"That's Nice!" (SUPERCUT)
Murdermus Prime
Murdermus Prime 7 timer siden
It's alright. Slow burn.
darksdemise 7 timer siden
alien is definitely one of the best movies i've seen
Darth Vader power of the dark side
Darth Vader power of the dark side 7 timer siden
#rpjulius he was my fav character in this movie
stijn de vries
stijn de vries 7 timer siden
I actually like the ending. The fact that the final girl went on that rampage is satisfying
the crow
the crow 7 timer siden
I live in Missouri >->
Chases Clubhouse Inc.
Chases Clubhouse Inc. 7 timer siden
15:43 Lady, *What did he just tell you?*
Hugo Joyner
Hugo Joyner 7 timer siden
Wouldn’t the weekness be high pitched sound, the creature has super hearing
CheckMyCrocs 7 timer siden
I honestly like how the 2011 version were the events leading up to the original!
andrew carson
andrew carson 7 timer siden
Alexander Ramirez
Alexander Ramirez 7 timer siden
I can say this movie was amazing. The others are great but too much gore and cussing and stuff.
Revolution Roblox
Revolution Roblox 7 timer siden
It’s pronounced Appalachian (APPA LAY Chin)
Corey Frasnelly
Corey Frasnelly 7 timer siden
The Appalachian term is fox hole
Carno 140
Carno 140 7 timer siden
Hillbillies: attack humans Humans: so you chose *DEATH* Also hillbillies: OH NO NO NO NO NO WE'RE SORRY
TJM 7 timer siden
Hey James could you possibly add a segment after golden chainsaw and dull machete saying if you would recommend the movie or not
Arman Mahmood
Arman Mahmood 7 timer siden
2:18 that is Anna from Frozen That makes this more f***ed up than usual
Davi Soares de arruda Duarte
Davi Soares de arruda Duarte 7 timer siden
Stupid movie.
Ashleigh Stratmann
Ashleigh Stratmann 7 timer siden
It was said in the news article that Clear was with Alex when he died, so what might of happened was Death tried to get them both at one place like he tried with McKinley and his girlfriend in FD3 (remember they were at their work with Ian's death was intervene and the accident lead to his girlfriend's death) but Alex intervene and saved Clear only to cause the events that lead to his death.
Paige Jeans
Paige Jeans 7 timer siden
Wow what a terrible movie
Jonny A
Jonny A 7 timer siden
This is better than 5 of the Wrong Turn movies. Would be better as a different name though, not really a Wrong Turn movie.
Unlimited Power
Unlimited Power 7 timer siden
It’s really unbelievable that the other Predators wouldn’t have checked Scars corpse for a xenomorph. I mean they’ve been battling these xenomorphs for thousands of years so they would be very conscious of that possibility.
Trippzzz242 7 timer siden
9:45 was that a Dragon ball reference?
fire cruher
fire cruher 7 timer siden
14:53 Equal rights, equal fights I have not problem drop kicking a lady in the face I'll smack you as equals
m f
m f 7 timer siden
QueenofRavens 7 timer siden
you know i was not expecting much from this new halloween movie bc theres been so many sequels but i was pleasantly surprised
Dallas Davalos
Dallas Davalos 7 timer siden
I love when he says “He is a doctor 😃"
Joyce K
Joyce K 7 timer siden
how does the doctor know what plant that is if they are on a different planet?
dani 7 timer siden
I personally watched this last night and i was just super disappointed it was basic and the acting and characters was just 😐
Hayden E J Allen
Hayden E J Allen 7 timer siden
I think I know why Erica's death wasnt great. They didnt want to show all the things the kid could do too early
Sean TDS
Sean TDS 7 timer siden
I understand that the killers have to survive this movie to be in the original, but realistically, and I'm not sure why no characters ever do this, wouldn't the survivors just hold out in the station? They've got weapons, and maybe food and water. If the cannibals came in, they'd stand no chance against what I counted to be four shotguns. And while morally this is wrong, if you have one of the extremely dangerous enemies as a hostage, why not, oh i don't know, kill him? I mean, one less problem, right?
The SillyRatYT On XboX
The SillyRatYT On XboX 7 timer siden
2:55 it starts
wilder cerrate
wilder cerrate 7 timer siden
Why does hoffman look like dennis from its always sunny in philadelphia... "YOU DIDNT THINK OF THE SMELL JIGSAW!!!"
Nicolasa Mendizabal
Nicolasa Mendizabal 7 timer siden
How many movies does this have
Dylan Mccoy
Dylan Mccoy 7 timer siden
Safe to say, this is worse than Happy Tree Friends. At least that show was inspired by this movie.
Sleepy Bunny
Sleepy Bunny 7 timer siden
WAT- that was last summer?!?!???? Bro I feel like that was last month- ngl I’ve honestly lost track of time I’m just existing
DownWith1HUpWith76Os 7 timer siden
I've seen a lot of messed up and gory horror scenes. But, the ending of this movie was the first time a scene made me almost throw up.
jakey Dee FPV
jakey Dee FPV 7 timer siden
Kason Masters
Kason Masters 7 timer siden
'Its a boy in a box!'
Melissa Pemberton
Melissa Pemberton 7 timer siden
Ah Jason saved Wayne from going to court
ERROR 7 timer siden
Far Cry 5 the movie.
