Hailey 4 timer siden
The best Inauguration I have ever seen.
Mark B
Mark B 4 timer siden
I adore Andra Day.
MrMelgibstein 4 timer siden
My boy,what did you eat? Soon we're going to need to get Garth an Elvis jumpsuit.Uh huh,Oh Yeah.
Leslie Biggar
Leslie Biggar 4 timer siden
This country MUST Rise Up! Beautiful performance & so meaningful for this moment in time. ❤
Maranda DeBolt
Maranda DeBolt 4 timer siden
Suzette Blake
Suzette Blake 4 timer siden
her voice is beautiful like she
Terri Johansen
Terri Johansen 4 timer siden
This old man is a complete fraud. He has no business sitting in the White House.
GDR Cinnamon Pony
GDR Cinnamon Pony 5 timer siden
I love love this singer this song has me crying so happy for today and for tomorrow and day after that and so on!!! Love one another be safe wear a mask 😷 😘
Hi_Shadow 5 timer siden
No one can’t convince me this lady isn’t related to Rihanna. Too many similarities.
Sunil Crotti
Sunil Crotti 5 timer siden
fighting covid 19 at the moment... too much pains too much sorrow too much dispair
Cotton Tail
Cotton Tail 5 timer siden
At least we know he’s sincere.. singing for God. Especially after a satanist sings.. sorry Garth but my heart breaks I’ve loved you and your wife for so many years .. I hope this was a torchlight for God! Peace
John doe
John doe 5 timer siden
I wish I could say what I feel about Garth but I will get banned from NOpost.
tee hee
tee hee 5 timer siden
qanon is dead! trump is going to prison!
Jesus is Muslim
Jesus is Muslim 5 timer siden
Biden's administration is a minority rule bent on destroying the social order. A transgender, a homosexual, a Hindu, and a Latino in the cabinet. Biden himself is Catholic minority who will secure minority rule with 11 million illegals becoming US citizens. Trump's image of beautiful couples, feminine wives, and masculine husbands is replaced by homosexuals and transgendered woman.
Saila Simone
Saila Simone 5 timer siden
Biden has a new nick-name since he lied about giving us our 2k. He's called "Piggy-Backin Biden." He's called that because he piggy-backed off of Trump's 600.00 after promising us 2k. Thank you Donald Trump for the $600.00!!!!
lisayos 5 timer siden
I tired old corrupt scambag hiding behind mask. :(
Lashea Lashea
Lashea Lashea 5 timer siden
Everybody please check her out in Lee Daniels new movie she plays Billie Holiday!!! I can’t wait to see it when it comes out. From the clips, she KILLS the role,
steve blues
steve blues 5 timer siden
Gareth brooks finest hour he sang it superbly.
Len Ryan
Len Ryan 5 timer siden
You can hear the fireworks going off in Bejing with this clown signing away benefits for the CCP. He’s sure is a ball of energy the old man. The next 4 yrs will be vomitous
Len Ryan
Len Ryan 4 timer siden
Democrats lie about their political opponents and then want them silenced FASCISTS
Len Ryan
Len Ryan 5 timer siden
@Der Aua the first one was a dud and the 2nd one will be a dud.
Der Aua
Der Aua 5 timer siden
Also Trumpists be like “waahhh. I was trying to overthrow the government and they sprayed me in my eyes.”
Der Aua
Der Aua 5 timer siden
Trump has been impeached more times than he’s been elected.
WolfofCrypto 5 timer siden
Let communism begin.
Jennifer Engel
Jennifer Engel 5 timer siden
Stunning..be still my heart ❤ ♥ ❤
503 Flyguys
503 Flyguys 5 timer siden
He tarnished his great legacy
Matt Privett
Matt Privett 5 timer siden
marie f.
marie f. 5 timer siden
J Crider
J Crider 5 timer siden
Garth, still the man!
Shamika Reed
Shamika Reed 5 timer siden
This was so beautiful 🤎🙌🏿
alfredo lopez
alfredo lopez 5 timer siden
Michele Cooke
Michele Cooke 5 timer siden
עמנואל 5 timer siden
TROY DAWES 5 timer siden
It's hilarious how there talking about taking children from Trump supporters and sending them to a Deprogramming camp. and the 1st thing our new POTUS does is sign an order to do something that we are all doing and have been doing! It's ok tho, We won't go out and burn our cities and loot and pillage our towns. for the past four years 24/7, the Democrats have encouraged civil unrest because of their Trump derangement disorder...but now it's time to unite now that they have all the power. If you voted for Trump your a racist, a white supremacist, The Democrats are smooth... They Blame the other side for doing exactly what they are doing. Straight from the book, Rules for radicals!!!
Joan Barnes
Joan Barnes 5 timer siden
Wonderful day. The beginning of the healing of our great nation.
jackson4socks 5 timer siden
I like his voice and he did a good job, but I can't watch him. Too much cheese.
Lori Burton
Lori Burton 5 timer siden
I feel very sad for those white Americans who feel that if people of color gain, they somehow have to lose. In reality, we all need to earn our place at the table by hard work, talent, and grit. Amanda Gorman is a true example of this. What an extraordinary young woman!
עמנואל 5 timer siden
Amen! Reminds me of a New Yorker comic I saw once; two dogs sitting on either side of an executive desk, captioned: "It is not enough that dogs should win. Cats must also lose." Edit: I interpret the dogs a representation of white supremacy.
Joy KIng
Joy KIng 5 timer siden
No two performances could have been more uplifting!! Thank you ladies!! Beautiful blessings!!
