Mónica Z.
Mónica Z. 25 minutter siden
Hermosa voz
Edits Time siden
Lundd 😂
Dale Time siden
Fantastic what a voice absolutely beautiful
Nathan Mannix
Nathan Mannix 2 timer siden
Gotta be a reason why I keep keep keep coming back to this...maybe something in the water...what a dude
Kick buttowski
Kick buttowski 3 timer siden
manish819 6 timer siden
Love from India ❤️ what a beautiful song! Can already see this song soaring high on every charts!
Rex Tyler
Rex Tyler 7 timer siden
Whatever language joy is shared and appreciated
juan carlos martinez rincon
juan carlos martinez rincon 7 timer siden
It is quite good, although I do not know it, but it seems that it imitates the original.
janet mcgowan
janet mcgowan 8 timer siden
Beautiful voice 😍😍 xx
Dallas Woody
Dallas Woody 9 timer siden
What a beautiful sad song
Phil H.
Phil H. 9 timer siden
She is the spawn of Kristen Wiig and Brandi Carlile that inherited 7/10ths of Brandi's voice. Pretty Good!
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 9 timer siden
This video is going to have more than 1 million views in 1-2 weeks :)
philo sopher
philo sopher 9 timer siden
Awesome! 😁
João Gustavoo
João Gustavoo 9 timer siden
Estragou a música 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Bjørn Andreas Gundersen
Bjørn Andreas Gundersen 10 timer siden
So autotuney. I dont really know if i love it or hate it. Its so unicue.
Wild Oregon
Wild Oregon 11 timer siden
Lack of fire in her heart. There is no feeling in this rendition. Just some advice. Not so much spray tan as it literally makes you orange on screen. It's just too much.
Elina Helmichsen
Elina Helmichsen 3 minutter siden
Hello. I was really nervous, and I have no stage experience. And for the spray tan «advice», the light makes me darker than I actually was. Have a good day👍
Klaus Lunde
Klaus Lunde 11 timer siden
Tungtvann er fra Troms og nordover. Imponerende lite kunnskap akkurat i dette klippet :)
M TL 11 timer siden
OMG! I'm so behind with this version. Loved it :)
Klaus Lunde
Klaus Lunde 11 timer siden
Amazing. She picked (most likely) the most difficult song in the world. She may be too special to win the competition - but she will without a doubt work within the art industry as long as she wish. Bravo!
Bervely Bee
Bervely Bee 15 timer siden
please can you add an english translation below all the performance,so people like me who don't understand Norway can understand the conversation, please 🙏🙏🙏
Bervely Bee
Bervely Bee 7 timer siden
@Natan Dagur Benediktsson,wow😍😍😍.. thank u so much, thank u🙏🙏🙏.. you're so lovely and I wish u all the best,be safe💕💕💕
Natan Dagur Benediktsson
Natan Dagur Benediktsson 14 timer siden
ricojulio 06
ricojulio 06 18 timer siden
HeavyMetal people
Tural Mirzeliyev
Tural Mirzeliyev 18 timer siden
Chris Black
Chris Black 19 timer siden
Country music is not too popular in Norway. Lol. He's one of the few contestants who sing country. Rock and Heavy Metal r more Norway's taste. That I know!
Darsono Kediri
Darsono Kediri 19 timer siden
I like your voice in this song
Chris Black
Chris Black 19 timer siden
My black leathered bro judge trying 2 feel the beat???
Chris Black
Chris Black 19 timer siden
The Voice Norway has some real people in the studio's audience, not just plasma tv screens filled with images of people. Congrats!
Chris Black
Chris Black 19 timer siden
She needs a fucking growl and rasp in her voice... then sing this fucking awesomectacular song! lol.
Chris Black
Chris Black 19 timer siden
At least, he got a fucking turn from my black leathered bro judge!
Chris Black
Chris Black 19 timer siden
Rock 'n roll stars r fucking great foul-mouthed bad boys in black leathers. They're all my black leathered bros around the world! And Europe's got loads of them! I can see it in him! I cuss 60 times a day but these black leathered bros of mine in Europe cusses 100+ times a day. Lol.
Taryn X
Taryn X 20 timer siden
Yassssss! That's how you do it!!
Ritam Mukherjee
Ritam Mukherjee 20 timer siden
Gu zA
Gu zA 21 time siden
best runnin voice <3
Visarion Maria Iulia
Visarion Maria Iulia 21 time siden
WOW 💖💖💖
FCBarca 21 time siden
Lee Woo
Lee Woo 22 timer siden
This is a brave choice for an audition. Could come off a bit overconfident, and it falls flat if you fail. He didn't fail. Did a real good job with a high difficulty song that has an emotional resonance for a lot of people. He managed to sound confident without sounding cocky, and once that chair turned it turned up to Triumphant. Well done!
