KORKU ISTERMISIN 6 timer siden
Aleks Schtirlitz
Aleks Schtirlitz 6 timer siden
Очень круто! Шикарный голос!
carla 6 timer siden
she's the kind of person u remember of
Jaime Alvarez
Jaime Alvarez 7 timer siden
Very good, this is natural singer
Jaime Alvarez
Jaime Alvarez 7 timer siden
Muy biennnn , ese es un cantante natural .
Mario Clemente
Mario Clemente 8 timer siden
WOWW!!! , Goosebumps and tears
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 8 timer siden
Magisk stemme og hele fyren er magisk egentlig! Så mange flinke med i år
Henrik Lindhjem
Henrik Lindhjem 8 timer siden
Dumt at Josef valgte ikke Frode han er sp flink han hadde vunnet
Shah 9 timer siden
What kind of idiot are sitting in those chairs, they need to get to the level of higher rank themselves than to judge other talents, wasting so many talented aspiring singers,
Jade Jj
Jade Jj 9 timer siden
U r good 💐❤️❤️
Jade Jj
Jade Jj 9 timer siden
Love u both. U both compliment each other 💕💐
Lacy MacDougall
Lacy MacDougall 10 timer siden
I wish the English captions worked. The only word that comes up is "congrats" when his friends say it backstage. I so want to know what they're saying!
Frank Workman
Frank Workman 11 timer siden
All I can say is wow wow
Kaylee Weaver
Kaylee Weaver 11 timer siden
Y’all can talk about any other judge but Morten Harket end of discussion …
Mickael clx
Mickael clx 11 timer siden
The last coach is very emotional, that s a wonderful audition 🧡🧡
Kaylee Weaver
Kaylee Weaver 11 timer siden
Kaylee Weaver
Kaylee Weaver 11 timer siden
Bruh we played the instrumental on a flute during football games 💀💀
Kaylee Weaver
Kaylee Weaver 12 timer siden
Y’all could speak on any other judge BUT Morten harket and of discussion
Salome Oniani
Salome Oniani 13 timer siden
Kaylee Weaver
Kaylee Weaver 13 timer siden
ok ummm… she did pretty good
Kaylee Weaver
Kaylee Weaver 13 timer siden
Kaylee Weaver
Kaylee Weaver 13 timer siden
He’s taking pauses and a deep breath too muchhh💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂
Goretti Curry
Goretti Curry 13 timer siden
It is not often you here a voice a song who stops you in your tracks and you close your eyes and it touches every part of your soul what a amazing young woman please let her soar my heart and soul are back twenty years to the one who to this day broke my heart but I remember with love thank you so much she’s amazing love from a Irish Mom who’s in bits but loving every note she sang
grylille 13 timer siden
Det er mange veldig gode sangere med i år, men jeg mener Ina valgte feil her; Tilla burde gått videre. Forhåpentligvis får vi høre mer til denne dama i fremtiden!
Ezryl Flores
Ezryl Flores 14 timer siden
Listening to them gives me a Peter, Paul, and Mary vibes...
Narin Ateş
Narin Ateş 14 timer siden
Cok iyi
Captain bubbles
Captain bubbles 14 timer siden
Not a battle it's a duet my god there perfect for a Disney song 😍
Milot Gashi
Milot Gashi 16 timer siden
I like Norway 🇳🇴 From Albania 🇦🇱
TrailBeat 16 timer siden
Can it even get better than this... 😮
Sonia Sepulveda
Sonia Sepulveda 17 timer siden
So emotional . Blessing from. Australia. You are angelic!!!
Jamila Saber
Jamila Saber 18 timer siden
Disse er absolutt to av de beste som har vært med denne sesongen! Hadde håpet de ville gå videre.
Panda lover
Panda lover 18 timer siden
Virkelig best
J B 18 timer siden
Absolutely the best version of the song.
Antonio Oso
Antonio Oso 19 timer siden
Who else hit 👍 on the video before even hearing the first note? The Icelandic is a pleasant surprise as well. Just fantastic once again Natan!!
Kawaiinl 19 timer siden
I can hear the pain his voice 🥺🥺
Thai 19 timer siden
o loirinho encantado
Sonia Sepulveda
Sonia Sepulveda 20 timer siden
What a beautiful voice it's piercing with a magical power. Love it. He will go high places. What an amazing gift..!!!! So angelica, so strong....
