Clinton Hause
Clinton Hause 18 timer siden
Whos the mysterious shadow man in pinocchio that helps the coachmen? NEW THEORY IDEA!
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez 18 timer siden
so if all of this is true then wouldn't that mean in Deadpool too when he gets something stabbed in between his head he would have lost his memory right??🤔🤔
Rosie Huffleclaw
Rosie Huffleclaw 18 timer siden
❤️✝️✝️❤️Jesus loves you!!!!!❤️✝️✝️❤️Have a blessed day!!!!❤️✝️✝️❤️
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Cody King
Cody King 18 timer siden
So you made this before you even watched it? LOL *Joker Laugh* Some of it was definitely in his head.
Smithsonian smith
Smithsonian smith 19 timer siden
Awesome and cool!
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Mike Williams 19 timer siden
The skinny smash rationally carve because utensil thermodynamically tumble against a previous dock. magnificent, hoc idea
Yarnball Kay
Yarnball Kay 19 timer siden
I watched this and I LOVED this show. That is why I watched this video. I laughed through the entire salad fingers series. It was my fave #davidfirthisthebest
altumnrain 19 timer siden
- avocoda
- avocoda 19 timer siden
Kristen Wiig ruined the pelicula.
acefreak 95
acefreak 95 19 timer siden
so basically whats happening to trumpists rn
Cotton Candy Siblings
Cotton Candy Siblings 19 timer siden
Here is the thing he reduced crime by 70% not 100% so until he gets rid of it by 100% there will always be a different answer of if he is a hero or not
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 19 timer siden
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RxLsnipeZ 19 timer siden
DO THE MOVIE GREENLAND!!!! It's a disaster movie
Bread_Boi 760
Bread_Boi 760 19 timer siden
Intro: F Film theory Me: F in the chat for the director
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Mike Williams 19 timer siden
The illustrious processing probably remain because cold continuously taste versus a puzzled undershirt. petite, insidious tire
David Rhodes
David Rhodes 19 timer siden
This resetting of the multiverse also has a practical use: let's them recast characters and keep the franchise alive. Initial castings have been fantastic but actors age/get tired of roles.
Thajyeeb Yang
Thajyeeb Yang 19 timer siden
"Why are you in jail?" "I murdered 2 people. You?" "I said narooto."
Medzaga 19 timer siden
Your Tv Is Studying You
WaterWeb 19 timer siden
You going to Brazil
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 19 timer siden
Hey uhh is it still spoilers if I watched the entire series twice?
dmangels M
dmangels M 19 timer siden
I just had an idea after watching this that Jack was a time traveler & just wanted to experience being on the the ship & never intended to change anything or go down with the ship. The problem is that he was not very careful, thinking the ship would go down anyway so any changes he made wouldn't matter. When he got back to the future he realized that he had accidentally changed things & now the US lost WWI like you said. He realized he had to go back & set it right. This included making sure Rose didn't die. The reason he didn't take a lifeboat is that he didn't want to change things again & take someone's spot on a lifeboat (also he was a guy). You can even throw in the love plot where he fell in love with her & chose to stay with her.
Cetra Ford
Cetra Ford 19 timer siden
when you're watching this after alex trebek died
LuckyTheWolf 19 timer siden
Jokes on you I'm lonely and there is nobody on my contacts.
TheLegendaryGamer 23
TheLegendaryGamer 23 19 timer siden
In hindsight I guess he was kinda right? Palpatine did in a way make Rey because he fucked someone who fucked someone else who made Rey
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Lauren Owen 19 timer siden
I lost brainsells
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matpat; bee dont need to be here me; .... bee bee honesy bee .... am mad
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there's a new video called skywatching
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We love food
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Leave me Alone 19 timer siden
Kira is a wimp compared to COVID.
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edgardo negron 19 timer siden
12:29 you mean 2021 right matpat
Caden Mosteller
Caden Mosteller 19 timer siden
I saw the letters OSS
Dylan McCormack
Dylan McCormack 19 timer siden
The last warning like this we got was on that horrific part of the petscop theories, jesus this will be fun
no 19 timer siden
i watched this when it came out and i cant belive its been 3 years
Avery’s Crafts and Reviews
Avery’s Crafts and Reviews 19 timer siden
It’s like someone saw this in 2020 and just decided to turn up the dial lol
Angela Bowne
Angela Bowne 19 timer siden
hi can you do a theory if in cobra kai johnny is johns kid
modernorpheus 19 timer siden
Chekhov's gun doesn't have to go off in the second chapter. It says, "If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second OR THIRD chapter it absolutely must go off." [Emphasis mine.] The Last Jedi was the second act in a trilogy, and all the Rise of Skywalker had to do is yes-and it.
meisan akarman
meisan akarman 19 timer siden
I love anime
SimonTheFlareon 19 timer siden
How can this be after the part 2
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freddys fazchannel gaming 19 timer siden
haha at the start it is so funny
chelsea williams
chelsea williams 19 timer siden
My family made me watch it I hated it
Golden_eye_2605 19 timer siden
Jim Carrey would make a great joker Change my mind i dare you
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josh evans 19 timer siden
Don't worry mattpat you are not alone.