Mr potato
Mr potato 7 timer siden
Aidan Rich
Aidan Rich 7 timer siden
Ngl i remember this movie bc at the library i went to had this movie on the dvd shelf and i was trying to figure out what the plot was since i was 8 and couldnt watch it
Civivva 7 timer siden
António Silva Channel
António Silva Channel 7 timer siden
I watched it and it was so fucking great ;)
Luke Whittaker
Luke Whittaker 7 timer siden
still mental to think this was released the year i was born
Thaction 7 timer siden
The cars in the movie remind me of the design from Elon Musk. As far as ai that can control your skeleton, (and movement by extension) we already have things like that, or close to that. Even if this movie’s concept is a little far fetched, I still appreciate the action, effects, and writing. Good film, very underrated.
Eli 7 timer siden
The shining was filmed in a hotel really close to my house and I’ve been inside before it’s not like the movie seen at all but yuh
Eli 7 timer siden
(Some scenes)
Indominous 116
Indominous 116 8 timer siden
Let’s go
Luis Salgado
Luis Salgado 8 timer siden
Sorry I didn't respond
*Playingwithfire* 8 timer siden
wait so hospital keys are feet omg life hacks 🤣🤣🤣 time to enter 😜😜
Eva Bennett
Eva Bennett 8 timer siden
This should just be called "The Foundation", it has nothing to do with the Wrong Turn franchise
624joselop 8 timer siden
i am a big fan
EPICNESS and BEANS 8 timer siden
we live in a this movie
TotalSmashTV 8 timer siden
This video gets recommended. Instantly 'Overused NOpostr trying to be radio announcer voice'. Goodbye, flannel man.
Heux 8 timer siden
gore in this movies is so good, it looks literally real
Kelly Ann
Kelly Ann 8 timer siden
Was one of her family members the girlfriend from Final Destination 4? This movie may not be perfect, but it's biggest sin is reminding me of that catastrophe of a film.
7ai 8 timer siden
I loved the books, I wonder what the movie’s like.
Grayson McLester
Grayson McLester 8 timer siden
That eye thing with the fake ending was pretty cool ngl
C Gomez
C Gomez 8 timer siden
They scorch the cute gay Latino guy's eyes....oh great.....😔🙄 ouch though lol
Unlimited Power
Unlimited Power 8 timer siden
Predator hunt, Predator kill, but most importantly Predator follow Geneva Convention.
Nick Gonzo
Nick Gonzo 8 timer siden
Eh, not a bad movie. Liked it enough. For a Wrong Turn movie it could've been way worse.
Ryan Cals
Ryan Cals 8 timer siden
That sleepy bucket guy is that 1 teammate you have when he's afk
Wolfpack 927
Wolfpack 927 8 timer siden
Ollie is an absolute BADASS
I’m not funny
I’m not funny 8 timer siden
“don’t forget to wear your masks!” that didn’t age well
Because Why Not
Because Why Not 8 timer siden
Until I turned on the subtitles, I was under the impression that the True Knot was called the True *Night* and James was just pronouncing it weird as a bit!
Gavin Weber
Gavin Weber 8 timer siden
Can you do The Wolf of Snow Hollow please?
Keisha Riley
Keisha Riley 8 timer siden
Meme a meme meme us out
Kakorrhaphio Phobia
Kakorrhaphio Phobia 8 timer siden
I never realised this but you have to have someone thats not a virgin to die right? Then why summon a monster in a japan little girl's school..... wait a minute
Shahzain Ali Syed
Shahzain Ali Syed 8 timer siden
Bloodworth is candyman
Gustavo Garcia
Gustavo Garcia 8 timer siden
nobody gonna talk about the promo code for balls being dead meat
Batbot2006 8 timer siden
6:15. Holy sh*t it’s that guy from home alone
Jamie Fierke
Jamie Fierke 8 timer siden
Funny how she’s one of the main characters in the new Tom and Jerry movie
Dark Sage
Dark Sage 8 timer siden
Like and session
Son Goku
Son Goku 8 timer siden
FAZE naruto
FAZE naruto 8 timer siden
I might be the only one but this is my favorite wrong turn movie
DG’s Music Corner
DG’s Music Corner 8 timer siden
I’m currently 14, almost 15. When I was probably around 8, my father showed me this movie on cable. This was before I even really knew about Pet Sematary. So this movie was my introduction to Pet Sematary, which is one of my favourite King stories of all time
RyderCantTpey 8 timer siden
*Wow The foundation were jerks before they captured monsters*
Unlimited Power
Unlimited Power 8 timer siden
They aren’t deliberately presenting other creatures as knock offs. This movie and Covenant are just showing how the xenomorph was engineered like some kind of biological weapon.
Luis Cervantes
Luis Cervantes 8 timer siden
Alek Puliti
Alek Puliti 8 timer siden
Where the hell was the Spinosaurus in this movie? And where in the 3rd movie are there 2 T. rexs. Stuffs not adding up lmao edit( nvm, the baby rex in this movie is most likely the one in the 3rd movie with both his parents dying.)
Kloeckner Studios
Kloeckner Studios 8 timer siden
16:09 So as it turns out, the original last act of the film involved raptors, not a T-Rex rampaging through the city, and once again Mama Rex saves the day. As the script was still being written and rewritten during production, large chunks were filmed a certain way, and then had to be fitted in to the script somehow to make them work. Part of that was Raptors stowing away on the ship as it left the island. As they had already filmed most everything leading up to the rampage, when they changed it to just Rex rampaging, the easiest thing to do was cut the scene of the Raptors getting on board and just ignore the error like nothing happened.