LFC 1892
LFC 1892 23 timer siden
I can really feel a Liverpool V Bayern Munich UCL Final
boy 123
boy 123 Dag siden
Bayern is going to win
Ensar Kovačević
Ensar Kovačević Dag siden
Thomas was right!
farmer Matty
farmer Matty Dag siden
It would replace the CL and carabao cup
Giffary Gif
Giffary Gif Dag siden
I think bruno gonna be a manchester utd legend cyz hes already got 87 ovr at fifa 21.
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Dag siden
There is no club who will even pay 5mil for Pique and they are putting a 500mil buyout clause 😂😂😂
Excellent Ethan
Excellent Ethan Dag siden
I got this on my recommendations two months later
Navin Manogaran
Navin Manogaran Dag siden
Bruno's news to Real & Barca is Bonkers, dont know why you still cover stories as such. Its time to validate your source before presenting. Media will always come up with "exciting story", doesn't means its real. The story of Bruno being unhappy is just a clickbait by Media!!!
Joshua Spronk
Joshua Spronk Dag siden
Hopefully Ajax will be in it
christen nizel
christen nizel Dag siden
She doesn't want mbappe in Liverpool bcoz she is man united fan, Ofcourse
Kayton Holland
Kayton Holland Dag siden
Newcastle cos my cuz suppurts it
Enola Dias
Enola Dias Dag siden
When is matt returning
Average person
Average person Dag siden
Angelina: real is going to win the ucl Shaktar: i am going to end this mans whole career
De AIZ Dag siden
The last part made me cry 😭😭😭😭
Phillip Ortiz
Phillip Ortiz Dag siden
For example Bayern Munich and Real Madrid make so many promotions and TV deals worldwide. While smaller teams are no where to be found, which is why every year the same teams win their leagues every year. Which is boring. Sadly its about buisness and money and also for more competetion. I dont think it will "ruin" football. People have to get used to it. Watching the same team dominating leagues get boeing after a while.
Phillip Ortiz
Phillip Ortiz Dag siden
I am in favor of the European Premier league. Why? I am tired of BIG teams dominating Domestic legues, we need more competetion and also Small teams are far away from big teams in terms of fincial status. U need good financial stability to win trophies.
Mohamed muaaz
Mohamed muaaz Dag siden
real got smacked
Ahmed Adaji
Ahmed Adaji Dag siden
I think Man City have a great chance of winning the Champions league
Koychi Yamaguchi
Koychi Yamaguchi Dag siden
Wouldve been nice if you made lloris look made after the spurs bit
Josep Maria Bartomeu
Josep Maria Bartomeu Dag siden
I love Roy keane's accent😂
Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese Dag siden
We all luv Jordan Pickford
Anuj Gudadhe
Anuj Gudadhe Dag siden
The host is crazy ,she thinks real Madrid CF is going to win Champion's league .lol😂😂
Anuj Gudadhe
Anuj Gudadhe Dag siden
Dilas Dilopoulos
Dilas Dilopoulos Dag siden
Emagine Liverpool searching replacements for Van Dijk and then this pops up.
Be Rice Dashark2
Be Rice Dashark2 Dag siden
So no one said Ansu Fati as player to watch 🧐
mmm m
mmm m Dag siden
lmao sergio ramos what could possibly go wrong🤣🤣
Jack Potter
Jack Potter Dag siden
he's not from paris and psg is not his boy hoed club, were do you get your info young lady?
S Halder
S Halder Dag siden
The real madrid prediction aged really poorly.. they got three smacks right across their face from Shakhtar
Perrin Vandergugten
Perrin Vandergugten Dag siden
Axel Tuanzebe has Neymar and Mbappe in his pocket
Gaming with Burkthelegend
Gaming with Burkthelegend Dag siden
As a Liverpool fan, i think he played a great game I think he may be a Ferdinand not trying to put any pressure on him
Gustavo Sanches
Gustavo Sanches Dag siden
hi I’m all for Flamengo in Europe and Manchester United
Dennei Yu
Dennei Yu Dag siden
For that guys who thinks Real Madrid would win. They just lost against a pretty bad team who lost 10 of their best players to covid lol.
Zoom Noli
Zoom Noli Dag siden
How do you think Real Madrid can win the champions league this real team is the worst I’ve ever seen
EoCo Summer
EoCo Summer Dag siden
3:01 leave me alone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz