The Lamentable Tale of POKIMANE
Family Channels Should Not Exist.
Is The KSI vs Ricegum Beef FAKE?
How iDubbbz Fell From Grace
Why H3H3 Is Jealous Of Logan Paul
Why KSI Made Jake Paul Cry
11 måneder siden
The Christmas Finale
Andrei Vs. TheOdd1sOut
How To Become Pewdiepie!
lukeafk 2 timer siden
v good video andrei AS ALWAYS !!
Xd 78
Xd 78 3 timer siden
2:23 face reveal
Alpha Gamer
Alpha Gamer 3 timer siden
I know why she ain’t banned. TWITCH MOD SIMPSSSSSS
Stefan B.
Stefan B. 3 timer siden
Well, we don't know Leafy's lifestyle and maybe four million dollars could be enough for him to keep him afloat and not working for one or two decades. Maybe he's investing in real estate like Vanilla Ice. The point is that it's very plausible Leafy doesn't care about money. But that might be because he has money right now. He probably doesn't even have kids which is usually a great incentive to work.
Vu Nga
Vu Nga 3 timer siden
While Andrei woke up in Romanian [wakes up in Asian)
black angel yt
black angel yt 3 timer siden
Super true
Valentino SEGOVIA
Valentino SEGOVIA 3 timer siden
I found a video and it said I ate spiders now I can shoot webs. Me: WHAT
Amarjit Singh
Amarjit Singh 3 timer siden
Wouldn't be surprised if odd1sout appeared and said "STOP SHIPPING ME WITH JAIDEN!"
Felix Rawlings
Felix Rawlings 3 timer siden
why dont you stream yourself animating your vids its a win win
Error Mimikyu
Error Mimikyu 3 timer siden
Tbh I found out about her form mr beast and found out more with drama alert
PK Twilight
PK Twilight 3 timer siden
Me as a leafy fan I indeed do believe he crossed the line but i don't think he deserved a Ban. He was milking the shit out of pokimane but why is he getting banned when people are doing worst? NOpost is being pretty biased with its banning system.
Carla 3 timer siden
this vid was literally a year ago wtf
super force
super force 4 timer siden
2:23 if you pose perfectly is a face reveal... But i think every body notice so... 45 second of my live lose
Reag_n 4 timer siden
Me scrolling the the comments looking for Felixs comment
andres 13
andres 13 4 timer siden
This video was seen by the wrong type of people. This people was meant mostly to the people that attacked Andrei because of leafy but the people that came here are the people that didn’t attack andrei but didn’t support him or leafy. I think leafy deserved to be banned as much as people like pokimane deserve to be banned but the thing like andrei said is true. For the sake of NOpost they are FORCED to ban people like leafy and leave people like poki alone
Endtrocity 4 timer siden
After I watched infinite’s vid with morgz(not a fake clickbait one) I started watching morgz and I knew that he clickbait and cringed but I starch it’s beachside of how shitty it is I watch it while having a dump
Gian Carlo Malsi
Gian Carlo Malsi 4 timer siden
NotoriousSora 4 timer siden
Everything went downhill for Ian when frank dipped
scorpion3 green
scorpion3 green 4 timer siden
i also live in romenia imi plac animatile tale
Tiberanium YT
Tiberanium YT 4 timer siden
One day when Alinity gets away with murder live on twitch and the president wants her to get banned from the country.... One day
kngdv 4 timer siden
0:52 Dream was secretly there
Koko Siko
Koko Siko 4 timer siden
anyone notice the HAW instead of how at 0:42
Min Chan
Min Chan 4 timer siden
Jose Godoy
Jose Godoy 5 timer siden
Jose Godoy
Jose Godoy 5 timer siden
Anthony STARjr
Anthony STARjr 5 timer siden
My cousins follow the noris nuts and used to follow the ace family. I had no problem with the ace family (mainly because they knew when to stop) But I'd continously get confused with the noris nuts and I'd poke fun at there "wired voice" also I did it to everyone ok it's funny until they come up slap me (not hard btw it was soft) on the check and would go back to watching on MY TV this lasted most of the day if I wasn't using it and when I was she'd use her tv.
