Building a custom scissor lamp
Back from brain surgery
I have a brain tumor.
I rate my own inventions
My Favorite Tools
3 år siden
My Robot Morning Routine
A tour of my HOUSE BOAT!
Applause Machine VLOG
I made a lipstick robot
My Spanish talkshow FAIL
Chopping Machine VLOG
The Wake-up Machine VLOG
Wake-up Machine FAIL
Breakfast Machine VLOG
The Breakfast Machine
The Toothbrush Machine
Hej från Amerika
6 år siden
MayContainLanguage Dag siden
Can I watch Manick anywhere today? Engelsk text behövs inte (och jag är i Sverige).
Lion McLionhead
Lion McLionhead Dag siden
Ran by the dogpatch all the time, when commuting. Hard to believe she was always there.
Ipek Attaroglu
Ipek Attaroglu Dag siden
We can be friends ☺️😅
Tim Harrison
Tim Harrison Dag siden
I love how among this goofy as heck video about a teeth wall, we get a glimpse of raw emotion and joy from Simone. Welcome to LA, we're weird and we like that in you.
Gio Nunez
Gio Nunez Dag siden
"Paw"to Booth men you missed on that one
Sheila Decker
Sheila Decker Dag siden
I am so glad you are well! or at least I hope you are still well.. I just found you today! lol so?? Please know you are blessed beyond measure, to have the friends you do! I was diagnosed in April 2019 by April 20th I was in surgery for a bi-lateral mastectomy {lost both ta ta's} May 1st I turned 50 and started chemo. I asked for help. I begged for help! I had NO ONE I took the Oats Bus. Which is a medical transport for elderly people no one cares about. I did it all alone! and I WON!! Cancer free in 2020 just in time for covid to start. Since I am amenity is very low from chemo, I have stayed in da house!!! ALL ALONE!!! Mentally hard hard! But I have youtube yay!!! I can find cool sh*t to look at all day. And that's how I found you today... I FKing love love that coffee table of matches you did.. SO COOL!!! SO MUCH TALENT in YOU! I thank GOD for saving you!
LaceLovesSocks Dag siden
Scraps needs a Twitter or something
Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson Dag siden
It's a meta-hanger!
Tanks critters and urban homesteading
Tanks critters and urban homesteading Dag siden
You mention this and amazing how half your viewers grew up watching the show
Petra Arkian
Petra Arkian Dag siden
I want Elons musks reaction video to this so bad.
Miles R
Miles R Dag siden
sang woo type beat
tree peeps
tree peeps Dag siden
Isn’t this what the Tesla CyberTruck is for
Christopher Childs
Christopher Childs Dag siden
Scraps is doing great!
Amelia Starley
Amelia Starley Dag siden
Your puppy’s soooo cute omggggg ❤️❤️❤️
Spiz Dag siden
Mark Robert?
Ranakade Dag siden
No lie, that car actually looks sick af.
peeknee Dag siden
my grandpa built planes for a living and when he'd take me and my brother on flights, he'd do this for us (we were in a much more confined area, basically just floating above our seats, and it didn't last nearly as long) but its the weirdest feeling in the world. we used to bring our stuffed animals and watch them float. it was like magic to us. wish there were smartphones back then and i could've recorded it but watching this definitely made all the memories of that flood back and made me smile!!
Constance Miller
Constance Miller Dag siden
Best hair 7.5 minutes ever.
its cadet time
its cadet time Dag siden
Should have waited for the hummer
How have you found yourself in multiple awkward foreign language shows? Feels like on of those things that should only happen once but you exceeded expectations 😂
Laughing Otter
Laughing Otter Dag siden
Rick Wilson
Rick Wilson Dag siden
A lift kit on Truckla , Truck yeah! Then it's the shit. In a good way. Congrats on a electrifying conversion.
Justus Ck
Justus Ck Dag siden
Fun Fakt: by law the fotos don’t belong to her but belong to everyone because a non human being did them
seekersofrhythm studio
seekersofrhythm studio Dag siden
Hey simone I think this build is just in the type of creative over engineered yet is form and function at its best. He really deserves support. Looking forward to the next installment. Stay safe J.
Matt Lang
Matt Lang Dag siden
I have one minor complaint! Lego mindstorms isn't "like" a robotics kit, it IS a robotics kit! Honestly it's the toy that really inspired me to take the path I did into engineering, and it's such a great way to get into programming as well with the logic loops they use.
DarkNinjaCorporation Dag siden
I would definitely purchase my very own Proud Adam™️
Christian Ferloni
Christian Ferloni Dag siden
CyberTruck is an abomination. Truckla is lovely.
George Valkov
George Valkov Dag siden
Nice project! Now try a raven photo booth. A parrot will do as well. They are smart. 😊
Berlyn Reed
Berlyn Reed Dag siden
Great job Simone! I did the same back in 2001 with a Nissan 200sx hatchback and used it to tow a 16 foot boat to and from the lake! Mine was named The Catruk!! Lol
Ennar Dag siden
The intro voiceover sounds exactly like the female Khajiit from Oblivion
Robert Cantrell
Robert Cantrell Dag siden
You Guys did an Amazing job with Truckla
aj groome
aj groome Dag siden
WHY did I wait to watch this and not be in chance to get teeth. Congrats on the house!