AngryBirds Museum
AngryBirds Museum 19 timer siden
Legend of the phantasore is my Favret Scooby-Doo movie lol
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imp2405 _ 19 timer siden
Your TV is studying you
Hercik 19 timer siden
Man, I thought this would be about the tecnology to track icerbergs in the sea and prevent a lot of ships hitting them or maybe save climate change that could be worse, all in all nice theory
SNOW CAKE 19 timer siden
No one: Me thinking about corona all the time
Honey singh
Honey singh 19 timer siden
'i wish for more wishes' genie: ' you cant wish for more wishes that's a rule' 'i whish for there to be no rules for my wish' genie: well sh*t
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson 19 timer siden
The only issue I see with this theory is how did they survive for the first hundred or so years. If they had their extended lifespan and their much slimmer bodies wouldn’t exactly supply enough food. This would mean they would still need a food source. A solution I see to this would be the robots ‘taking care of’ the passengers to say it lightly.
Bryan Xiong
Bryan Xiong 19 timer siden
Bryan Xiong
Bryan Xiong 19 timer siden
organ if thats how u spell it
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Omar Wajeh 19 timer siden
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Gabe DeCola 19 timer siden
Bro we need a new Mary mary
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Ahaan Pillai 19 timer siden
i liked just for the intro XD
jarred Knight
jarred Knight 19 timer siden
They did not invite him because they dont want a theory before the move comes out
Hector Fernandez
Hector Fernandez 19 timer siden
The FBI after seeing his search history '😰
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Landon Tanguma 19 timer siden
Someone was sick while making this
josh evans
josh evans 19 timer siden
Glitched Gacha
Glitched Gacha 19 timer siden
Sir, you forgot James.
Lindsay Dutton
Lindsay Dutton 19 timer siden
WAIT, was he just playing yanni when he was saying no amount of playing the laural yanni sound woulld influence what you hear if he shows yanni on the screen, because i ALWAYS hear laural, but that time i heard yanni, so maybe it did influence my brain after all. that or he was just playing the yanni sound.
『 H i t s u m i c h u 』
『 H i t s u m i c h u 』 19 timer siden
Wolverine FTW
Wolverine FTW 20 timer siden
It'd be cool to see the plot be similar to Batman: Arkham Origins
Jenny Home
Jenny Home 20 timer siden
I just wana comment but also matpat I feel like you could make it if it was not for his..body? Eh
Zachary Gregory
Zachary Gregory 20 timer siden
That means Joker killed Batman’s parents.
Phoenix10km 20 timer siden
Ok, but did the episode ‘father’ make anyone else cry? Like I screamed when L died but I just cried when Chief Yagami died
Cade Bock
Cade Bock 20 timer siden
I love your intro
dondrap513 20 timer siden
He completely lost the love of his family. His sons last words to him were "just die already". That's pretty bad, isn't it?
Cade Bock
Cade Bock 20 timer siden
I am lovan your intro
Ethan Ward
Ethan Ward 20 timer siden
I *seriously* need this answered guys is Olaf actually 5 foot 4 or not? Also is that even possible or would the princesses who would be atleast 11 foot be able to support their weight properly? Would the ground be able to support them properly? Please tell me 😭😭
Red Wf4
Red Wf4 20 timer siden
Hey mat pat there’s a trailer for a movie that’s basically fnaf i know how much u love fnaf and I thought u should know bout it
Derp Squadron Productions
Derp Squadron Productions 20 timer siden
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Thalassa Barajas 20 timer siden
your a frod
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I just wana comment on this
Riley Weal
Riley Weal 20 timer siden
But hey that’s just a theory a film theory annnnd cut
Isla McCosh
Isla McCosh 20 timer siden
Did you know that slender man is in tangled I watch the movie and I actually saw it
ItsPizzaTime2002 20 timer siden
9:22 Soo.... That stuff that appeared in Spider-Man 2 that powered the mini sun?
Everything I Love
Everything I Love 20 timer siden
I never thought of it like that thanks matpat
A Reliable Guy
A Reliable Guy 20 timer siden
Ummm the parents are not going to her wedding there going to see what are else’s powers have you ever seen frozen two :|