wretch gomez
wretch gomez Minutt siden
Marcelo is this week's arjoque
Austin P
Austin P 5 minutter siden
2:50 nick my guy you gotta chill 😂😂💀
HeavyFox YT
HeavyFox YT 5 minutter siden
Got Pope wwww
wretch gomez
wretch gomez 7 minutter siden
Can't wait to get Pope in rewards tomorrow
GAMER Liverpool
GAMER Liverpool 12 minutter siden
Great video
GAMER Liverpool
GAMER Liverpool 13 minutter siden
Nick r u going to do a rat to glory this year ??
Dekabristas 18 minutter siden
If this was Nep channel the most liked time stamp would be 6:47
Dan 19 minutter siden
I got 2 83 rated GKs out of the 83+ defender pack... WTF man RIP
Josh Russell
Josh Russell 29 minutter siden
Pulpo :v
Pulpo :v 30 minutter siden
I got 2 83 lol
DJ4920 33 minutter siden
nick ur cursed - thanks for getting me marcelo
Azim 35 minutter siden
I literally just click on these videos for the algorithm now, literally watch most of it on stream anyway.
Nick B
Nick B 7 minutter siden
Ali Hussaini
Ali Hussaini 38 minutter siden
yea after like 500+ packs lol
Paul Scholes
Paul Scholes 38 minutter siden
what would you rate R9 90 card out of 10, 10 being the best?
CURR1EGAMING 38 minutter siden
Nick idk if you watch NBA 2k content but maaaad 2k NOpostrs have been using the exact backing track you used at the beginning of the video for years, and it’s straight up giving me ptsd 🤣 only sports game devs that make EA look like they care lmao
Diogo Abreu
Diogo Abreu 40 minutter siden
Only, but only one Spanish in TOTY. Nick: Spanish?
Hinchada Del LAFC
Hinchada Del LAFC 40 minutter siden
Anyone used the TOTW Pope already ?
GUCCI EMO 42 minutter siden
I got 2 83 gks :(
Neymar Jr
Neymar Jr 43 minutter siden
Im loving the content bro keep it up
Blair F
Blair F 43 minutter siden
Nick bro keep up the work doing class.
Alfred Schou
Alfred Schou 44 minutter siden
Great stream nick
Louis Broe
Louis Broe 45 minutter siden
Casually discards Kante and Bruno
Luca Rizzioli
Luca Rizzioli 46 minutter siden
Is ultimate team down for u guys as well?
Lars Hågensen
Lars Hågensen 47 minutter siden
damn that was fast, stream just ended???
Lukas Radebe
Lukas Radebe 47 minutter siden
1 like = 1 prayer for the guy who discarded Bruno and Kante
Zlpokane2006zl 48 minutter siden
Wait, you can actually pack totys in these??? I’ve seen hundreds and no totys
Là Pfannenwender
Là Pfannenwender 39 minutter siden
Its the whole point of those packs man
Horace King
Horace King 48 minutter siden
When is the full toty coming out
J J 24 minutter siden
Friday I think
Horace King
Horace King 48 minutter siden
In packs
Havertz Wyld
Havertz Wyld 48 minutter siden
I’ll never get a toty in my life time or a good red pick
Sebastian Gondosch
Sebastian Gondosch 49 minutter siden
i got ramos toty
Roger White
Roger White 49 minutter siden
I highly recommend *Beck_code on instagram* he restored my banned account
Roger White
Roger White 49 minutter siden
I highly recommend *Beck_code on instagram* he restored my banned account
Πέτρος Τζέκας
Πέτρος Τζέκας 50 minutter siden
6:49 Chicky little...
marten de jong
marten de jong 44 minutter siden
Hahaha cheeky*
Mr ApEx
Mr ApEx 51 minutt siden
Nick bro please, I'd rather have no background music than the NCS music 😭
ComedyGamerFF 52 minutter siden
Can i still come rn to your stream to open my 83 plus pack?
Mr 6oodstuff
Mr 6oodstuff 52 minutter siden
16:51 is what your looking for
Krzys Jakubiak
Krzys Jakubiak 55 minutter siden
Mahrez have upgrade!!!
Aqib Faruqui
Aqib Faruqui 57 minutter siden
do u want to open 100 80+ player picks on shareplay
Autumn 58 minutter siden
gets a spanish toty walkout doesnt know who it is until the Madrid flag pops up lol
CPCampbell99 25 minutter siden
I noticed that 🤣🤣🤣
Charlie Bennett
Charlie Bennett 58 minutter siden
You might of got a TOTY but I got inform De Jong and Pope in back to back tradable packs so who’s the real winner😏
Niels Van Aken
Niels Van Aken 59 minutter siden
Marcelo Miles
Marcelo Miles 59 minutter siden
When will all toty be in pack?
Martin Venhard
Martin Venhard Time siden
A publicity every 2 min bro, seriously ..
