UFC 256: Final Face Offs
UFC 255: Final Face Offs
2 måneder siden
ayush raj
ayush raj 18 timer siden
Daddy let the child win😂😆🤣
Marty McCartan
Marty McCartan 18 timer siden
McGregor seems t9 have a bit of a cold .
Christopher Ullom
Christopher Ullom 18 timer siden
This boy need a win, or the magic may just fade.
Khalid Ali
Khalid Ali 18 timer siden
I mean New Zealand is your best bet rn! Maybe take Adesanya vs Błachowicz there?
Internet Marketing Auckland
Internet Marketing Auckland 18 timer siden
Love this girl, is it that dainty, soft voice or that little giggle? She is good infront of the press and has a laugh too. So many good fights the weekend. CANT WAIT!
Neels Hamman
Neels Hamman 18 timer siden
Hooker will be a great champion.
Little Britches
Little Britches 18 timer siden
Conor looks like a tank for 155
J M 18 timer siden
6:39 always ready
Aidan Smith
Aidan Smith 18 timer siden
I agree with the majority, I'm liking hooker more and more every interview. My heart wants Poirier and Hooker to win.
Romeo Casido
Romeo Casido 18 timer siden
She's a future star and great for the growth of the sport. Mainstream appeal
Umar:I hope Khabib: I hope.
Paul DG
Paul DG 18 timer siden
Even though she has a witch laugh, she is so attractive
Dr HAQ 18 timer siden
Khabib is the best ever
One day you’ll cease to exist
One day you’ll cease to exist 18 timer siden
The CHAMP CHAMP! Fell in love more with UFC with The Notorious. Dana can have all my $$! Never have buy PPV but only The Notorious 🤠🇺🇸
Meecrob 18 timer siden
Umar low key looks like Robbie lawlers Russian brother.
Internet Marketing Auckland
Internet Marketing Auckland 18 timer siden
that laugh though :) Always with so much energy!!
J. R.
J. R. 18 timer siden
Harrison White
Harrison White 19 timer siden
Oscar is great at his job
Alex Sohn
Alex Sohn 19 timer siden
Jessica eye looks like a boot
Kamron Terry
Kamron Terry 19 timer siden
he talk like tony if he found god. speaking in code n shit
JDL NATION 19 timer siden
JDL NATION 19 timer siden
JDL NATION 19 timer siden
JDL NATION 19 timer siden
Neil MacDonald
Neil MacDonald 19 timer siden
Dan Hooker understands the danger of time travel, respectable answer
Brenden McColl
Brenden McColl 19 timer siden
Lets get it JoJo!
Internet Marketing Auckland
Internet Marketing Auckland 19 timer siden
The interview of clieches between Conor & Oscar, legends, some goldies :)
contrite sinner
contrite sinner 19 timer siden
Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (Matthew 7:13-14 [KJV]) ..:: ::.. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23 [KJV]) ..:: ::.. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13 [KJV])
Kieran Carey
Kieran Carey 19 timer siden
What a card this is, hooker vs Chandler, Dustin vs Conor 2. God damn.
organikness 19 timer siden
'naaaaaaaaaaaaaah' classic kiwi
Kieran Carey
Kieran Carey 19 timer siden
Hooker is a cool dude, I feel like everyone from New Zealand is happy 🤣
Guruguhan Iyer
Guruguhan Iyer 19 timer siden
Ask Khabib to translate “This is number one bullshit!”
masaiman26 19 timer siden
6:40 what!!!is that khabib
Edan Lattimore
Edan Lattimore 19 timer siden
God I love this conor
David Gitin
David Gitin 19 timer siden
Dana: the whole thing couldn’t have played out any better Kattar: objection
King Frank Lucas
King Frank Lucas 19 timer siden
Translator giving opinion
Hrishikesh Parag Tiwari
Hrishikesh Parag Tiwari 19 timer siden
Just imagine u have khabib as your translator ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lillypadstudios 5
Lillypadstudios 5 19 timer siden
Chandler is a hard fight for anyone. I have been a fan of his for years
vishnu soman
vishnu soman 19 timer siden
A mature conor
Sunita Manandhar
Sunita Manandhar 19 timer siden
He's a thicc boo XD
Storm Webb
Storm Webb 19 timer siden
Umar looks like Robbie Lawler
Dave M
Dave M 19 timer siden
Think he needs to focus on winning his next fight first.
