A Romanian guy
A Romanian guy 16 minutter siden
And they said Ed is bad..
Bishal Achhami
Bishal Achhami 24 minutter siden
If Germany would have win they 6-0 the players would have trolled Spain but Spain had some other ideas to make germany feel bad
Anand krishnan
Anand krishnan 24 minutter siden
Messi is the best ❤️
Shocks oVo TV
Shocks oVo TV 41 minutt siden
Ronaldo 2021 760!
Hs YouTube
Hs YouTube 44 minutter siden
Because a game vs georgina ist harder then the match
0:50 - "Are you mocking him, you fool. Ibra disowns such worthless records"
initial V
initial V Time siden
Inter merda
Vyomi Time siden
Fucking hell no Let the name stay
FACTUM Time siden
I really like how the Chinese only care about business in this world!
Amirul Azizi
Amirul Azizi Time siden
Inter Milan is only italian Man Utd they are the same team Lukaku, young, sanchez
jejgls7878 2 timer siden
yo the simpsons movie predicted it all corona virus, tom hanks and so on
CalcioTV 2 timer siden
I’m an AC Milan Fan but I Agree with the inter fans about being mad they have every right to be It won’t be the same Milan vs Internazionale to Milan vs Inter Milano?
Cavan 4
Cavan 4 2 timer siden
Update this
Arju Mahalanabish
Arju Mahalanabish 2 timer siden
It is hilarious what club owners are doing to Inter.The stadium was the best in Milan, changing it will destory the legacy.
HASHBROWNIE 2 timer siden
Salty poor man
# savage
# savage 2 timer siden
Some are turning football into a business
Ben Scott
Ben Scott 2 timer siden
they are changing inters identity.
Christian Puente
Christian Puente 2 timer siden
The Passing Of The Torch...Ronaldo To Mbappe : Go To Real Madrid Break My records 💪💪
jejgls7878 3 timer siden
WE ARE INTERNAZIONALE thats our thing we accept everyone no matter your skincolor, your heritage it doesn‘t matter - brothers of the world