Raymond Rivera
Raymond Rivera 18 timer siden
My names Raymond
Claire Veszpremy
Claire Veszpremy 18 timer siden
I am a lion
Jammy Harri5
Jammy Harri5 18 timer siden
Apple could just pay a dollar for the Spider-Man rights 2 seconds before they buy Sony 200iq
mm mm
mm mm 18 timer siden
0:20 I feel attacked-
Game Smith
Game Smith 18 timer siden
Rick has killed gods before he cab handle bill
Chips 18 timer siden
5:37 wow you somehow even nailed the actors. Also this ritual of chud sounds like a conquerors haki clash for all the cultured out there
wisdomwalrus 18 timer siden
but can he beat goku?
Domia Abr Wyrda
Domia Abr Wyrda 18 timer siden
I had wondered when I was first reading the books as a kid, why would the horcrux divide it's souls into 7 equal shapes lol
david Lian
david Lian 18 timer siden
Just buy hookers. What's so hard about that
Stampers 18 timer siden
Dig a pit. Push it in. Bury the pit
Bullard Alba
Bullard Alba 18 timer siden
Do would like to do a film theory on glitch techs?
S David
S David 18 timer siden
It has been almost a year, can you explain the aftermath of this article 16
Arlene Virtudazo
Arlene Virtudazo 18 timer siden
Maybe morgan is the cure to all of this because his immune to the walkers right?
FolkGarlic 18 timer siden
We've always said, "where is Springfield." But not, "How is Springfield."
Faris Surya Munthe
Faris Surya Munthe 18 timer siden
Im CCC agent and i can confirm the movie is illegal in all country
Amethyst Is trying ok?
Amethyst Is trying ok? 18 timer siden
Now we need a theory how Speedwagon can smell if a person is evil or not-
Victory Saber
Victory Saber 18 timer siden
Even if I buy the beam. I dont get how the beam penetrated. Example if im in a office with no windows. Or like these people who live in bunkers. Or in a submarine. How did it get them?
Crimson W1ld
Crimson W1ld 18 timer siden
I have a lot of nightshade...and I live in Central Florida
Fried Snow
Fried Snow 18 timer siden
Its less than 1 in 14 million 600 and 5.
Niklas Dahl
Niklas Dahl 18 timer siden
"but that's just a fact, A FILM fact!'
Sea0h 18 timer siden
Amazing show
ItsAzshrocka88 18 timer siden
how do you beat it? duh, just be a lonely virgin that doesn't sleep with anyone and your good
J Z 18 timer siden
So that's the series I can blame for me being unwilling to have kids?
Katzen freunde
Katzen freunde 18 timer siden
Wait that means that we can stoo tsunamus with an Big electric magnet feld
THAT ONE SCOTTISH KID 19 timer siden
E_BOY_100 19 timer siden
Most of your theories are bullshit but this theory makes since.
Brvd The poet
Brvd The poet 19 timer siden
-Goku is not human so the death note will not work on him
Claudio Como
Claudio Como 19 timer siden
It's pretty hilarious to see the view from the other side of this trilogy and how it literally force plunged a thermal detonator up Star Wars' rectum and went Kaboom! I actually had a theory that Luke was going to be evil in The Last Jedi because the lobby poster that was released in October 2017 made the very odd choice of placing Luke or "Jake" in the villain's position of the poster. The villain's position is a larger representation of the villain's face ominously looking down over the rest of the characters of the movie. The Force Awakens was an excellent movie, but The Last Jedi retroactively made it a bad movie and The Rise of Skywalker was the Coup De Grace for the entire trilogy...
Bryce The Battle Phoenix
Bryce The Battle Phoenix 19 timer siden
You act like health teachers dont all ready do this have you seen a Pam Stenzel program
The blue Minecrafter Gaming
The blue Minecrafter Gaming 19 timer siden
There is something bigger than sao Minecraft Literally infinate km land
Jessica Mickel
Jessica Mickel 19 timer siden
Leo Ingvarsson
Leo Ingvarsson 19 timer siden
Da Man
Da Man 19 timer siden
Actually The lore of the rules for that board thing predate these movies
dyspo 19 timer siden
im mythpat
SPRAY RIFTER 19 timer siden
watches the death note movie then watches actual death note..........hmmmmmmmmm i wonder which one is better
wisdomwalrus 19 timer siden
They did NOT nail misas character
Faris Surya Munthe
Faris Surya Munthe 19 timer siden
Crack is bad Guns is cool Smoking give you cancer
wAtDaFrIcK 19 timer siden
Is it just me or does MatPat sound way more chill than he normally does?
Jessie Kenter
Jessie Kenter 19 timer siden
Literally saw this movie the day before this video came out and we had one of the most intense discussions ever about how to beat it so this was great!
Carculis 19 timer siden
i legit thought the beggining was going to cut to him peeing in the toilet
TheIbis 19 timer siden
Parents: look if it has sience its okay. Me: f o o l s.
Layla Allam
Layla Allam 19 timer siden
i paused at the start of the video to write this im excited for the theory but i think hans was being pretty smart (except for the part where he tells anna his whole plan) but him acting like he wants to protect elsa will make him seem innocent to the rest of the men, also if anna finds out that the people that hans sent end up killing her sister she probably wouldnt want to marry him.