Diego Ronco
Diego Ronco 5 timer siden
Still good iven 2years ago
Who ?
Who ? 5 timer siden
Who ?
Who ? 5 timer siden
Who ?
Who ? 5 timer siden
Who ?
Who ? 5 timer siden
Who ?
Who ? 5 timer siden
Tiny person
Tiny person 5 timer siden
I can't wait for my recommendations to be "DREAM SMP ANIMATIC :OOOOO" because I even dare watch a video that mentions dream. Also my friend is friends with a dream fan and omg is that fan really toxic. I've never even met them before but they make fun of my height and the fact that I like anime (my friend has been telling me all this bc it's actually really bad and something they think I should know) my friend even tried to stop being friends with them to which they thought that their long text of my friend saying how toxic they've been to them and me was *a joke* but even if the fans are toxic dream knows what he's doing and I respect that. I honestly prefer callmecarson over dream but still gotta respect the smiley face man.
HarpTheWarlock 5 timer siden
How you not talk about daddyo5
Lyndan Armytage, Founder Of Lynfan Productions
Lyndan Armytage, Founder Of Lynfan Productions 5 timer siden
I don't care if those storytime animation channels are fake they give me great entertainment in the car
Lori Perusul
Lori Perusul 5 timer siden
Buna Adrei! voiam sa te intreb daca ai niste sfaturi pentru animatotii incepatori
Yoshinova Productions
Yoshinova Productions 5 timer siden
The worst part about these Logan Paul fans is that some of them have FORTNITE profile pics
Jeggy 5 timer siden
Millionaire stories be like: My mom was a gardener and suddenly flew to the sky and I was so smart I got 1 billion dollars on age 3 but in my birthday I was age 1 and one guy in a van gave me a house and suddenly my dad died because my deer was blocking the road and the car flew and my dad jumped but he survived so we bought a goose and gave the money to them because I was so smart and we lived happily ever after
He has 11M Not 10M
EAS Agbayani
EAS Agbayani 6 timer siden
This is a great video, love it
Ali vlogs\gaming
Ali vlogs\gaming 6 timer siden
2020 in a nutshell
Katrina Rapa
Katrina Rapa 6 timer siden
Katrina Rapa
Katrina Rapa 6 timer siden
Katrina Rapa
Katrina Rapa 6 timer siden
No 2:24
Katrina Rapa
Katrina Rapa 6 timer siden
Katrina Rapa
Katrina Rapa 6 timer siden
Katrina Rapa
Katrina Rapa 6 timer siden
Dream and Insipire
Dream and Insipire 6 timer siden
the song is a hindi song and its called diber diber means full of hearts and love
Federico (Nico) Gumpal
Federico (Nico) Gumpal 6 timer siden
big brain
Aarsh Chokshi
Aarsh Chokshi 6 timer siden
3:12 that's why Iron Man died
Nahush Tirumala
Nahush Tirumala 6 timer siden
Why are the such less comments on this vid?
RODŻAL. COM 7 timer siden
F for Joergen
NicoTv Jeb
NicoTv Jeb 7 timer siden
will when I see badboyhalo I only see muffins
Ștefan Mihuț
Ștefan Mihuț 7 timer siden
U are Romania bro ? Eşti român
Min Chan
Min Chan 4 timer siden
Yes he is 🙄
Masey 7 timer siden
Concerning the Norris nuts channel, the kids seem happy and really into the vlogs. And they seem like super sweet kids. The pregnancy content is kinda weird to share with the whole of youtube in my opinion. And even though the kids edit the vlogs it still ultimately comes down to the parents to know what to and what not to share. And the vast majority of their content is definitely for kids. But one day they’re gonna get older, will they regret sharing a lot of things they thought were good ideas at the time? Will they regret naming their siblings disco and charm? (I really hope those two kids legally have more ‘normal’ names they can go by as they get older, like I know the older siblings have separate names they can go by if they choose. Not that anyone should be judged by their name but unfortunately in the world we live in first impressions are a thing.
Yuuf Eternal
Yuuf Eternal 7 timer siden
Using other people's names and trying to keep drama alive to further your own progress is leech af. Make your own content and don't ride on others coat tails.
