Supreme Court Shenanigans!
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Weekend Wednesday
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CGP Grey was WRONG
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TEKOI -- Grey's Commentary
What was TEKOI?
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Tesla vs Tumbles, Reloaded
Exploring TEKOI
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The Trouble With Tumbleweed
Your Theme
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Ask Grey a Question
What is Federal Land?
How Machines Learn
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24 Hours of Death, Part 1
24 Hours of Death Part 2
Why Die?
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Death & Dynasties
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The Rules for Rulers
Brexit, Briefly
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You Are Two
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I, Phone
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Not the Confederate Flag
Where is Scandinavia?
Humans Need Not Apply
American Empire
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Nigel West
Nigel West 12 timer siden
I'm not buying it. Maybe we all died in 2012 and we're in the afterlife
BoxedInGaming 12 timer siden
"so 8 is far too low an estimate" Me thinking to myself: yay, okay. Me 5 seconds later: wait-
Noah Makujina
Noah Makujina 12 timer siden
C'mon CGP Grey......... you jinxed us!!!!!!!!!!
WaffleMcNuggets 12 timer siden
Anyone else watching at 2 am
Mundo Gameplay
Mundo Gameplay 12 timer siden
Arabia ball
Arabia ball 12 timer siden
10 continents : oceania latin America middle east Eurasia Africa pacific Asia South America north America Antartica Antartic
John Lord
John Lord 12 timer siden
Not perfect as there is no space for camping or overnighters. Why not cut wensday out and see if the productivity improves enough to justify it. Plus businesses could pay less.
Trevor C
Trevor C 13 timer siden
Nothing to do the people? lol that a huge assertion with no evidence.
Dowon Lee
Dowon Lee 13 timer siden
Ericson Galang
Ericson Galang 13 timer siden
Putin: *Too ez*
Manuel Camelo
Manuel Camelo 13 timer siden
I'm always Guilty of not being Guilty.
BP Plays
BP Plays 13 timer siden
Isn’t in law a suffix not prefix?
Patricio Hondagneu Roig
Patricio Hondagneu Roig 13 timer siden
Literally that's not how law works, at least not in most of the world
StillKousy 13 timer siden
the answer is invade Ireland
Steve Leahy
Steve Leahy 13 timer siden
We shouldn’t I HATE THAT IT GETS DARK AT 5:30
Major Malfunction
Major Malfunction 13 timer siden
I used to fly at least 4 times a week for work, and there was one particular type of guy that I really learned to hate... The business guy in a suit that has to stand in the aisle and take his jacket off, and then put it on again. DUDE! Take it off before you get on the plane, and put it on after you get off the plane!!! I actually had a go at a guy because I was standing right behind him. I wasn't nasty. I just said, "There are 150 people waiting for you to put your jacket on." He hurried up.
Nate_the_gamer_24 13 timer siden
So I guess this kindof explains why the main character of 'Designated Survivor' wasn't allowed to go to the thing
Sidney Smith
Sidney Smith 14 timer siden
There's also floatplane
unixnut 14 timer siden
Disliked due to Holocaust joke.
erg0centric 14 timer siden
i am told it's the preferred word (mostly) amongst Canada's first nations, USA's hat
Robert Meshew
Robert Meshew 14 timer siden
Crazy confusion, typical gov policy.
ThatIsSuperFunny 14 timer siden
Reddit in a nutshell
DukeLuke Br
DukeLuke Br 14 timer siden
Fun fact: jury nullification pretty much gives you a bad ending in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.
ashley sanders
ashley sanders 15 timer siden
bfdi whitenoise crash blueface foofighters burningman archer
Mathew Cormier
Mathew Cormier 15 timer siden
I would like to see how much respect I have for your determination for researching something like this God bless you and may you live long and prosper
zero x
zero x 15 timer siden
what is netmetube+?
Campbell Lloyd
Campbell Lloyd 15 timer siden
"The other 11 angry men" good reference
Unwilling Jam2
Unwilling Jam2 15 timer siden
This is one of the most fantastic videos ive ever watched
CJ B 15 timer siden
Just got this in my recommendation 7 years later. Guess I'm about to become a Monarch then
Joshua Schwartz
Joshua Schwartz 15 timer siden
I've never cared about being boarded first even when I can. I care about getting off the plane first.
Campbell Lloyd
Campbell Lloyd 15 timer siden
Kingman *Reef's* PRIMARY feature is not that it is an island; The important part is that it is a *REEF* I am not correcting CGP Grey, I am clarifying what he said.
marsjacobvolta 15 timer siden
Great! Now read the second. That's the one that indicates that the government is no longer legitimate because of its infringements on our rights.
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 16 timer siden
So I have to wake up an hour early and deal with my messed up clocks cause some random guy wants to catch bugs? Makes total sense.
Vaur 16 timer siden
Luke Cash
Luke Cash 16 timer siden
Or Buddhists are right and there is no self in the first place.
Hammy Burgers
Hammy Burgers 16 timer siden
I wonder what kind of shenannigans people will get up to when we have brain implants, jailbreaking your own brain and hacking someone else's visual cortex etc.
Yong Chen
Yong Chen 16 timer siden
*vsauce has joined the chat*
Peter Windhorst
Peter Windhorst 16 timer siden
There is a theory - later debunked - that syphilis was imported from the Americas to Europe.
Dice Krispy
Dice Krispy 16 timer siden
Other people and lands: Hi, I'm Bob USA: I don't like that. I'll call you Steve
Kelly J
Kelly J 16 timer siden
I think we should go back to the way it was originally framed in the US Constitution. The person with the most Electors becomes the President. The person with the second most becomes the Vice President.
