Oksana Suprunenko
Oksana Suprunenko 11 timer siden
I think everyone who travel abroad can do the test, what the problem?
bobcable3 11 timer siden
lam gi cho het ngay nhi
SquarePeg-RoundHole SquarePeg-RoundHole
SquarePeg-RoundHole SquarePeg-RoundHole 11 timer siden
UK’s First COVID Face Mask Discrimination Claimant Wins £7,000 - principia-scientific.com/uks-first-covid-face-mask-discrimination-claimant-wins-7000/
Krishna Sharma
Krishna Sharma 11 timer siden
ISIS guys should be raped in public..and whoever supports ISIS must be executed the same way...ISIS pigs
fact checker official
fact checker official 11 timer siden
ten nurses a patient. for a patient who has the flu. i think i could look after 10 people who have the flu, as long as the doctors did their part for the actual underlying health issues.
bri p
bri p 11 timer siden
BBC Pedalling Fear again 🤔
Iris D'ottavio
Iris D'ottavio 11 timer siden
Ci scusiamo per il disagio
hhh hhh
hhh hhh 11 timer siden
왜그래 엄마 왜
Paul Gibbons
Paul Gibbons 11 timer siden
BBC will now bombard us with brexit failure stories for a month. So they can say I told you so. Yawn !! - not surprised at all. Remoaner traitors. So predictable. They gave themselves 8+ years to plan a transition. Any hiccups an its 100% down to Torys I'm affaid. Come back in 10 years !!
Maria Lana
Maria Lana 11 timer siden
So where are we now? - fisherman have a problem to export - meetproduction has a problem to export - fruits and vagetables are not anymore as fresh as normal - paperwork and delay is increasing the prices - some companies have already decided that they will not send to UK anymore - 1.3Mill people have left UK. 700.000 only London in 2020. - children in UK need support from international organisation. It is the 16.01.2021. Service deal not agreed, holiday season not started ..... Happy new year.
Og Dlad
Og Dlad 11 timer siden
Getting closer to the inauguration of the worst criminal in US history. A traitor who is owned by the Chinese Communist Party.
jumadi wetan
jumadi wetan 11 timer siden
Clearly that China made this Covid-19.. so china government have to responsible for this ... dr Lie meng yan ... one of the evidence
Ste Ritson
Ste Ritson 11 timer siden
Can't you all see what is going on. More division than ever . Police state. No freedoms or rights. Fast tracked vaccines. No hope in sight . Wake up
Stefan Hatcher
Stefan Hatcher 11 timer siden
Hopefully we can get our farming booming again like it was before joining the EU! Joining the EU was one of the worst decisions this country has made. We save 40Billion a year now so I'm sure things will be just fine. The EU have lost it's second highest benefactor which is why they are trying to cause problems lmao the EU are sore losers.
jtvallo 11 timer siden
I'm an Italian citizen living in London since 10years. I don't understand his English and his Italian. Which he is speaking simultaneously here.
Irqittuq 11 timer siden
Very little criticism of the BBC here today. I wonder why. Could it be because they have tampered with the NOpost autodelete settings, and paid for trolls to report dissenting comments?
Jim Allison
Jim Allison 11 timer siden
Who is this idiot....
bobuuu sudarsan
bobuuu sudarsan 11 timer siden
Western propaganda..... China best of luck! So much propaganda about China! Fighting!
fact checker official
fact checker official 11 timer siden
You can gauge the public feeling by the lack of thursday night clapping. no one is clapping these over dramatic and fear mongering scum anymore. www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid#status-of-covid-19
Bum Bum
Bum Bum 11 timer siden
Great. 2021 has titans now
steve 11 timer siden
BBC hired alot of actors for this.🦄
Liam -N
Liam -N 11 timer siden
Time to make uk suffer for leaving lool
Christof742 11 timer siden
Sydneysider here; good for you brah
Orlando Bangayan
Orlando Bangayan 11 timer siden
Hahahh..!!! Funny..!!! Boy.!!! You need to school not to fight to help american.!! You have a long future to help your country.!!!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
David 11 timer siden
You will not see any brexit leavers on tv now to answer to there predictions. Damage is done.
abdimajid ali
abdimajid ali 11 timer siden
Why can’t BBC film me living in early of this millennium. Still using fire to roast meat, read at night and keep myself warm.
Irqittuq 11 timer siden
If you try to make any criticism of this video, BBC and NOpost have set the autodelete settings so high that your comment will delete after 20 seconds. This is how they deceive the British public and push their lies, propaganda and malign agenda..
Liam -N
Liam -N 11 timer siden
A year too late hahaha
Jordan Gill
Jordan Gill 11 timer siden
Yeah I think I’d rather just have the weather
Yada Misie
Yada Misie 11 timer siden
It’s veganuary
Linda Siouri
Linda Siouri 11 timer siden
This video gave me goosebumps. We can only imagine how hard it must be to live there, knowing that the country has so much potential. However, due to the circumstances tourists would never visit.
