minutter siden
Man the advancement in technology really amazes me. I still remember when I was a kid, I read somewhere that it is hard for bipedal robots to run like humans because it means at some point both their feet would be off ground. That was only less than 10 years ago and now we have this
Arturow 35 minutter siden
That is truly amazing
Tin Nguyen
Tin Nguyen 36 minutter siden
Римидалв Вешаген
Римидалв Вешаген 37 minutter siden
Потрясающе! Огромный респект!!! Пёса вообще красавец) Awesome! Huge respect !!! The dog is generally handsome)
Убежище 310
Убежище 310 12 minutter siden
А, тут русские есть
kenneth vayo 2
kenneth vayo 2 39 minutter siden
I love the main comment but I've always been asking for something like this I love technology keep it up Boston #Florida boy 2021 lol
Gaming Algen
Gaming Algen 41 minutt siden
This is peak robotics performance right there
thepianobuddy 46 minutter siden
This is Samuel Haydens Beta
YoutubeAccount159 47 minutter siden
You could've been born in ancient Greece... you could've been born in the middle ages.... but here you are...lucky enough to see this incredibly sophisticated technology
YoutubeAccount159 51 minutt siden
Turn off the sound and marvel at the flawless acts of movement ......truly revolutionary
Kediler aleminden selamlar
Kediler aleminden selamlar Time siden
😂😂Funniest robots I have ever see in my life. You did an amazing job, me and my friends really enjoyed that.
Jewel Haines
Jewel Haines Time siden
Ok. I want one. 🤗
skyus364 Time siden
Computer animation ........
Tinny 30 minutter siden
Nope. It ain't animation. This is real.
Hubert 57 minutter siden
not this one
황제의 나라 大汉民国皇帝 金晶水
황제의 나라 大汉民国皇帝 金晶水 Time siden
컴퓨터 그래픽으로 사기치는 미국 사기꾼 회사. 속으면 호구.
Vineet Faske
Vineet Faske Time siden
Who is here after Elon Musk's tweet?
Javier Villagómez
Javier Villagómez Time siden
gr8one36 Time siden
Great, They have Victory Dances now..........
Aditya Shelke
Aditya Shelke Time siden
I cannot wait to see these running after me for not paying taxes.
Aditya Shelke
Aditya Shelke Time siden
Why are comments so recent?
Richitsu Time siden
keen. w
keen. w Time siden
grate movie!
SigmaIO 2 timer siden
Comment ces robots sont-ils mis en mouvement ? Je donne des explications ici
Connor Pickens
Connor Pickens 2 timer siden
At least when they vaporize us for inhabiting weak flesh, our extinction will be groovy as hell.
Aeroz z
Aeroz z 2 timer siden
Please tell me there is a dance mode if I buy one of these.
kkndkknd 2 timer siden
The days of human are numbered!!
Isaak Faulk
Isaak Faulk 2 timer siden
Those scientists at Black Mesa really must’ve been bored to make this.
David HD
David HD 2 timer siden
Stephen Hawking was right: Artificial intelligence could be a real threat in not so distant future.
MASTER nobody
MASTER nobody 2 timer siden
it will give people job in wars so yeah no more boring stuff minimum wage
MASTER nobody
MASTER nobody 2 timer siden
nah man they still have low iq
閃空裂破 2 timer siden
Thanks for your effort! d(`・∀・)b
새우 2 timer siden
Akhter Hossain
Akhter Hossain 2 timer siden
Jeremy Vannoy
Jeremy Vannoy 3 timer siden
Come on guys, Arnold is getting a bit to old to save us from these dancing nightmares.
bMd 2 timer siden
In 20 or so years these will be demoing kung fu and rocking some hardpoints for weapons and armor. 🤯
Brycycle 3 timer siden
Frank Coley
Frank Coley 3 timer siden
I demand that there be a protocol where robots should dance once 100% powered.
Patrick derp
Patrick derp 3 timer siden
ahhh back when african americans could write a good song and didnt just get replaced by robots
arnold manuel
arnold manuel 3 timer siden
Great video. I was both entertained and terified at the same time.
wdwerker 3 timer siden
I bet the Boston Dynamics folks had a blast making this !
nickboi 3 timer siden
Camera man: 🤖 🎥
nickboi 3 timer siden
AJSquid 3 timer siden
The exaggerated swagger of a Boston Dynamics Robot
Stephan Fiebig
Stephan Fiebig 3 timer siden
I feel like the last half of this is a silent film
Stephan Fiebig
Stephan Fiebig 3 timer siden
imoron _
imoron _ 3 timer siden
Stephan Fiebig
Stephan Fiebig 3 timer siden
Bruh cow robot
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 3 timer siden
do you love me~
Levi Charles
Levi Charles 3 timer siden
Is it a contradiction that the robots didn’t do the robot dance? Or because they are robots so therefore the whole dance was the robot?? 🤨
STRONGERJJ 3 timer siden
世界の明るい未来に繋がれば、それで良いと思います。 どうか、こうしたユニークなアクター達を、平和的な利用に限って使う事を考える世界であって欲しい。 いつも、心配の種は、最初は受け入れやすい姿で、訪れてくるので、そこだけが心配です。
Guacamole Nibba pp
Guacamole Nibba pp 3 timer siden
Sent them to Brazil
Gerardo Vagando
Gerardo Vagando 3 timer siden
Buen video exelente saludos.
