Film Theory: Aquaman is NO Hero!
OkarinSensei 20 timer siden
Vinícius de A Batista
Vinícius de A Batista 20 timer siden
"Project nemesis is the coolest project name ever" CIA: hold my LSD
scott wiles
scott wiles 20 timer siden
when his son asks "what's the lore of fanf
TTVfarhat 0708
TTVfarhat 0708 20 timer siden
Brothers Murphy
Brothers Murphy 20 timer siden
Make. Vid. About. Subway suffers. Lore.
Duke 20 timer siden
Theory:Money heist, would it work in real life? Don’t worry, it will only take you a month to finish the 4 seasons right now!
Hellbringer 20 timer siden
Hey Matt Pat I know this is an old video and you might not see it but you should an analysis about how doofenshmirtz is phineas's real father
Cristian Marmolejo
Cristian Marmolejo 20 timer siden
If I had money, I’d buy myself Spider-Man lol
shell bmgo
shell bmgo 20 timer siden
matpat hasnt readied the books
S.Goukhanson papa_Son
S.Goukhanson papa_Son 20 timer siden
that thumbnail though
Astrid Tjoan
Astrid Tjoan 20 timer siden
Zombie Jesus
Zombie Jesus 20 timer siden
The cat created coronavirus
Mahkameh Nasseri
Mahkameh Nasseri 20 timer siden
Chicken chicks
Vigilant Villain
Vigilant Villain 20 timer siden
15:53 explain?
shell bmgo
shell bmgo 20 timer siden
Doesn't Dumbledore talk about this he says the prophecy put the prophecy in motion. And not all prophecies actually play out also neville being the chosen one is in the books it could be harry potter or niville. also it not "Ancient prophecy" made by the Divination teacher not ancient. did u read the books
Water Sheep
Water Sheep 20 timer siden
10:06 that was a pretty corrupt hospital
xdToxicLlama 20 timer siden
Prebuiltroom901 20 timer siden
Shouldn’t he also be accused of identity fraud even if mrs doubtfire is not real
Khue Bui
Khue Bui 20 timer siden
Every time i watch one of these i really hope the filmmakers don’t see this video and alter their plans to be more “surprising”
Tessa Howell
Tessa Howell 21 time siden
MatPat, just wait until the end of episode 4 😉
DarkessVsLight Nina
DarkessVsLight Nina 21 time siden
I am allready tired... Do you think that they would give for adoption their kid while they cry none stop for rapunzel? They care for their daughter, they have the money to take care of another kid and they are adults and capable to grow a kid... So why would they give for adoption Elsa if they want a kid more than anything? Or did someone theft again the princess and got her to another kingdom and the king and queen magicly wanted to adopt her? Or was they OK to give the kingdom to their adopted daughter? If a baby is born in any kingdom is a big deal, so in order for Elsa to take the throne and her adoptive parents would willingly give to her the position for a strange reason, the queen should pretended to be pragnant for 9 months and the thief should took the kid asap it was borned. So this theory is a big NO....
Yazz Gill
Yazz Gill 21 time siden
my friend watched it and she said that godzilla wins, so ya.
DUHRANDOMDUH 21 time siden
I KNEW it was crack!
Eddie Davis
Eddie Davis 21 time siden
They’re all sisters. From frozen two with the fire is in the shape of a heart ♥️ because Anna love’s Elsa
Shadowed Enderman
Shadowed Enderman 21 time siden
the scary part is that this is in the real world.
Mario Pizano
Mario Pizano 21 time siden
69 is funny in the future
Shadowed Enderman
Shadowed Enderman 21 time siden
we dont need season 3, we got this.
Guy 474
Guy 474 21 time siden
What is wrong with people x-Men Apocalypse and Dark phoenix is not that bad of movies
Tess D
Tess D 21 time siden
Is no one mentioning getting sponsors to help you through the games? Lots of gifts from sponsors can up your survival rate because what you get is often what you need.
Mitchell McCrorey
Mitchell McCrorey 21 time siden
use the power of op dream god control
Christa N
Christa N 21 time siden
You know, I would completely agree with this theory if Frozen 2 hadn't existed yet; or at all.
Allison Brown ArtDesign
Allison Brown ArtDesign 21 time siden
Wait if that was the Frozen ship Ariel found then why don't the timelines add up? Ariel would've found the ship a couple years after it originally sunk, because all the bodies have decomposed otherwise we would've seen them. And if we only see the ship AFTER Frozen takes place then wouldn't the technology in Greece where Hercules lives be slightly more advanced than what we see? So what I'm saying is that the timelines don't add up.
Allison Brown ArtDesign
Allison Brown ArtDesign 21 time siden
also if you read the whole thing then congratulations!!! You deserve nothing l:)
Devyn Bauer
Devyn Bauer 21 time siden
I’ve been binge watching film theory so hard
Abyss ___
Abyss ___ 21 time siden
Film theory idea would total concentration breathing work Demon slayer
epic gamer
epic gamer 21 time siden
hellow veryone i need to talk about something serous this video is kinda dark actually very dark i i not messing around i you read this befor watching the video than after you watch go watch somthing silly stupid and funny like spongebob
THN Games
THN Games 21 time siden
Mine 9:02
Megan Lynch
Megan Lynch 21 time siden
Someone should introduce Joe exotic to that vegan teacher.