VIRTUAL op 11 timer siden
Moja agaya.....ho gaya azadi motherchodo
Ricardo Wanderer
Ricardo Wanderer 11 timer siden
Lucky we had a russian caveman to steal the mic and make them sing
Žaneta Furdova
Žaneta Furdova 11 timer siden
Krasni den prajem
Young Moe
Young Moe 11 timer siden
Walah them western women moving mad different 🤦🏾‍♂️ . They could build bigger mosque 🕌 and both male and female could have more space .
Pat Mar
Pat Mar 11 timer siden
thats awesome
Kuosalhou Lohe
Kuosalhou Lohe 11 timer siden
Developed country vrs underdevelop. No building collapse even at 7+! In developing countries even 5+ can cause lots of damages😬
Mr Patrick
Mr Patrick 11 timer siden
The wisest thing that should be on every individuals list is to invest in different streams of income that don’t depend on the government to bring especially now the pandemic is hitting the economic pretty hard.
Mr Patrick
Mr Patrick 11 timer siden
@Black Lives Matter I was just about typing this
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter 11 timer siden
Or you can simply just buy and hold, of you have experience in trading crypto you can do that to increase your crypto assets and portfolio.
Mr Patrick
Mr Patrick 11 timer siden
@Rodrigo Valaquez Best piece of advice consume a lot of educational materials on crypto get hep from a pro.
Rodrigo Valaquez
Rodrigo Valaquez 11 timer siden
@Mr Patrick What do I do now
Iamacooldude 11 timer siden
Crypto is where money resides😋😋
Monish S
Monish S 11 timer siden
IMF: Farm laws are beneficial for economy of India Anti Nationals, Chamchas, Liberands, Communists: IMF is bhakt of modi, IMF is sold to ambani, Adani, ban IMF
CHU CHIN SHEI 11 timer siden
● The Vaccine MUST Share? ● Quote , "When it comes to a vaccine, Australia View is very clear whoever finds the vaccine 《MUST Share It》, this is a Global Responsibility and it's a Moral Responsibility for a vaccine to be shared for and wide." ¹ But after 109 days later, we find out those Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford's Vaccine did Share with those vulnerable Countries like India, Mexico, Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand etc. did the Five Eyes or G7, G20 countries 《Share》 the vaccine with them? Where is the "Global Responsibility"? Where is the "Moral Responsibility"? When talks about "Market Commitment" did developed countries take their role of world's leaders? Many Press has reported Poor countries left behind in COVID-19 vaccine distribution. ¹ Scott Morrison, PM Australia address 75th session of General Assembly of the United Nation, Sep. 29, 2020.
ThewayICit 11 timer siden
Normally a BBC video of this kind would generate hundreds or thousands of comments from trolls talking about hoax plandemic, Bill Gates vaccines, BBC funding from the CCP, as well as the usual bizarre rants about Jimmy Savile and Epstein. Now the trolls, or Covidiots, seem to be less restive. A pity it has taken so much suffering and deaths for it to dawn on some people that the situation is dire and unless people start to act responsibly, things will continue to worsen.
Billy _Almighty
Billy _Almighty 11 timer siden
only Covid Free country.😂😂😂
doug sealy
doug sealy 11 timer siden
Just make a big ass sky mask, that will keep out all the evil sun particles and save the world. BBC sux balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4Q in the mouth
Herr Glotzenschnitzengruber
Herr Glotzenschnitzengruber 11 timer siden
Why can't you people just believe in Britain more? All this project fear will make true patriots vote to remain in Europe, while all the time we know we'll be better off out.
ALPHA MALE 11 timer siden
Thanks to Kuwaiti government
Padma Tharala
Padma Tharala 11 timer siden
hard to digest
||||upjidasoid 11 timer siden
Lies, lies and more BS propaganda from the BBC/Government backed machine. Freedom passports already secretly agreed. Any News on these BBC?
lukman karlia
lukman karlia 11 timer siden
Imagine recording everyone that's died WITH or died for any reason within 60 days of a positive test from the common cold/flu! Then putting those figures on the news everyday. You would then have a flu pandemic every year.
Paul Gibbons
Paul Gibbons 11 timer siden
Tory problem. They had 8 years to plan and avoid this.
Jane 100
Jane 100 11 timer siden
Perhaps reopening local cottage hospitals would help the non covid19 patients.
Keshav Johri
Keshav Johri 11 timer siden
Well he's got a good argument there, but what about people in the USA, Europe and other developed countries, they should be the one leading the switch to renewable energy which would increase demand, which could make it easier for people in Africa who are not so economically strong
ALPHA MALE 11 timer siden
Even in India it's so much specially in cities like mumbai for sex slavery for rich
Not Fooled
Not Fooled 11 timer siden
At least these looked like real patients. The other night the BBC interviewed a covid "patient" called Sarah. Attractive young lady, wearing a mask, laying in bed in ICU. Although, fortunately, she was still well enough to have put her make up on, that morning
P W Bowyer
P W Bowyer 11 timer siden
After Eddie's rambling the votes for Brexit went up massively. Because he wears fancy nails and colours his hair he reckons he is "forever down with the people".... he was sadly mistaken.