Damn MENACE 9 timer siden
Facts like he did really good no cap
Kent Johansen
Kent Johansen Dag siden
Bedre en orginalen 🙌🏼
Jack Blueberry
Jack Blueberry Dag siden
᥇🆄︎🆃︎ 🄸🅃 🇭 🇺 🇷 🇹 ȋ̈t̑̈s̑̈ h̆̈ŭ̈r̆̈t̆̈ s͜͡o͜͡ ƃoop
Jack Blueberry
Jack Blueberry Dag siden
Queen B LOCOBOIZ Dag siden
Am i the only one who love this?im so into the vibe they bring to the song in their way
ElBint 1412
ElBint 1412 Dag siden
These girl just wowwww 💗💗💗💗💗💗
michael ougarezos
michael ougarezos Dag siden
beautiful voice
Elina Helmichsen
Elina Helmichsen 23 timer siden
Thank you so much!!☺️
Saratiel Ramírez
Saratiel Ramírez Dag siden
Mjeed Dag siden
Bruh where tf is the captions!!!!!!!!!!!!
J D Dag siden
OMG, are you kidding me! What a beautiful voice. Tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat, holy hell! What a gift she has.
Marco Anguilla
Marco Anguilla Dag siden
Beautiful, warm, intense voice.
al bryant
al bryant Dag siden
I have always said that all these voices from all over the world are singing songs in English is amazing....we have such a influence on the wold,i wish we would not take it so lightly .
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 9 timer siden
That is the sixth time I've listed to this! In one day! No other words . . .
Debora Calabria
Debora Calabria Dag siden
Essa música me lembra os bons tempos.....lembro quando assistia Smallville no SBT domingo de manhã...na época que as plataformas de streeming nem sonhavam em existir!!
Hands down 🙌 wow!
Lene Larsen
Lene Larsen Dag siden
Mina du må komme tilbake 🙂👍
Killua Kun
Killua Kun Dag siden
Sangwoo is coming
Aleksandr Vashchenko
Aleksandr Vashchenko Dag siden
ДЕЛАИТЕ еще так , но другую тему
Aleksandr Vashchenko
Aleksandr Vashchenko Dag siden
Aleksandr Vashchenko
Aleksandr Vashchenko Dag siden
да просто ахуенно как парень с россии
Laura Marie Elvers-Christensen
Laura Marie Elvers-Christensen Dag siden
Your good reallyd good
Biyahe ni Jay Em
Biyahe ni Jay Em Dag siden
I miss coach Leni Marlin.
Davi Oliveira
Davi Oliveira Dag siden
A galera canta muito e esses jurados sem graça, sem sal, sem entusiasmo nunca vira. Um lixo!
Hinomi Riko
Hinomi Riko Dag siden
Imagine sangwoo was a judge i -
Nancy Dag siden
Superb !!
Jaap Schuring
Jaap Schuring Dag siden
Her voice gives me goosebumbs all over , she sings even better than the original song. WOW she is so good
Apoptoxin Apoptoxin
Apoptoxin Apoptoxin Dag siden
It's been a month and i keep on looking back to this video and listen. He just brings out that emotion within us that we don't even know we had. Such a great audition 💯
angelina lurk
angelina lurk Dag siden
oh man I wish someone would translate what judges said
Gættern Dag siden
Morten Harket vibes..
TheZvjeronika Dag siden
Pâmela Sousa
Pâmela Sousa Dag siden
Voz potente ao mesmo tempo suave, show.
Pâmela Sousa
Pâmela Sousa Dag siden
Linda voz.
Aquarian Queen
Aquarian Queen Dag siden
This is better than the original!!
nafeesa g
nafeesa g 2 dager siden
TheKristinaH 2 dager siden
Denne mannen dominerer jo scenen og virkelig leker seg gjennom opptredenen. Fremragende på alle måter. For en swag.
Nadia Pardede
Nadia Pardede 2 dager siden
U need more power bro. But its pretty good.
Valerie Awuja
Valerie Awuja 2 dager siden
Oh DAMNNNNNNN, she's amazing!
Katia LE CALVEZ-BESNARD 2 dager siden
it's beautiful cover !! but it's not a Lara's Fabian song... she made a cover too ! the real singer is Serge Lama 😉
soinu foig
soinu foig 2 dager siden
C'est une vraie chanteuse ! Bravo ! Emotions, grain, timbre, technique ! Tout y est ! <3 :)
melquiades pabillare
melquiades pabillare 2 dager siden
This guy makes me cry...the best cover of the song...I don't speak Norwegian or Icelandic...Thanks to English captions., seen here from the Philippines.
Leilla Nogueira
Leilla Nogueira 2 dager siden
Amei a performance e a música
reflin mangopa !
reflin mangopa ! 2 dager siden
Perfect duet ever...this is the best duet for dusk till dawn song
mama bah tv
mama bah tv 2 dager siden
mama bah tv
mama bah tv 2 dager siden
Caleb 2 dager siden
1:35 gives me chills, what an incredible voice
Angela Jones
Angela Jones 2 dager siden
Quality 💙💯can’t wait to hear more from Natan , have watched this so many times just love his voice , just wish I knew what the judges had said ,wishing you the best of luck on this journey...you deserve it 👊👊👊
mama bah tv
mama bah tv 2 dager siden
i would've turned. she's good... she needs to come back next year.