Amit Shenoy
Amit Shenoy 8 timer siden
How I Stole LOGAN PAUL's Fans With One Single Video! like this for no reason.
PixieChowTime 3 timer siden
Ok why not
extratypical gamer
extratypical gamer 8 timer siden
Covid 19 cancelled it right
HDMZ 9 timer siden
Hey adrei can you talk about "console war" which is xbox vs ps because I wanna just see some facts or someone to summarize things thanks.
Jayden Steele
Jayden Steele 9 timer siden
i honestly can't with pokimane
bobule 006
bobule 006 9 timer siden
Who saw the thing on leafy's tail
GGLX G&G 9 timer siden
Pokimane with out make up
Riggatony ‘S
Riggatony ‘S 10 timer siden
As a long time sidemen fan I love this video
Piotr John Gapacan
Piotr John Gapacan 10 timer siden
*I love how Andres animated a MS Paint guy to a moving human*
Feonic xD
Feonic xD 11 timer siden
9:29 Look At Wilfur 😬😬😬
09Matt Boy
09Matt Boy 11 timer siden
He never did put a poal
Harrison Winton
Harrison Winton 12 timer siden
Why shouldn't people have the right to maintain their personal brand. Like a commentary or criticism should be fair game, but just a record of everything bad you've done online seems a little unfair
StephZ.BEanie 12 timer siden
Heres the youtube thing u been waiting for 2:08
Weird Stuff Animation
Weird Stuff Animation 12 timer siden
i'm a young teen and I don't watch Morgz at ALL
fireball studios
fireball studios 13 timer siden
CyTheFox 13 timer siden
Why are humans unable to just... stop using Twitch and go to another platform? Just drop the ones you watch and find other streamers in other places that entertain you? Or go outside.
Gyandeep bhagawati
Gyandeep bhagawati 13 timer siden
Video is stretched but it's fine
Solar_panda 90
Solar_panda 90 13 timer siden
You should talk about jake Paul and all the shut he did
Your opinion is trash
Your opinion is trash 13 timer siden
Sgt Muffin
Sgt Muffin 14 timer siden
Xeno Drake
Xeno Drake 14 timer siden
I just saw Justin y believe it or not it's my first time seeing him🤣🤣🤣
A Manzo
A Manzo 14 timer siden
So true
Muna Al Zghoul
Muna Al Zghoul 14 timer siden
eat mannis
Trick_ Sh0tz
Trick_ Sh0tz 14 timer siden
If I was in place of deji I would have taken jakes glasses and broke it and if he fucking hits my book or my hand from me I will fucking ragdoll his ass into the crowd
D3FENDER HAVOC 14 timer siden
I think they are all crack addicts, and dealers
TACO BELL 14 timer siden
There drug shit
Muhammad Farel Hakeem
Muhammad Farel Hakeem 15 timer siden
Lol lil kids get mad chill dude...he just joking
Jon Mokarzel
Jon Mokarzel 15 timer siden
you got some balls bro
Kayval 223
Kayval 223 15 timer siden
Andrei is Romanian?
Min Chan
Min Chan 4 timer siden
Suk It
Suk It 15 timer siden
Honestly, I was a huge fitz fan before this all happened, and now it makes me uncomfortable to watch his videos. Katerino was never someone I watched, and therefore not someone who I knew, but she didn’t deserve to be cancelled. That said, I don’t have an issue with the information being public, not for vengeance, but for the sake of general information. Knowing the way they both fucked over Carson, I can’t pretend like fitz is a good person, and it makes it difficult for me to enjoy his content, and I’d rather have it that way than to be uninformed and assume he’s a good person. My respect for how Carson after how he finalized his view on the issue has only grown, while my respect for fitz stopped plummeting after his apology. My respect for katerino will never change. Especially not after her half assed apology. What she did was wrong, and depersonalized or not, she could have at least owned her mistakes and been a good person about it. She chose to be immature and terrible. So while fitz may eventually regain my views, and while Carson will forever be amongst my favorite youtubers, katerino will never ever receive my views, on any platform. Ever.
Divyanshu and vansh Bisht
Divyanshu and vansh Bisht 15 timer siden
This dude is really very much hardworking . Keep it up