Robert Wall
Robert Wall 21 time siden
"When he dust settles in this movie, the lion standing on Pride Rock WOUNT be Simba. Heck, might not even be Scar!" The true king is... T H E M A N B E H I N D T H E S L A U G H T E R
Connor Fleming
Connor Fleming 21 time siden
May I have a theory idea why not do a theory about the Transformations and how they work in Dragon Ball Z Super evolving around Goku and Vegeta's transformations
Emma Kramer
Emma Kramer 21 time siden
I will never look at anything the same
epic gamer
epic gamer 21 time siden
hey dont wacth with headphones had my airpods in when i came across this video and they worned me but i dint learn untill the ear rape to do what they say
Electric Heart
Electric Heart 21 time siden
Omg. Yes. I watched this before but I'm drunk and wanted to watch this again. Can't blame me!!
Ana Araujo
Ana Araujo 21 time siden
Hey film Theory do you think it's possible that we can do a blast Ultra cuz I did it and hurts my arm hurts a lot I was wondering is it possible to do it because I did it I want everyone else to master it
Linelli boy
Linelli boy 21 time siden
salute our fallen comrade
epic gamer
epic gamer 21 time siden
dudes i watching this as the sun go down and im already looking over my soulder
Julio A. Rodriguez Garcia
Julio A. Rodriguez Garcia 21 time siden
Love video concept! More análisis and philosophy briefs.
Sire sirol
Sire sirol 21 time siden
Flit lock wood made a robot and it made food
that one guy with the voice
that one guy with the voice 21 time siden
So his selective sound hatred includes clanging sounds and resonating sounds like horns or drums, but not carols, I guess he just associates carols with the bells so he hates them. So when he hears the carols with no bells, he enjoys them
LayZ Streamer
LayZ Streamer 21 time siden
I only hear green needle wierd
Citrakite 21 time siden
Disney ripping off a property without due credit must be a day that ends in y.
Jack Tonzola
Jack Tonzola 21 time siden
What comic age do you think Michael Richardson's Joker is?
Gus the Prankster
Gus the Prankster 21 time siden
Me who has read the books before watching this: This is neville isn't it? Me after watching: Yup I was right
Frost and Notes the Parakeets
Frost and Notes the Parakeets 21 time siden
Fun Fact: Mickey has been smoking some alcohol
Mr Cha Chong
Mr Cha Chong 21 time siden
the oofman
the oofman 21 time siden
The man behind the man behind the man
Mr Chivalrous
Mr Chivalrous 21 time siden
B.J. Blazkowicz would be proud of Jack for this one
Yoda 21 time siden
Batman - An emotional orphan that is rich and uses that money to beat up a circus clown that is a sociopath and a partner that got half his face burned off and uses a coin for life and death Superman - A krptonian superhuman who was able to beat an anime person who is constipated and has feats including enhanced strength,durability,agility,speed,etc. Matt:I have my money on batman
Joe Cool
Joe Cool 21 time siden
I’m the only kid who liked it and never got scared 😂
Alex Hnzz
Alex Hnzz 21 time siden
I thought all the episodes before the frieza fight were great
just a pigeon
just a pigeon 21 time siden
Amelia Animates
Amelia Animates 21 time siden
what do you think about mat pat doing a video about dipcifica??? i really want him to, what do you think? if your reading this mat pat, PLEASE!??!?
MyMan 21 time siden
You thought 2019 was bad for movies Laughs in superior Covid
Yoda 21 time siden
So you’re telling me every time lego Batman prys 2 bricks apart,it’s equal to lifting 11 elephants,lego Batman isn’t to going to break Batman,lego Batman is going to absolutely destroy the living daylights out of Batman’s bones
Bikal 21 time siden
but tommy boy had iron mans suit :(
JYIZELA BAJIT 21 time siden
When I heard corona: YO WHAT THE FRI- ...... NANI-?
JYIZELA BAJIT 21 time siden
And then he said that they know Corona isn't safe. And I was like: ... CORONAVIRUSSSS XD
Lightning Dragon
Lightning Dragon 21 time siden
Pug 1
Pug 1 21 time siden
Nah, he could have had them do regular games but add a painful aspect like chess with poison pins on the pieces, or twister with push pins.
Hedgie MC
Hedgie MC 21 time siden
Mikey rats clubhouse! how inside its fun in side!
Paro 21 time siden
Anyone get sss coryxkenshin vibes fron tha intro
Rhagrim 21 time siden
Is it me or the channel went underwhelming since his wife got in???
Arcangela Virgile
Arcangela Virgile 21 time siden
We not gonna talk about how he said naruto the first time
William White
William White 21 time siden
Why do all of these videos end up so off track. From Rick and Marty to Star Wars and Jaws.
Luan Oliveira
Luan Oliveira 21 time siden
"it feels weird to come down on Disney's side for this one" *the mouse done warned you wouldn't like what you would find, matthew*
qwort 21 time siden
This video: exists El Comeno go brrr
HAIG MECHAET 21 time siden
I like how I already know all this in 2021
Imnotperfect 21 time siden
Bro no 15:16
N D 21 time siden
Was that from back to the future
Bruno 21 time siden
When you realize how almost ever movie actor after they left acting the internet says …they died from drugs… …they died by suicide… so on. When u also realize u saw the creators names on lists created literally 3 MONTHS AGO
Augustine Buenrostro
Augustine Buenrostro 21 time siden
If you put on captions in the bakwards message you can tell what he says
Crazy Ubiquitous
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This video just hit 5,000,000 views! 5,030,019th view!!!!!!!!!!