PepperSafron Dag siden
svampebob007 Dag siden
show teeth dog bork and chomp (in case of snack) dog good yes yes this is how my dog would react even if the teeth were friendly, she would "curb stomp" those teeth then chomp (to make sure it wasn't snack), brok at me (for fake news), then chomp (to make sure it was in deed fake), yes, ok bye I run
Tara Foisy
Tara Foisy Dag siden
I am so intrigued 😭 but I don't think I will ever have a spare $400 lying around for it.
Divya Nair
Divya Nair Dag siden
Ed Hall Bleackley
Ed Hall Bleackley Dag siden
Low-key looks better than cybertruck
Alicia Altair
Alicia Altair Dag siden
I've never bought a lego in the 45 years or so of my life, but now I have to because do you see that little face in my not-me profile picture? Yeah she absolutely needs a photo booth.
stefoehmen Dag siden
looks like she has a new doghouse/bed
PolishPusher Dag siden
Scraps you're doing great!
Emmy Sellers
Emmy Sellers Dag siden
Our dogs should be friends
CC RASCLE Dag siden
These video without any context are some of the best
Anıl Tankut Dilaver
Anıl Tankut Dilaver Dag siden
This is like Robin Sparkles v.2
Kingcookie Video’s
Kingcookie Video’s Dag siden
This seems so much like a simone idea
The Soldering Bot
The Soldering Bot Dag siden
It makes me happy that you where counting in french because I'm french and most youtubers make fun of french canadians so yeah.
doittoday1 Dag siden
That was freakin awesome 👏
•Sunset Swallows•
•Sunset Swallows• Dag siden
I want to do this!
thepawndalynn Dag siden
I love legos already but this made me LOVE THEM MORE
Andrew Jones Productions
Andrew Jones Productions Dag siden
TRUCKLA is hands down a far better looking pickup than the Cybertruck. Judging by the attention you are getting, it is pretty obvious that a lot of people like it too! Well done and congratulations on a very successful project!
can u turn the tesal semi into car?
SiragusYT Dag siden
"This weights as much as a pregnant hamster" Alright, I know Americans are allergic to the metric system, but that's a bit of a stretch there, don't you think?
Tom Chastain
Tom Chastain Dag siden
Don't run with scissor lamp! Mom always said
marshmallow Dag siden
we need a collab with evan and katelyn
Igor Junghahnel
Igor Junghahnel Dag siden
oh, I love you Simone
Stephen Ella
Stephen Ella Dag siden
Jenna Steward
Jenna Steward Dag siden
I need all the indestructions please!!! ALL OF them..... Step. By. Step.
SaltyHQ Dag siden
9:44 This line always makes me teary eyed whenever I hear it or think about it.
Hencat2k Dag siden
Wow, now that’s a ruined tesla.
Anikitty ッ
Anikitty ッ Dag siden
*if among us fan saw this be like :*
David Barud
David Barud Dag siden
Scraps, you're doin' great! Simone, you're... doing
•PeaxhiiBun• Dag siden
I got to be weightless for minutes OwO Gurl u be Hella thin I am pig
Matthieu Leperlier
Matthieu Leperlier Dag siden
What a wholesome machine
Matthieu Leperlier
Matthieu Leperlier Dag siden
That's both so cool, impressive, and cute!
Aurora Dag siden
Is it normal that this video made me cry? Thank you, Scraps! ❤️
WagonLoads Dag siden
I think you might have invented an Organiginal xylothroat...
Hal 2 dager siden
Hey! I just finished my radiotherapy too! 💪
Aston Browett
Aston Browett 2 dager siden
*3:31* (The 0G ends) //To be continued>
Ottavio Ferrante
Ottavio Ferrante 2 dager siden
I am struggling so much finding a new place, so I really know what you went through and how hard it can be. I am so happy for you, you made me cry. Congratulation 💜
Stefan de Groot
Stefan de Groot 2 dager siden
It makes you a hybrid now, right?
Craig Giles
Craig Giles 2 dager siden
Would have to say if you don’t like this project then Bite Me!
Jeffrey Dauphin
Jeffrey Dauphin 2 dager siden
Scraps, you're doing great! Simone, you're doing great! Looking forward to what you all will put out in the world that will make the day better.
Mora Bear
Mora Bear 2 dager siden
Pretty sure this might rank top 10 for "purest video ever!"
Eguadro 2 dager siden
Its a really beautiful and cute project, congratulations!
MR DUCK 2 dager siden
Bro medical care is perpuslfly expensive so that when insurence people ask for a discount they dont lose money
Tom Cagan
Tom Cagan 2 dager siden
A fun project!!
Michelle C
Michelle C 2 dager siden
As a professional dog trainer I need a Lego doggo selfie booth in my life
The Flying Parakeets go ah !
The Flying Parakeets go ah ! 2 dager siden
I might have put some comments on your other videos. If I did put comments, I regret putting the comments. Hopefully I did not leave any comments. If you have questions, reply to me.
Keya 2 dager siden
she looked like she was in a rona suit
Simon Zhu
Simon Zhu 2 dager siden
The first person that is actually crying on NOpost
Canada Elevators
Canada Elevators 2 dager siden
I am making a touchless halloween candy dispenser prototype with a mindstorms EV3