Давлат Зарпиллаев
Давлат Зарпиллаев 19 timer siden
UMAR MACHALLAH 👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Cody Caskey
Cody Caskey 19 timer siden
Kavangh seems like he’d be cool to chill with
4yngyz Bakyt Uulu
4yngyz Bakyt Uulu 19 timer siden
Хабиб теперь переводчиком подрабатывает 😂👍
ATS 19 timer siden
Mcgregor = the scared Hyena who comes back to eat the left overs after the lion (Khabib) leaves
chev izak
chev izak 19 timer siden
"Does Francis have a...." No Dan, francis DOES NOT Have A Hammer. That would be Murder.
Jake Jake
Jake Jake 19 timer siden
Dude's talking about warzone during a UFC interview I fucking love this guy man
F Fu
F Fu 19 timer siden
Dustin gonna dust him....easy. Dustin isnt the malnourished skinny 145 pounder. Dustin is solid, kicked
Alyssa's Dad
Alyssa's Dad 19 timer siden
Conor "60 seconds but if it goes to more rounds cool" McGregor
Hoang xịn
Hoang xịn 19 timer siden
Khabib sợ Tony vãi đái
Christian A.
Christian A. 19 timer siden
I hope he preforms well Saturday. Don’t know much about him.. but it’d be very interesting to have yet another top LW contender 🔥
Weston Murray
Weston Murray 19 timer siden
Am I hearing things or does it sound like he has a cold?
Brian Donaghy
Brian Donaghy 19 timer siden
Oscar's certainly rockin dat new school-uniform 😉😄
Rick S
Rick S 19 timer siden
no bottle necks lad strive survive dive
Trigzz Frl
Trigzz Frl 19 timer siden
Dude could be champion in the next 2-3 years too bad everybody is gonna duck tf out of him
Josh 20 timer siden
Why’s the man always standing like a carpet lifter
Norman Anderson
Norman Anderson 20 timer siden
Conner actually paid "top dollar" for that garbage he is wearing.. from the glasses right on down..
MMA Mike
MMA Mike 20 timer siden
What if Putin would've judo tossed him
Notorious 777
Notorious 777 20 timer siden
Khabib!! English change your language!!
Sephiroth Jiren
Sephiroth Jiren 20 timer siden
I want to see McGregor vs Usman.
Abhay Shirole
Abhay Shirole 20 timer siden
Oscar looking just as good as McGregor with that suit. 😎
Gilbert Standing alone
Gilbert Standing alone 20 timer siden
Conor looks like Tyson fury on the thumbnail lol
Lucas29k 20 timer siden
I ain't gonna lie, being a big mcgregor fan I disliked khabib but after he defeated dustin and the skill on defeating Justin and seeing him just so humble I'm a huge khabib fan and even really like his walkout song
John Johnson
John Johnson 20 timer siden
She should see Conor train..... Levels
Erin Sinclair- PeQueen
Erin Sinclair- PeQueen 20 timer siden
First thing I've thumbs up all day.
Jamal Channel
Jamal Channel 20 timer siden
Kevin You will lose in first round trust me
Shane B.
Shane B. 20 timer siden
Dan Hooker and Michael Chandler are way too likable 😭 I want both of them to win
Toddley Chaos
Toddley Chaos 20 timer siden
Hot until she spoke
NonZeroSumGame 20 timer siden
Connors Suit game is always on fuckin' point!
TonyChrist 20 timer siden
Dan Hooker looks like a young version of that french actor Vincent Cassel !
podho dolan
podho dolan 20 timer siden
The most expensive and dangerous translator in the UFC history.
Walking in Spirit
Walking in Spirit 20 timer siden
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Hamidah Mariam
Hamidah Mariam 20 timer siden
The harmonious order early look because garlic generally overflow including a ten alley. frequent, damp plaster
Pepen Suryo
Pepen Suryo 20 timer siden
His the EAGLE to be translater not for the money, coz his a millioner...
envy. 20 timer siden
Oscar is fantastic, he is always prepared with great questions as well.
la Larch
la Larch 20 timer siden
Conor is an alcoholic. People say he was only drinking when he fought khabib. But he's been drinking since the beginning of his career. He even admitted do drinking a bit in this training camp because he had an urge to drink.
Issac Kahl
Issac Kahl 20 timer siden
Chandler is gonna fook this guy up
wazid Ahmed
wazid Ahmed 20 timer siden
Such a cool.guy 💚
Don’t At Me
Don’t At Me 20 timer siden
Dan “I just don’t like his face” Hooker