Nahte Retnuh
Nahte Retnuh 2 minutter siden
You should test which drill bit sharpens best. Take all these different brands and test their speed and durability after dulling and then sharpening.
Paul Siegers
Paul Siegers 7 minutter siden
Can you please do real tool tests between the flex brand and dewalt as well as Milwaukee. I really wanna see someone without bias test these tools.
JLAW904 8 minutter siden
When are we putting Tap Magic in that lawnmower??
Robert Kotula
Robert Kotula 10 minutter siden
Why not test the more modern m12 FUEL ?
Wagner 88
Wagner 88 10 minutter siden
Now i want a Japanese girlfriend more than before
Leroy Ranger
Leroy Ranger 17 minutter siden
@ProjectFarm i hope you one day get to do a best air purifer video that will help alot of people suffering from asthma and allergies it would be greatly appreciated
cody cheney
cody cheney 18 minutter siden
That's strange because I remember that commercial as well and used the product for what I thought was good results. I was watching the temps of the engines and the slick50 engine stayed a lot cooler but, failed first. Thats strange. I have had a couple friends that swear by Lucaas products and they both ran their engines out of oil and after cooling they ran for a couple more years. That was amazing.
Dave Pingel
Dave Pingel 20 minutter siden
Metal saw blades for a worm drive.
Thomas Krauser
Thomas Krauser 21 minutt siden
I broke my dewalt and then grabbed my buddys Irwin to finish changing the tire and broke it In 4 seconds
Jack Pogalz
Jack Pogalz 22 minutter siden
Is it a real comparison if you don't have a harbor freight product.
Robert Kotula
Robert Kotula 23 minutter siden
I have the 3/8 m12 fuel in regular and extended reach. Zero problems. Big time saver.
Viperman200221 24 minutter siden
I see you tested the Hart available at Walmart but what about the same tests with the Hercules battery powered shop-vac from Harbor Freight?
D Gillies
D Gillies 24 minutter siden
Holy crap I had no idea this was possible but I do have a broken front derailleur (bicycle) clamp and need to weld it so Hobart will probably be my welding rod of choice.
Mach 1
Mach 1 29 minutter siden
Tip: Use a plastic brush to clean the combustion chamber. FYI I used K1 mix on mowers & it runs hotter, I believe a longer run too.
Carrisa & Steve Innes
Carrisa & Steve Innes 33 minutter siden
I don't care where anything is made, but I will never, ever buy anything made in Chyna again. I do like Japanese, USA, European, Australian made, though.
Steve Slattery
Steve Slattery 35 minutter siden
I'm not sure how you would go about testing them but I'm sure your creativity would rise to the occasion. I'd be very interested to see a test on different bench vises. What the best value might be. Thanks a lot. Enjoy your work.
Izaya Berain
Izaya Berain 38 minutter siden
Do Flex impact driver vs Milwaukee fuel impact driver next!
Gary Palmer
Gary Palmer 38 minutter siden
david vickers
david vickers 39 minutter siden
Did it clean up the carb?
Juan Vazquez
Juan Vazquez 39 minutter siden
Your the best project farm 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Shawn Hue
Shawn Hue 40 minutter siden
The red one is a newer model (171 vs172 ), and more expensive. $60 is 50% more money,, You don't get 50% more performance out of it, so green one is still a good buy if budget is an issue.
Martin Mitchell, hunter
Martin Mitchell, hunter 40 minutter siden
Dewalt is a little to proud of there stuff!
Desmond Young
Desmond Young 41 minutt siden
Would appreciate it if you could conduct a test on those precision tools kit including all kinds of bits like 117 pieces in a box and costs only $25.00. There are all kinds of comments that we just do not know which to trust. Thank you.
Hellseeker 42 minutter siden
Dude bust out of his barn wheelie and nitro on his mountain bike, gold sparkle helmet on and American flag streamers
lightjedi6 43 minutter siden
Wowza, words escape me. Due to having worked in big box retail for 7 years (and counting), I find that it's easy to get caught up in the marketing hype. I really appreciate the reality check that you bring to the table with real life testing. It's a little bit sad to see how poorly milwaukee ended up performing considering how well their power tools tend to perform when you test them. Perhaps there's a little bit too much capitalism involved and they are slapping their brand onto the lowest bidder not the top performer when it comes to third party manufacturing.
