pepsi 10
pepsi 10 Time siden
Ivorian john cena🤣
Prime M
Prime M 2 timer siden
You serve my boy Pepe 😂😂
Mojo K
Mojo K 4 timer siden
Ex out here doing crotch chops. Man moving like DX
SilverLN 4 timer siden
Nah bro your to funny man😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
jm 91
jm 91 4 timer siden
The irony is that Pepe is massively improving by the day. He's finally going to be massive I know you must be laughing coz we paid £72M. I really thought we wasted money but he's finally showing his worth. That miss clouds judgement.
Sam Singh
Sam Singh 5 timer siden
Can someone build Expressions a statue?
MORRMILLI 5 timer siden
You right you right we had 90m to put them away and didn’t. Can’t rely on refs making the right calls bc they won’t
Jason Soo
Jason Soo 5 timer siden
Ex my bro, are u still doing the preview show with saaed and Hames?
Mike B
Mike B 5 timer siden
Going after the refs at WWE had me dead fam 🤣
Dominique Bannister
Dominique Bannister 5 timer siden
Ömer Can
Ömer Can Time siden
He sooo cringe at moments
Enis Avdovic
Enis Avdovic 6 timer siden
Ex don’t ever try disrespect Salomon Kalou name like that.. serious baller.. Pepe is a serious Fraud ya know
Celice afc
Celice afc 6 timer siden
Bergwijn is you RW...
billy reeve
billy reeve 6 timer siden
Spurs shit arsenal shit west ham top dogs you fools have been chasing us all season long you might finish higher than us and if you do well done but you boys thought you were gonna win the league at some point hahahaha and said we would go down hahaha big difference , now you yids are chasing a team you thought would go down that's an achievement Tottenham
Brandon Reynolds
Brandon Reynolds 6 timer siden
SPURS VS FULHAM - THE REALITY If anyone thinks in half time mourinho said let's defend 1 nil lead and sit back must be mad. 2nd half started with Bale, deli, kale and son. It's because they played on Sunday, played more games then any other Premier league team, poor full backs etc ands away so backed off as a result of these factors. Not mourinho saying back off. He didn't say back off at 1 nil up to Burnley did he? That game had regulon and aurier and a week break for the main stars. People don't know how to zoom out and look at this picture, of all these factors. Instead ppl Just look at game in isolation and say why we sitting back when it's not mourinho directing it. Did he bring on another centre back to shore up? No. He switched Bale and deli with lucas and lamela, how defensive! Fulham beat Everton 2 nil, 2 weeks ago, they never recently have been dominated easily. Very basic view of football most spurs fans have. They think you can press like maniacs all season and play Brazilian 1970 football every game. Poch players were knackered as that approach has a short shelf life as we have seen now with klopp who had exact same problem at dortmund after doing well for a couple seasons then they dropped like a stone and burnt out as a team. Now spurs are 1 point of Liverpool with game in hand behind Mr klopp whose trademark is press press attack attack.... Exactly. . Also there is a game in 3 days to Palace so Jose had to factor that in. Level up the thinking and less basic "we wanna attack and have a go all the time it's the ottenham way" which has lead to being a banter club with no trophies.
justin S
justin S 6 timer siden
Why all the confidence now? Bale? Or Dele? Or is it just 2 consecutive wins? Great, Put up 4 in Europa on some wolf team and then tapped Burnley the same. And of course that stunning performance at Fulham. Ha! Let’s not forget West Ham. Just a couple weeks ago. I don’t expect CP is a win or even points. Men are fast and strong, well managed, and fight! I say a draw. But then they’ll show up in the Darby. Same old Spurs
ilzrulz 7 timer siden
had to watch in 240p cos the corners of his mouth was annoying me
Thewhale 7 timer siden
Imagine being lectured by a fan of a club that has won 1 league cup in 20 years.
Mojo K
Mojo K 4 timer siden
Imagine not having a sense of humour or take banter
Lewis O'Neill
Lewis O'Neill 8 timer siden
Remember when Expressions was an actual Spurs Fan? Me neither fam
Chris Grathwohl
Chris Grathwohl 8 timer siden
Ex you hitting the blunt to much before this video, your 7 points off 4th.