Stephan Fiebig
Stephan Fiebig 3 timer siden
Man, looking at this thing and imagining it just being two guys makes it even better
GAZ MYAS 3 timer siden
Вот тебе и загневающий запад с Европой
456 j
456 j 4 timer siden
Looks like a giant insect and the way it started hopping before running was hilarious lol
M1LL10N4R3 4 timer siden
I am amused and scared at the same time...
Operation Blue C4
Operation Blue C4 4 timer siden
To everyone saying that this is fake: It is not. You can tell it is not from the reflection in the clear plastic and from the way the feet interact with the foam.
The Hitman
The Hitman 4 timer siden
Slippage Enigma
Slippage Enigma 4 timer siden
Send these robots to Mars
parting6 4 timer siden
When he's doing this dance to let the bodies hit the floor we're going to feel real stupid
Janis Locmelis
Janis Locmelis 4 timer siden
Remember how movies predicted VR when only arcades where around? Apocalypse is near.
Adam Frisoli
Adam Frisoli 4 timer siden
Arturow 36 minutter siden
@Adam Frisoli what propaganda would that be? Reveling technology that could easily used for evil? How does that make sense?
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock 3 timer siden
@Adam Frisoli You’re the only thing fake around here
Adam Frisoli
Adam Frisoli 3 timer siden
@The C4T It's 100% fake. It's propaganda.
Adam Frisoli
Adam Frisoli 3 timer siden
@AnimeTV MAX It's definitely fake. You can see it very clearly.
The C4T
The C4T 4 timer siden
hey kid, you haters will always hate :) it's not fake and no need to "CAPSLOCK" the whole thing trying to be the smart guy.
Mind Yours
Mind Yours 4 timer siden
Everyone excited till it takes your job like automated answering machines lol Your Kids and grand kids will be f'd lol
Charlie Rick
Charlie Rick 4 timer siden
WTF !!!! this is really Terminator !!
Aaron Hillibush
Aaron Hillibush 4 timer siden
Niorlinx Moruiz
Niorlinx Moruiz 3 timer siden
Orange Kittehhh
Orange Kittehhh 4 timer siden
Is it a good idea to keep the bots behind a glass prison?
Molly Garner-Puff
Molly Garner-Puff 4 timer siden
Monte Summa
Monte Summa 4 timer siden
next step - kung-fu
Levi Peterson
Levi Peterson 4 timer siden
NASA: we need millions for space exploration Also NASA:
Ale Lo
Ale Lo 4 timer siden
If anything bad happens how do you stop their energy?
Lloyd Nix
Lloyd Nix 4 timer siden
they can move better than most humans it's over
Vincent Rosethorn
Vincent Rosethorn 4 timer siden
At least the dance they do on our corpses will be well choreographed.
사춘간볼빨기 5 timer siden
0:57 블랙미러를 봐서 그런지 저 노란 똥개 로봇 뭔가 무서운데......
Руслан Банэ
Руслан Банэ 5 timer siden
Jun Young YANG
Jun Young YANG 5 timer siden
This is awesome. Now I can think one more day while this plastic cleans my toilet.
AckzaTV 5 timer siden
I just sort of realized they dont even need guns, they can just sort of overpower you lol and imagine 4 of them surrounding you and just locking like with a fucking bike lock, CLICK, portable cage, fuuuuck, a cage that can walk lol
물리 이병숙
물리 이병숙 5 timer siden
이거 모션캡쳐라고 여러번 나온거같은데 여전히 조회수많네
물리 이병숙
물리 이병숙 2 timer siden
@Wkska Shs 점심먹자 배고프다
Wkska Shs
Wkska Shs 2 timer siden
@물리 이병숙 한-심
gustavo 4 timer siden
concordo linda
물리 이병숙
물리 이병숙 5 timer siden
@Wkska Shs 그니까 다른영상인거 아는데 이것도 그거랑 같은 조작이 아니냐 이거죠
Wkska Shs
Wkska Shs 5 timer siden
모션캡쳐 말하는건 이거 아님
Vihaan Sharma
Vihaan Sharma 5 timer siden
How did I live long enough to see this
Mad Max
Mad Max 5 timer siden
One word.... SKYNET 🤖
Niyamt Ali
Niyamt Ali 5 timer siden
On in
456 j
456 j 5 timer siden
Spot sells for $75,000