Dale Clay
Dale Clay 45 minutter siden
Suggestion: Effuel OBDII fuel saver. Does this thing work, if at all?
moty1234 46 minutter siden
Great info very helpful on choosing the best option, I got the nocco and is a really bad stuff
harry berry
harry berry 46 minutter siden
I love Makita tools BUT their battery is another story these batteries have circuitry that disables the battery if it looses charge below a certain voltage turning battery into a useless paper weight If this happens the battery can no longer accept a charge doesn't matter if it's a new or old battery if the battery sits for an extended period you'll be needing a replacement. Because of this if you (like me) are an occasional user of your Makita tools I'd avoid them unless you can remember to put your batteries on the charger frequently.
Hiroshi Nishida
Hiroshi Nishida 56 minutter siden
I'm glad that I have Amazon prime accounts both in the USA and Japan.
Matthew Cantrell
Matthew Cantrell 56 minutter siden
That may be the most abused lawn mower engine to roam the earth at this point.
Love Trump
Love Trump 57 minutter siden
Sadly, Diesel is more costly than Petrol now....when it used to be just the opposite so best to stick to the Gasoline (petrol) nowadays! Why is it that Diesel is so precious now?? I think it's all just a scam as they know the Commercial users will have to pay for it...any opinions? Is it because of the highly specialized Diesel the refiners provide now (their answer I suspect)?
James Barron
James Barron Time siden
You should do a best waterproofing for leather work boots. That might be hard to test because I think they leak between the stitching between the leather top and sole. Another vid you could do would be the best boot dryer. I wear leather snakeproof boots and my feet stay wet.
sergiosergio12345678 Time siden
Zmax seems to be a solvent not an oil
[blocked] edited
[blocked] edited Time siden
I suspect someone making these vids subscribes to aVe
Wīllüar YoHoHo
Wīllüar YoHoHo Time siden
Can you test out smoke detectors?
Daniel Brendemuehl
Daniel Brendemuehl Time siden
Hey how's it going. Great video again and I'm back with another request. This video would be super expensive and I'm not sure if it would make any difference, but I would love to see what is the best budget Mig Welder. Lincoln Electric, Eastwood, Hardt etc. Is it really all about the experience or does the welder also make a difference.
Kirk Oliver
Kirk Oliver Time siden
Great test of these tapes. I was quite surprised with the LLPT tape. For a future tape comparison, perhaps you could test different brand of the "Magic" Nano Double-sided Tape.
Random Projects
Random Projects Time siden
If anyone need an cheap dry only vac , Philips is good
Scott Spitler
Scott Spitler Time siden
Long time subscriber and really enjoyed the review which was a departure from your normal testing. I may install a couple of these 2-strokes on my wife’s and my bikes for our annual vacation which we fly to every year with the bikes in the back of the plane. BTW, please tell me you were riding your bike on a grass runway. If not, I’ll be happy to turn that strip of land into a runway for you. 😉
squiggy mcsquig
squiggy mcsquig Time siden
Anti-seize works. Creamed corn does not.
Rommel Secoff
Rommel Secoff Time siden
great video , I dont use noon , I use sherwin Williams, pro industrial
NeedsNurfing Time siden
Further to this test I was wondering does ambient temp make much different on the 10 minute time? In Australia we can have 45c days in the peak of summer and some part of the country can push 50c. I'm guessing probably don't try for 10 minutes in high ambient temps.
Markius Galfordii
Markius Galfordii Time siden
What other types of fuel can you use like propane acetylene oxygen nitrous I love to see how that works in a small engine that'd be cool and and will it run on WD-40 ether what if you tried different fuels to see how they reacted with the cylinders and the Pistons in the valves see how it heats up the engine and you can try different oils in it too see how the different oils break down could be a three-part thing
NeedsNurfing Time siden
Thanks, what i learned from this video is that the tolerances are very tight for some model pumps and if in a pinch don't push them that extra 30 seconds just to get the job done in one go. Having said that you can drive on 15 psi and to choose a good brand to begin with.
Johhno Time siden
Sam Son
Sam Son Time siden
Same for cars, Japanese built has no equal.
Troy Fullerton
Troy Fullerton Time siden
Man he talks fast I had to watch it twice just so I could keep up he talks so fast
Leon Wilcox
Leon Wilcox Time siden
4 stroke wins all day. Same overall speed and the 4 stroke doesn't make you want to go insane from the noise.
Elijah Wallace
Elijah Wallace Time siden
Your channel is fucking fantastic for comparing tools. No ego, no intro, no BS, just good information presented in a clean format.
Les Allison
Les Allison Time siden
Okyn Time siden
1 dollar for eveytime he says 'grams'
Robert NES816
Robert NES816 Time siden
Nice to know Makita keeps all the good stuff in Japan.