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 20 timer siden
1:22 to the end is just spectacular, love those high notes
Chloie Poblete
Chloie Poblete 21 time siden
And I'm in love
Taco House Pattaya
Taco House Pattaya 21 time siden
Erlend is going to go VERY far its easy to see. Can't wait to hear the album.
vernie guttan
vernie guttan 22 timer siden
what's the water of the Norweigan people!? what do they drink!?hehe
ANTHONY TEVAR 23 timer siden
Whos here after watching this in tiktok? 😚
Trixie D
Trixie D 23 timer siden
Vikingsno Dag siden
Maria Petra, please do Eva Cassidy next
E v a n g e l i n e
E v a n g e l i n e Dag siden
Her voice cracks 😩😩😩
siphokazi nginingini
siphokazi nginingini Dag siden
Wow, what a beautiful rendition of the song, such talent!
Susan Tessel
Susan Tessel Dag siden
He has an exceptionally beautiful tone.....I keep listening to this song over and over
Vikingsno Dag siden
Cynthia with this arrangement of a song in the land of Marianne. Cohen would be proud. Thank you Cynthia
Ariff Najmie
Ariff Najmie Dag siden
Its not an easy works to sing man song, you nailed it girl
Carlisle 79
Carlisle 79 Dag siden
This is a sad day. James is out. This is almost like game of thrones.
Holly Joiner-mason
Holly Joiner-mason Dag siden
His voice is beautiful fan from uk
Lacy MacDougall
Lacy MacDougall Dag siden
His voice reaches my soul. Divine.
Just Lou
Just Lou Dag siden
I'm not lost I was listening The voice belgium and I just fly to Norway
Ayesha Zia
Ayesha Zia Dag siden
Best ever ........forgotten the original
______I Love you
______I Love you Dag siden
Wow. He is on another level. A gift to us.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 8 timer siden
Yo wtf are those nasty sounds at 2:07-2:11
f h
f h Dag siden
* *bipanic* *
Linos Linteris
Linos Linteris Dag siden
This song is still popular on earth 38
Samridhi Thukral
Samridhi Thukral Dag siden
How does everyone sound so good on Voice Norway😳🤷‍♀
J M Dag siden
He's just in his own zone singing so calmly, it's captivating.
Faria Sanem
Faria Sanem Dag siden
Billie and Maria should sing this song together.
lk Ralte
lk Ralte Dag siden
601 comment
pål zachariaseen
pål zachariaseen Dag siden
kjempe bra ,fin stemme bra synging
Bjørnar Lunga
Bjørnar Lunga Dag siden
Nydelig sang og nydelig utført av begge to, glad ikke jeg må velge en av dem. 🥴😀 Må si jeg skvatt litt da jeg så han Sondre første gang på The Voice Norge, trodde et øyeblikk at det var Lars Bremnes. Noen flere som fikk denne koblingen? 🙄😊
AndreyVas2008 Dag siden
He made it his own.
MY LIFE Dag siden
Good voice
Carol Alencar
Carol Alencar Dag siden
Caraca que show 👏👏👏👏 me arrepiei do início ao fim 😍😍😍😍
Lrae Talks
Lrae Talks Dag siden
When it's a Lorde song, mostly Liability, I'm always reserved and.
Helge ron
Helge ron Dag siden
Matoma is so sensitive, he tears upon so many songs, seems such a nice guy.
ricosihite sejarahchanel
ricosihite sejarahchanel Dag siden
Will a champion 👍👍
Jiminson zoldyck
Jiminson zoldyck Dag siden
Amjad Butt
Amjad Butt Dag siden
she sing just like aurora
vi Dag siden
she's amazing wow
Arka Jatmika
Arka Jatmika Dag siden
❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️
Tania Bordøy
Tania Bordøy Dag siden
What a voice and what an amazing transmitting gift ! I looooved this performance of Natan ❤️❤️ brings me to the Viking world! Awesome work with Ina 😍😍😍
Helia Golden Sun
Helia Golden Sun Dag siden
Omg the control in her voice 🌹😍
Hak KH
Hak KH Dag siden
Love Song ng nas💗🇰🇭❤️
Faria Sanem
Faria Sanem Dag siden
where is the buzzer??
Ayush Srivastava
Ayush Srivastava Dag siden
Bahruz Mammadli
Bahruz Mammadli Dag siden
J T Dag siden
I love her. Tonight her voice has that rasp that sounds great. She sounds like she's sick though. Does anyone know?