Nadine Glowacki
Nadine Glowacki 5 timer siden
So beautiful. Every word of it.
everett pollard
everett pollard 5 timer siden
Not an inauguration it’s a BLM rally
Mary Locatelli
Mary Locatelli 5 timer siden
Adam 5 timer siden
James Grose
James Grose 5 timer siden
The media was kicked out and they were fine with it. Free pass for dumbass!
Lakisha Henry
Lakisha Henry 5 timer siden
Oh my God this is so perfect 😍
Patricia Miller
Patricia Miller 5 timer siden
We rose up voted and got rid of the tyrant..
Pamela Rubelmann
Pamela Rubelmann 5 timer siden
Amazing and powerful . Beautiful skating .
Pascual Garcia
Pascual Garcia 5 timer siden
Garth brooks.... I stand United...God bless Iowa!!
Leslie Jimenez
Leslie Jimenez 5 timer siden
I love this song, I am so proud to be a American right now, this has been the most beautiful inauguration, the dedication to us the American people. Thank you MR. president Biden and Vice president Harris. Thank you to Mr. Tom Hanks and all the artists. Thank you. From a American that live from paycheck to paycheck and is trying to stay safe , I am a front line worker and proud of it.
Joni Crosser
Joni Crosser 5 timer siden
Never thought I would be ashamed Ang disgusted by Garth Brooks and amazing Grace what a sad day for america
ashley stewart
ashley stewart 5 timer siden
Her voice is so powerful. Perfect song for a perfect moment ...
Bossky 5 timer siden
Look at that super villian
Der Aua
Der Aua 4 timer siden
Trumpists be ike, “waahhh. I was trying to overthrow the government and they sprayed me in my eyes.”
Teyna Sillup
Teyna Sillup 5 timer siden
Thank you Garth! Beautiful 🥰 🇺🇸
Itsy Bitsy Gardner
Itsy Bitsy Gardner 5 timer siden
Garth you just lost all my respect
SARA SARA 5 timer siden
Wow Just cause he sang to his country Shame on you
RSPainter 5 timer siden
Sounds corny, but I'm feeling hopeful.
April Bush
April Bush 5 timer siden
What a joke. PBS turned off all other comments because they show how many Americans despise our fake President & VP. This whole thing is a sham!!
Queen V
Queen V 5 timer siden
We shall Rise up as a country. Recovery mode
King KJW
King KJW 5 timer siden
Today History Was Made Leadership was restored And We Will Rise Up to a new better Nation God Bless The Biden/Harris Family and the Biden/Harris Administration WE DID IT 🔵🇺🇸💪🏽
Ladybug Black
Ladybug Black 5 timer siden
I love this✅🖤💪🏾💯🔥
sly1x 5 timer siden
Gas prices going up tomorrow
Der Aua
Der Aua 5 timer siden
Trumpists be ike, “waahhh. I was trying to overthrow the government and they sprayed me in my eyes.”
Lion and The Pride
Lion and The Pride 5 timer siden
Her voice is impeccable 🙌🏼✨😍
Jessie Joseph
Jessie Joseph 5 timer siden
Exquisite vocal performance, a perfect song somehow...
J D 5 timer siden
Trump sacrificed millions and his reputation for a job he never needed or really wanted. He even waived and donated his own presidential salary. Biden has been power-seeking the presidency since the age of 30 and has used his political offices to enrich himself and his family. Just like Obama who PROFITED from being president and is now building an ocean-front mansion in Hawaii!! Hypocrites! The media are liars for twisting the truth.
Necoal Harris
Necoal Harris 5 timer siden
Matthew Walsh
Matthew Walsh 5 timer siden
Matthew Walsh
Matthew Walsh 5 timer siden
Monica Licea-Castro
Monica Licea-Castro 5 timer siden
This is the ending OST from the British TV series The Five. Both her song and the series hold a special place in my heart. I loved the girl skating. Nice touch. 🥰
saja09able 5 timer siden
Tiffany Ledbetter
Tiffany Ledbetter 6 timer siden
Beautifully done 🖤
King Marq
King Marq 6 timer siden
*weeping* 😭
muzzy9267 6 timer siden
A great example for all. Beautiful!
Mariela Gallardo
Mariela Gallardo 6 timer siden
James Jones
James Jones 6 timer siden
I felt like she should have definitely performed this at the Inauguration ceremony. I mean such amazing and heartfelt performance and her vocals are sick🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥
Dylan Curran
Dylan Curran 6 timer siden
Take your mask off and talk you dumb ass!
Trevor McMullin
Trevor McMullin 6 timer siden
A sad day for America! Good luck with this demented crook.
Jason 6 timer siden
Joe Biden's slogan should be, Joe Biden: Getting sh!t done!
Jonathon Sakks
Jonathon Sakks 5 timer siden
He sure is. Killing American jobs. Got that done already 🇨🇳
Feathering it Brutha
Feathering it Brutha 6 timer siden
Where are the bodies, Garth?! For the love of Lady liberty, where are the bodies?!
Eko Aji Putra
Eko Aji Putra 6 timer siden
Why must change pen?
Louie Martinez
Louie Martinez 6 timer siden
He got paid !!!!
9B17 6 timer siden
I like this song very much. Good performance!
rolfinator37 6 timer siden
Does he remember how to write his own signature?🤦‍♂️
Swede Johansen
Swede Johansen 6 timer siden
3200 people died from covid on Joe Biden watch today..
Jack Murbach
Jack Murbach 6 timer siden
Liberals and dems don’t even know who he is goodby Garth
Christen Brazelton
Christen Brazelton 6 timer siden
No longer a fan but never was anyway
Jack Murbach
Jack Murbach 6 timer siden