P W Bowyer
P W Bowyer 11 timer siden
The madonna hand movements are also cringe worthy... I've got family stock who are immigrants... but I'm not for uncapped/uncontrolled immigration, have some sense.
marcus dimmick
marcus dimmick 11 timer siden
Poor NHS. Non essential work should be closed.
Piotr szymanski
Piotr szymanski 11 timer siden
9 years and we can vote to join EU again
Maria Lana
Maria Lana 11 timer siden
If you than still reach the critirias.
Fufu 11 timer siden
F off lying BBC
Oliver O
Oliver O 11 timer siden
I came pertty close to becoming an Illiterate
ProjectsBlack 11 timer siden
This guy is a criminal and these clowns are trying to use him to throw up dirt on Trump. People who oppose criminality in government are now seen as a threat. How many wars has Trump got the USA into?
Fufu 11 timer siden
F Off lying Johnson.
FIreWith5Sticks 11 timer siden
It’s this governments fault, they were warned what was coming in January of last year.
marcus dimmick
marcus dimmick 11 timer siden
Borris you need to get a grip All stay home and as for flights in and out shouldn’t happen at all. This government is feeble. Will be known for total cock up with stupid half measures pathetic
Mayank 11 timer siden
I stammer, it feel really good and motivated to see this . Thankyou
Dontfeartheunknown 11 timer siden
If anyone can't see the lies at this point then they're dumb and need an injection
Ffxc Dfdf
Ffxc Dfdf 11 timer siden
Police should feed people
Emilio Bello
Emilio Bello 11 timer siden
Jasper A. Kwayu
Jasper A. Kwayu 11 timer siden
"Get off the grass please"
Stephen Turner
Stephen Turner 11 timer siden
Make sure the dover dingy corridor is closed too
Dan 11 timer siden
The mainstream media brainwashing 90% of the country
taith2 11 timer siden
From project fear to project here
Raymond Finch
Raymond Finch 11 timer siden
If it's so bad why have they shut the new hospitals built with tax payers money then closed? Why? Covid is a scam! Arrests coming! G.E.S.E.R.A COMING THE NEW FINANCIAL RESET! GOOGLE IT YOU WILL HAVE A NICE SURPRISE! protect yourself turn off the media B.S.
Paul Gibbons
Paul Gibbons 11 timer siden
We should have left nearly 8 years ago. Which means government have given themselves nearly 8+ years to sort this out in time for transition. Which means this is 100% down to Torys. Its got nothing to do with Brexiteers. It's a Tory problem. Not a problem with the vote. Farage would have overcome this hiccup. Transition takes time and will not be seamless.
Levi Bull
Levi Bull 11 timer siden
The EU are gonna be the death of themselves That's what I think If we havent changed are rules on food export Why are the EU making truckers wait .... I always thought of brexit being a unfair divorce Its unfair for England what the EU wants ... But its best to get out of a abusive relationship Also if less meat is transported to the EU doesn't that mean more buissness opertunities open when it comes to trading ..... The EU has made a deal with china so I wonder how that's gonna go down
Nauman Qureshi
Nauman Qureshi 11 timer siden
I am working as an SIA Security officer. Till now there is no difference of visiting and the behavior of the people while visit for shipping. A lot of totally refuse to cover their faces. A big part of young generation have a fashion dialogue "I'm exempt" & we know that they are lying! (I'm exempt as well but I try my best to cover my face at work & transport, to protect me & my family and others). Exemption doesn't mean that you can't get infection, or Carry or you can't transport covid-19! A few type of people till now don't accept the covid-19 and refused to cover their faces while shopping & the management of the stores permit them because they don't want to loose the customer! A few customers visit 4 to 5 times a day in all food stores for get sales deals on the other hand government suggest to shop once a week. If request them to short their visiting they complaint to the management. We know that's their right but their must be some understanding of pandemic time of the world.
Chris RD
Chris RD 11 timer siden
Her life is very engouraging..when I grow old I want to be like her
Cranka Pablo
Cranka Pablo 11 timer siden
Oh shit we're fucked
Frank O
Frank O 11 timer siden
Tiger Woods should return the Medal of Freedom. Anything that is awarded by Trump turns to sh**.
chris jones
chris jones 11 timer siden
They learnt some respect, fair play.
Bratt Pitt
Bratt Pitt 11 timer siden
1:83 I receive 182 every day with *f u n d a i l y p a y*
더러운튜브 11 timer siden
i am a korean . korea controlls covid 19 well. without lock down and crossing border. we control covid 19 with wearing masks. all people must wear masks. and keep a social distance..never gather 5 people in one area. and using cell phone and then quarantine fastly. in korea only 900 people over 70 years olds died for 1 year..