Hama_krd Time siden
Fredy Fish
Fredy Fish Time siden
Максим Кутузов
Максим Кутузов Time siden
12:40 thank me later
Julian Fraile
Julian Fraile Time siden
i packed ramos out of mine bud i was so hyped
Quinn Hoisington
Quinn Hoisington 23 minutter siden
@Julian Fraile lol same I just did the sbc on my phone and opened it on my phone as well, my reaction was basically a surprised pikachu face and then I went on with my day
Julian Fraile
Julian Fraile 54 minutter siden
@Quinn Hoisington yea it was anticlimactic for me lol bc i opened it on my phone since i have packs saved
Quinn Hoisington
Quinn Hoisington 58 minutter siden
Same madude, the packs are cracked
Danielpeter11 Time siden
olle Fifa
olle Fifa Time siden
12:46 is what you came for
Charter Bus
Charter Bus 12 minutter siden
This kids on futbin like “like to get is reds boys”
George Vigheciu
George Vigheciu Time siden
TOTY at 12:40
Tariq Hamdan
Tariq Hamdan Time siden
12:43 thank me later
Tariq Hamdan
Tariq Hamdan 23 minutter siden
@Salman Mujtaba Walaikum As Salaam
Salman Mujtaba
Salman Mujtaba 41 minutt siden
Salaam and thank you!
Salman Mujtaba
Salman Mujtaba 41 minutt siden
@Blake Asis speak for yourselves
Tariq Hamdan
Tariq Hamdan 52 minutter siden
@Blake Asis I watched the whole video just timestamped for people who didn't wanna watch the whole thing
IHACKER316 55 minutter siden
@Blake Asis normally yes, but not pack openings
Danielpeter11 Time siden
Saiyam Chopra
Saiyam Chopra Time siden
Man marcelo is going to be so triggering
Zach Siebs
Zach Siebs Time siden
Nick I cannot tell you this enough... thank you for your content.
Nick - RunTheFUTMarket
Nick - RunTheFUTMarket 59 minutter siden
Thank you
Benedict Hjelkrem-Wik
Benedict Hjelkrem-Wik Time siden
Shad Ibrahim
Shad Ibrahim Time siden
Legit got Grimaldo and Vertonghen, I’m sure I’m not the only one. These packs are awful
xRMxTIJSxRMx 42 minutter siden
I got 2 83s, dont think u are special
Willy Show
Willy Show 58 minutter siden
Thank god fir the 84 at least both links aa well
Lil Teldaldo
Lil Teldaldo 59 minutter siden
I submitted Jesus Navas in it... Got him as the best player
ExplosionGamer Time siden
Shot Bike
Shot Bike Time siden
late night mfking uploads lesgooo nick
Nathan Stapleton
Nathan Stapleton Time siden
12:45 your welcome :)
Jack Higgins
Jack Higgins Time siden
ly nick
ishan angeli
ishan angeli Time siden
12:45 for TOTY
ExplosionGamer Time siden
Or first? I don't really know
Braden Garcia
Braden Garcia Time siden
Going from my school day to a new video up >>>
Lucas_ Mills_07
Lucas_ Mills_07 Time siden
nick i’m looking for who to buy to make coins, any ideas to make profit rn
Lucas_ Mills_07
Lucas_ Mills_07 58 minutter siden
@Nick - RunTheFUTMarket thanks nick👍love the content
Nick - RunTheFUTMarket
Nick - RunTheFUTMarket 59 minutter siden
Buy out of packs players every week before thursdays
Aadam Mannan
Aadam Mannan Time siden
12:31 for blue
CollinsPlayz Time siden
Hope everyone is having a great day 👍
AA4 Gamer
AA4 Gamer Time siden
U too
Aniq Ahmad
Aniq Ahmad Time siden
Ayy. U got one
Romero_1023 Time siden
I see you with these Thumbnails lately nick😂👀
Nick - RunTheFUTMarket
Nick - RunTheFUTMarket 59 minutter siden
RxreJuan Time siden
Let’s gooooo baby GETINVOLVED iykyk
RxreJuan Time siden
Lol the toty Ronaldo team was me
Luca Tammaro
Luca Tammaro Time siden
I got koulibaly and Ricardo pereira not bad
ExplosionGamer Time siden
Hi I'm third
rageefffect Time siden
Eyyyy 1080P pog
Northy 1
Northy 1 Time siden
Just seen the title and I’m fuckin hyped
K S Time siden
First ?
Jameel Zaki
Jameel Zaki Time siden
Cheeseyass Cheek
Cheeseyass Cheek Time siden
Hey Nick, Knock knock
Omar Abdel-Ghani
Omar Abdel-Ghani Time siden
jochemvs7 Time siden
lersgooo brooo
LMM Time siden
Bradley Massamba
Bradley Massamba Time siden
Aiden Katleski
Aiden Katleski Time siden