Is Oobleck Bullet Proof?
Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts
Amezz 21 time siden
The way he says all this is like there's bound to be a flaw to uncover
wicked 21 time siden
Karuna Purwar
Karuna Purwar 21 time siden
Bye bye see you in ocean soon 😘😂
Christopher Garza
Christopher Garza 21 time siden
Um, why didn't you use flex seal. Its cheaper
EvenRuix 21 time siden
ODS copys smh
RnB 21 time siden
Rice cake
Durene Marshall
Durene Marshall 21 time siden
Try flex seal lol
Suratmin Suratmin
Suratmin Suratmin 21 time siden
Eli Roy-Brown
Eli Roy-Brown 21 time siden
What a waste aha
YRG-KRIS 21 time siden
Isnt that bad to inhale 😐
RespecTheRubber 21 time siden
So one day im going to slap this guy for saying so one day to much love the vids tho 🤙😁✌
ÒŅĞ E6 21 time siden
So ooblek is like cornstarch with water?
Malcs Alex
Malcs Alex 21 time siden
Anyone remember the NOpost series called is it a good idea to microwave this. That shit was the best, to anyone who hasn’t watched it watch it now.
Micro USB
Micro USB 21 time siden
Should of covered the foam in flex seal for some added protection. Cause, why not.
SJ tv productions
SJ tv productions 21 time siden
Put a grape in.
Gnostic 21 time siden
And that was the last time the man was seen
SJ tv productions
SJ tv productions 21 time siden
Oobleck pool vs rubber band ball.
Gabley Yotabl
Gabley Yotabl 21 time siden
U need to wait longer
Liam Conway
Liam Conway 21 time siden
Dudes definitely an addict, prob was there to steal shit to sell or something
Universal Taxi
Universal Taxi 21 time siden
Is it really a cardboard boat at this point? I mean it’s more of a great stuff boat with cardboard as structural support. But either way it’s still pretty impressive.
ThatOneAnimatronic 22 timer siden
That ball weights more than me- I- this thing is MASSIVE!
Zoofs Almighty
Zoofs Almighty 22 timer siden
This is a video that proves five min. Crafts are a hunk of BULLSH*T
Marcos Ontiveros
Marcos Ontiveros 22 timer siden
Cool and all but hope that stuff wasn't toxic
Kennedy Mechinus
Kennedy Mechinus 22 timer siden
And just imagine they still have better things to do with their time
kadin mille
kadin mille 22 timer siden
Put a microwave inside of a microwave
XXXTentacles 22 timer siden
This makes me so happy
Buncappy 22 timer siden
You’re the type of kid why hell exists
Mayeth Mallo
Mayeth Mallo 22 timer siden
Asher Sully
Asher Sully 22 timer siden
This is so wholesome
Spinx 66
Spinx 66 22 timer siden
Make it bigger
Jakub Samosiuk
Jakub Samosiuk 22 timer siden
No wonder that America produces so much landfill then, damn
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder 22 timer siden
Why would you use one layer of cardboard and duck tape. You tryna be like the titanic?
Victor Olivero
Victor Olivero 22 timer siden
The way he says "I was never successful" is so fucking cute omg, wanted to hug him HAHAHA
Erin Dutra
Erin Dutra 22 timer siden
Bigger boat bigger boat
Deadprez101 22 timer siden
Feels like this is Forrest Gumps son
Jayden ryce
Jayden ryce 22 timer siden
Wait for it to dry
Christopher Roddenberry
Christopher Roddenberry 22 timer siden
Fill it up with jello
Shayne Wood
Shayne Wood 22 timer siden
Did you watch Emily’s wonder lab on Netflix
Kay Kay
Kay Kay 22 timer siden
Keep rolling out your "shorts", please.
Mr Nice And Bad Guy
Mr Nice And Bad Guy 22 timer siden
He just kept going😂😂
Brad Roth
Brad Roth 22 timer siden
Great Stuff!