Michael Du
Michael Du 17 timer siden
1:40 Looks more like a warzone to me
Shawn P
Shawn P 17 timer siden
So why doesn't just one other Senator from the President's party attend and demand a Roll Call Vote?!
Manuel Camelo
Manuel Camelo 17 timer siden
It's very easy.. just eliminate any rival and you'll be able to improve society.
Bobby Shi
Bobby Shi 17 timer siden
i want to say one thing i didn't even get a word you said in the first part of the video
David Maynard
David Maynard 17 timer siden
So then only New York California and Illinois will control the elections
HyperPixel 17 timer siden
I was watching this and all I could think was ”This is Kamala’s plan”
David Rogers
David Rogers 17 timer siden
The "Pennsylvania Dutch" aren't German, they're Swiss and Alsatian.
Caroline King
Caroline King 17 timer siden
2:40 i love how he said “died at the time” as though maybe a few days later he’d be alive again🤣
Benjamin McLean
Benjamin McLean 17 timer siden
Here's a question: Why not add more entrances onto the planes?
Mr. GeforcerFX
Mr. GeforcerFX 18 timer siden
Those fighters @ 16:35 were Hornets from NAS Fallon which is where Topgun is.
Ben Geyser
Ben Geyser 18 timer siden
Talon Greenlee
Talon Greenlee 18 timer siden
As a non-coffee-drinker, is this what most people are like, or is Grey just insane?
Mike W
Mike W 18 timer siden
TommyWashow 18 timer siden
this video gave me factorio 'nam flashbacks
Taylor Johnson
Taylor Johnson 18 timer siden
Well done video informative and common sense
Anas Klender
Anas Klender 18 timer siden
Hhmmm.. How much tax in vatican....?
Evert AJ
Evert AJ 18 timer siden
All fun and games till you a get a flavour of Atrial Fibrillation
Kaiser Haux -
Kaiser Haux - 18 timer siden
Say I’m in the position to take power but it’s only for temporary occupation to form idk.. a governmental purge on the corrupt whom you know are corrupt and unjust to replace them with complying qualified supporters you know you can trust to take their place in order to make this country stable and fair for at lest the next few decades And it works, would I be in the right for temporal dictatorship and suppression of the press and the common mans ability to vote until my purge is complete (the people who are “purged will either be imprisoned due to actual true crimes or offences they have committed or simply removed and banned from office, I refuse to take the life of someone else unless they have committed a crime worthy of the death penalty) Or am I in the wrong for it even if what I do will bring food and shelter for some who have not and boost the economy through the full plans I have Personally if I did do this when the plan is complete I would put up this for the people to vote: Do you wish for me to stay in power (except with a more democratic policy):of which the most likely answer will be no Do you wish for me to be punished for what I’ve done: on this I’m not sure which is why I’ve put up my comment I love my country,I love all who live in it, but it like almost every country is corrupt and doing nothing about it so that their pockets are still filled and that nothing goes the slightest bit inconvenient to their daily lives. Thank you for reading, and please give me an honest answer on this small “theory” I have.
Jonathan A
Jonathan A 18 timer siden
There's a 20 minute greey video I didn't know about? AWESOME!
YourOwnTv 18 timer siden
49:20 Bailey likes it rough.
Alex Nieman
Alex Nieman 19 timer siden
Why can't you go for a walk?
INTO the LEAN 19 timer siden
when the brain is firing off neurons and making the thinky think its also generating waste which builds up all day until bed time. Our thoughts get sluggish and we get sleepy. the body goes into sleep mode and cerebral fluid floods the brain washing all the gunk away and giving us really trippy dreams as it does it. at least thats what I saw on another you tube somewhere which makes sense so I have decided to believe that. which means the bed isn't a suicide machine its a brainwashing machine.
himani arora
himani arora 19 timer siden
Doesn't coffee cause high blood pressure?
dgyegy 19 timer siden
What a sensetive man
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 19 timer siden
Everyone: Lincoln, Kennedy....? Grey: Garfield, McKinley Man's always on point.
Naz 19 timer siden
There are only 3400 cathedrals and 5600 bishops, how does that work?
The Holy Nut
The Holy Nut 19 timer siden
finnaly, old zland
Comrade Ryan
Comrade Ryan 19 timer siden
In this logic the most deadly job is being the pope, literally like all of them died on the job
GRAN EME 19 timer siden
this explains why removing trafic lights on cities skylines works just perfect
Trashy Animation
Trashy Animation 19 timer siden
1:36 $20 = £11 confirmed
Arn Saknusun
Arn Saknusun 19 timer siden
This is a wholesale sham video attempting to mislead people as to the reason why we VERY MUCH need, and WILL ALWAYS need the electoral college IF----democracy is to prevail over today's socialist / progressive degeneracy.
Cellar Sunshine
Cellar Sunshine 20 timer siden
CGP Grey is a liberal, got it.
Santiago Acuña
Santiago Acuña 20 timer siden
Do anyone remember the old thumbnail of this video?
Coziho !
Coziho ! 20 timer siden
high asf watching this
20 timer siden
Yes another switch today. Standard time where I live in the world (England) today
Drew Lovelyhell
Drew Lovelyhell 20 timer siden
I don't know if they are spiders or not, I just know I've unintentionally eaten several in my lifetime.
David Muñiz
David Muñiz 20 timer siden
Ah, so it’s okay that I’ve been talking to myself. Knew it! No need to worry anymore bro.
SsjDeBusk 20 timer siden
Not trying to be rude but... "He speaks with god" But it's a popularity contest?
Miguel Aparicio
Miguel Aparicio 20 timer siden
Mike Basson
Mike Basson 20 timer siden
I wish I saw this sooner this is a great video