Anthony Spring
Anthony Spring Time siden
Can you do What gloves are the best oil resistant
doomy deth
doomy deth Time siden
compilation of the best products you've found and still use
Edward Rosario
Edward Rosario Time siden
hey man i often watch videos from your channel and I realized you have a lot of data on battery powered tools. I'm moving back to my house after living in an apartment for years, and I want to buy into a battery powered ecosystem. as you can imagine I have no interest in owning 5 different chargers and batteries. Do you have a big spreadsheet on the brands and what they offer? It would be neat to be able to compare everything on a big spreadsheet or something similar to make an informed decision on which brand to buy into based on the tools I need the most. If you have it, it would be awesome if someone linked it to me but if not, having a spreadsheet with a bunch of tabs with different battery power tool types and the info on them
Allan Beck
Allan Beck Time siden
I'd like to see a comparison of mower blade types. In particular, are the "gator" blades all that they are made out to be, and are the dual purpose (mulching/bagging) worth the money as compared to dedicated/single purpose blades.
Jade Sumsion
Jade Sumsion Time siden
I love these videos. I don’t know how you have time to do all of them but it helps me out so much. From air filters to sea foam. I’ve used sea foam for years. Snake oil. Use it for everything.
Shoresy 69
Shoresy 69 Time siden
I legit come here for his voice and him explaining stuff. I literally have no need for his info at this time. Its like watching how its made kinda.
Robert NES816
Robert NES816 Time siden
All my old Panasonic stuff from the 70's,80's and 90's still works lol. It's all made in Japan.
S Naprawa
S Naprawa Time siden
duke the brute
duke the brute Time siden
I'm still watching through ur videos. I work in septic and wonder if the rumors of rid - x or other brands really work for septic systems? Or is adding air or a combination really better.
glenn cook
glenn cook 2 timer siden
Peculiar that in this era ‘made in Japan’ is a good thing.....
Michael Raney
Michael Raney 2 timer siden
Video Idea...which tactical riggers belt is best? Can you actually repel with them? How much weight can they support? Does performance improve w price? Fairwind Tactical, 5.11, etc.
Matthew Gallagher
Matthew Gallagher 2 timer siden
I'm wondering if cordless Brad nailers would make for a good competition, could be worth trying!
Mike Marino
Mike Marino 2 timer siden
Deka batteries always held up the longest to me...
Lloyd Steele
Lloyd Steele 2 timer siden
What about duralube v prolong did you ever do a video. On those together?
Weston Harby
Weston Harby 2 timer siden
I wonder how heating the bolt affects it
Dima 2 timer siden
Good content
Bullit auto repairs Mobile
Bullit auto repairs Mobile 2 timer siden
Made in China,Always s ht
Markius Galfordii
Markius Galfordii 2 timer siden
What about sockets themselves which brand is ratchets and sockets are stronger and which wrenches will hold longer and not break there's a few ideas
Markius Galfordii
Markius Galfordii 2 timer siden
How about vices can you try vices see which ones can handle more load or tighten shock how much pressure it takes until they break which brands are the best is older cast iron ones better than the newer ones?
Minnow 2 timer siden
It's interesting how different the internals are. Seems like an unnecessary waste of R&D, but I guess they're sourcing parts from completely different suppliers, so it makes sense.
Yota_ 2JZ
Yota_ 2JZ 2 timer siden
There’s really only two main battery companies in the US which JCI and Johnson control... every battery is pretty much the same just with different labels and warranties...
Yota_ 2JZ
Yota_ 2JZ 2 timer siden
Oh and also Exide is the other big battery company
Yota_ 2JZ
Yota_ 2JZ 2 timer siden
There’s really only two main battery companies in the US which JCI and Johnson control... every battery is pretty much the same just with different labels and warranties...
cb7pwn 2 timer siden
i would NEVER put a chinese knockoff battery in my expensive power tool ... I know that most power tool companies manufacture in China, but their owners are at least USA or Canadian... DONT SUPPORT CHINA to save a few dollars
Markius Galfordii
Markius Galfordii 2 timer siden
I like the hydraulics nut splitter I haven't used one of them I used all the other ones and have broken quite a few of them but yes sometimes it surprised me that the cheap ones out last more expensive ones isn't that weird and I think it's true the Irwin and the other one were made by the same company you were just paying for the name
don ellwood
don ellwood 2 timer siden
I work for 3M and they own Meguiars, could be the reason they both come out on top. Same product,different packaging
jz 2 timer siden
wew have to start manufacturing in the US agin.For security reasons.
Joseph Schlaffer
Joseph Schlaffer 2 timer siden
Great testing! I loved watching this! Thanks!