Elizabeth Berhanu
Elizabeth Berhanu 19 timer siden
Don't you have imagination
BRANDON WONG YEW LI - 19 timer siden
and that's why folks man spider is stronger than spider man
rob I
rob I 19 timer siden
this is a little late, dontcha think?
Mah4th 19 timer siden
So basically its just the director cutting..
KaisarFaust 19 timer siden
Soo... Are we looking at Long Halloween?
Robert The
Robert The 19 timer siden
I swear to good sometimes I feel like he gets the script for a movie
myow 19 timer siden
mathpat yay
Jhan Mari Dela Punta
Jhan Mari Dela Punta 19 timer siden
Well, its not like I'll be having a one-night stand anytime soon.
Ultimate Whinger
Ultimate Whinger 19 timer siden
It's so interesting that the judge lady went into earth and came back like 2 seconds later or around that. And she lived a full life, about 85 years. That's amazing and so existential like it just points out how meaninglessly meaningful life is.
Spider- Nerd
Spider- Nerd 19 timer siden
I SAW GORILLAZ!!!!!!!! 0:58
Felicia D
Felicia D 19 timer siden
Excellent intro my dude!
Asuna Yuuki [SubToPhaserFelix!]
Asuna Yuuki [SubToPhaserFelix!] 19 timer siden
Wait, I don't understand, why not just tell the government or police, she can clearly give them proof since it always follows her. Just wait at the police station then they will get all evidence they need. Build a cage, and lock it up, it can't open door, and if you make it of very strong metal, then bam.
Sam Nagorsky
Sam Nagorsky 19 timer siden
He could be older that the equivalent of a ten year old because there was no one around him to let him learn
Fauzul Murad
Fauzul Murad 20 timer siden
i hav more thinking U-U elsa , is sister and she born from elsa mother *anna and elsa mother hav power i remember :) that how elsa got power :)
EN Pat
EN Pat 20 timer siden
Carl worked with balloons he didn’t need to buy them.
cxltgod 20 timer siden
this lovecraft guy is a pretty good author! does anyone know what his cat is called?
Kaden Cr
Kaden Cr 20 timer siden
The only thing i saw when i opened my eyes were a mirror
NateDog Trainer
NateDog Trainer 20 timer siden
Dont they walk as the crow flies so distance measured not by miles driven
ANIGUS LIONSWORD 20 timer siden
Dont woriy uk is not part of eu yayyyyyy uk is is safe
Faris Surya Munthe
Faris Surya Munthe 20 timer siden
Matpat is Phoenix
Molon Labe
Molon Labe 20 timer siden
17:00 - *ahum* Lovecraftian horror *ahum*
SneezyTexas894 20 timer siden
The true question is why do we see L eat so much dessert in the anime
Olusegun Ettu
Olusegun Ettu 20 timer siden
Not surprised
Albina Kemet
Albina Kemet 20 timer siden
can you do Lena Dupree and Simone Lenoir in Scooby doo and Zombie Island and break down their back story ?
Thraun Gaming
Thraun Gaming 20 timer siden
Why no digging a hole, putting something to the entity and pushing it in the hole, then bury it? Easy peasy.
880 -
880 - 20 timer siden
This should be in food theory.
Galileo Chiu
Galileo Chiu 20 timer siden
We now have a actual pandemic
Thraun Gaming
Thraun Gaming 20 timer siden
2:37 is a World of Warcraft's ghost! Just wanted to point out.
Laima Wolf
Laima Wolf 20 timer siden
Now I want to watch rick and Morty
Anže Berlec
Anže Berlec 20 timer siden
I'l theorist too
niko niko nii
niko niko nii 21 time siden
Toph would definitely survive
Elani Pretorius
Elani Pretorius 21 time siden
And I thought mrbeast was ritch?
Ja Ja
Ja Ja 21 time siden
Sounds NOTHING like brainstorm
MakaYT Gaming
MakaYT Gaming 21 time siden
Actually no the secret ingredient would be krabs Evidence: in one episode krabs tries a krabby patty and says and I quote “so that’s what I taste like”
J Z 21 time siden
11:24 isn't that his supposed Only Love from the love episode of the DHMIS og series?
kelly Toca boca
kelly Toca boca 21 time siden
O ya him dad?
Kevin Federizo
Kevin Federizo 21 time siden
Its so easy to outrun the entity just go to asia
DMT_useless 21 time siden
The game never ends there will forever be strugle for power in westeros no matter what no dynasty will last nothing will last forever everything is eventually going to disapear until then people will play the game from one to another kings queens dynasties but it wont matter because they will all die and the world will end and all men will die. As all men must die and all men will die in the end nothing will exist life and death will mean nothing as all men are dead and none alive the world is doomed no matter what happens it will be gone everything is an ilusion to distract you from the reality that nothing truely matter no matter what there will be nothing just the dark and then an explosian a big bang and evrything shall reapeat itself No matter what happens the universe will die and a new one will come better or worse but that doesnt matter either because evry universe will die the only thung that truely never dies is nothing dark matter as we call it