Dylan Murr
Dylan Murr 22 timer siden
So that's how Jesus was able to walk on water
Yh _Tytus
Yh _Tytus 22 timer siden
I just came to the comics and immediately start dying😂😂
Rayshine Ali
Rayshine Ali 22 timer siden
It looks lile a rice Kristpe😂😂😂
ArtisticAlexis 22 timer siden
My father (RIP) in the early 90s made a 6-8" diameter sticker ball using dot size stickers he got from work that had his engineering company's logo on it. My mom still has it.
Peanut Free Meatloaf
Peanut Free Meatloaf 22 timer siden
Looks like a zebracake
Giant Of The East
Giant Of The East 22 timer siden
My friend. Have you heard of our lord. Flex Steal.
jdjsjsjuwuduehwbw8373 22 timer siden
From a far it looks like a giant block of ramen
Asher Sully
Asher Sully 22 timer siden
Professional just means you get paid to do something. It doesn't have anything to do with how good you are at it
Vikram Bludd
Vikram Bludd 22 timer siden
He should use flex tape
Lana DelMerchPvtos
Lana DelMerchPvtos 22 timer siden
You had to let it dry bro like wtf also looks super fake
Rian Stoney
Rian Stoney 22 timer siden
Fill it with glue
Tuna da Tuna Hat Man
Tuna da Tuna Hat Man 22 timer siden
could've used flex seal/tape but you do you I guess...
Quincy Mendez
Quincy Mendez 22 timer siden
You will most likely never see this comment, but you have wonderful content!
WhatIsTime 22 timer siden
Pawn shop guy seems pretty chill 🤙🤙🤙
KING- 22 timer siden
Ur an og if u remember the boat series
My name Jeff
My name Jeff 22 timer siden
"it do go down"
Aaron Murray
Aaron Murray 22 timer siden
Here's a couple tips: If you want to hang out inside for a while, or build one in your backyard, you have to keep the floor as ice. Crazy? Well, the floor actually helps seal the walls so that the fort doesn't get cooler than it already is. Next, grab a lighter of somekind, or maybe set up a fire pit if the snow is deep enough. The heat from the flame will melt the snow, which will refreeze into ice, making the fort more sturdy.
Oscar Aparejado
Oscar Aparejado 22 timer siden
Stupid you make dent on the hardest part of the car..
billy Tetengean
billy Tetengean 22 timer siden
Let It Cool..u Stupid
Mark 47
Mark 47 22 timer siden
When you eat Indian & get diarrhea.
Maddie Love
Maddie Love 22 timer siden
Is that foam stuff toxic?
Tomas Wilson
Tomas Wilson 22 timer siden
In Germany we say: "Der Vollidiot baut ein Boot aus Bauschaum" and I think that's beautiful.
J T 22 timer siden
use a plunger
Gabe Gaming
Gabe Gaming 22 timer siden
Austin Williams
Austin Williams 22 timer siden
That’s a lot of work, my dad just said he was going for Cigarrettes.
Diamond Sword35
Diamond Sword35 22 timer siden
The thumbnail looks like the boss uumuu from hollow knight
Kitsune 22 timer siden
Rice crispy boat
Ivo Beitsma
Ivo Beitsma 22 timer siden
What's that thing's strategy for oxygen?
Dexter Gilapay
Dexter Gilapay 22 timer siden
Ye he just kept going 😅
goofy dood
goofy dood 22 timer siden
Flex seal.. then sail the seven seas
Nate Smith
Nate Smith 22 timer siden
Not a good boat until it's gone through some 3-4 class rapids
Shiekh Waleed Mir Al-Protein
Shiekh Waleed Mir Al-Protein 22 timer siden
The real question is, how do u remove the glue? U chip it off, u scratch the paint. U heat it, u damage the paint!
Rick Rock Foodie
Rick Rock Foodie 22 timer siden
What did I just watch?
Son Ha
Son Ha 22 timer siden
OK tech captain obvious maybe put down a little Mejia citement probably
Le Monke
Le Monke 22 timer siden
Legend has it he is still floating to this day
Jeremiah Rogers
Jeremiah Rogers 22 timer siden
Very interesting
Calvin Quimo
Calvin Quimo 22 timer siden
Fail master
Antony Yap
Antony Yap 23 timer siden
Let it cool down first 🤦🏻
CM Skye
CM Skye 23 timer siden
This is easier than the duct tape boat he made