EiJi Lee
EiJi Lee 9 timer siden
I think Lucas should play instead of Dele, he tends to dribble through the middle sometimes
It wasn't me 22
It wasn't me 22 9 timer siden
Respect kalu fam
Lyndon 9 timer siden
Top 4 in your dreams mate
Tropical_ Kill
Tropical_ Kill 9 timer siden
Mixed feelings as an arsenal fan
Ned Barz
Ned Barz 10 timer siden
What a promo for betting, ENERGY ENERGY😂👏🏾
Sam Ward
Sam Ward 10 timer siden
Crystal meth FC this guy got jokes
Edwardo 11 timer siden
Pablo aimar that takes me back remember vicente that valencia team was no joke they could have played with a valencia orange fam 😀
Ossai Chuks
Ossai Chuks 11 timer siden
Sean dych steve Austin 😂😂
S Busungu
S Busungu 12 timer siden
Am a gooner for life but definitely follow ur channel and I can't stop laughing 😆 🤣, you keep it real and say things without being biased, respect brav and keep up the good work 👏
Kam Bahra
Kam Bahra 12 timer siden
RUPEES una 🤧😧
Christopher Cannone
Christopher Cannone 12 timer siden
Brah dont jinx y'all😭😭
Aleksandar Nesic
Aleksandar Nesic 12 timer siden
Sean Dyche rules Baby 💪
Aurel Bk
Aurel Bk 12 timer siden
Sauvegardez mon commentaire. Mon top 4 à la fin de la saison : Man city Everton Tottenham Liverpool Leicester in 5 Chelsea 6
anoop mohan
anoop mohan 12 timer siden
Idris Alba reference for Davinson Sanchez is hilarious 😂
riccccccardo 12 timer siden
Since when he commenting on Arsenal games? 🤔
99 Whizzman
99 Whizzman 13 timer siden
Sean Dyche naked in the thumbnail?! 😂😂
Brian Macauley
Brian Macauley 13 timer siden
Zaha will terrorize your non existence defense! Just wait!!! Oooozzziiiiinnnnnggggg lloooooossssssiiiiinnngggggg
CallingItAsItIs 2.0
CallingItAsItIs 2.0 12 timer siden
He's never been a threat
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan 13 timer siden
Katy Webb
Katy Webb 13 timer siden
They draw with burnley crying for a penalty AGAINST BURNLEY... THATS WHAT THEY WANT? A REFS GIFT TO BEAT BURNLEY... 🤣😂🤣😂?? woolwich sh!te! 😂🤣😂🤣
Jo 14 timer siden
Pepe is a baller ex I think he terrorises spurs next week he’s looking really good
Young Sharu
Young Sharu 14 timer siden
Love this guy though am an arsenal fan... His humor is what we need as arsenal fans coz it relaxes and relieves our minds from the torture we receive from our team
D J 14 timer siden
Sanchez is dumbest player in the league. I rather play one of those training dummies.
Chris C
Chris C 14 timer siden
Pepe biggest waste of money in the league's history. Might as well be a giant subbuteo figure
NJsfinest732LKW 8 timer siden
Kepa wasnt 👀
TexRate Slayer
TexRate Slayer 14 timer siden
Why isn't anybody talking about Sean Dyche on the thumbnail. Oh hell yeah! 😂😂 Man looks like he's celebrating after hearing pubs are now open. Sean Dyche 3:16
K 2
K 2 14 timer siden
72 million Jamaican dollars 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ray bp
ray bp 14 timer siden
72m JMD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shashank Pandey
Shashank Pandey 15 timer siden
freeman like morgan lmfaooooo
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo 15 timer siden
Invent a new toilet for pepe!!! Lol man that killed me, the dart rebound back hilarious
Michael supreme
Michael supreme 15 timer siden
I’m a arsenal fan but I love u ex
KANEKI KENN 15 timer siden
At least ex can say the facts. Pure robbery
Efaz Hussain
Efaz Hussain 15 timer siden
Tbf burnley always lose against arsenal
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo 14 timer siden
Tbf gooners scraped a point
i’m tired lol
i’m tired lol 15 timer siden
burnley beat them earlier this season
Aaron Webster
Aaron Webster 15 timer siden
Happy belated birthday boss man
Aiden O'Lone
Aiden O'Lone 15 timer siden
He has short memory, not long ago I was afraid for his life during that Everton game dont worry about Arsenal worry about Spuds gonna get battered in the cardboard cup by Citeh lol
i’m tired lol
i’m tired lol 11 timer siden
@Aiden O'Lone your whole comment is literally you being salty about him bantering arsenal, it’s all banter and jokes. and they’re in one more cup than arsenal so yea
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo 12 timer siden
@Aiden O'Lone cry more big baby, you just lost to VAR and it's my understanding Pepe missed a sitter
Aiden O'Lone
Aiden O'Lone 12 timer siden
@i’m tired lol Seems all Spurs can achieve is maybe winning the league cup and the fans think they are a big team
Aiden O'Lone
Aiden O'Lone 12 timer siden
@#N17WHL angelo Yeah like I said enjoy the cup of finishing above Arsenal, 8th and Cardboard Cup final
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo 14 timer siden
Mate the league table doesn't lie, :)
Student of D game
Student of D game 15 timer siden
Respect Solomon kalou blud the guy is a champions league winner 👌🏿
It wasn't me 22
It wasn't me 22 9 timer siden
Don't know wtf he's talking about
Kenneth Joseph
Kenneth Joseph 15 timer siden
McNamara's Band
McNamara's Band 15 timer siden
You've got Reggie playing right back and left back. You're a tough task master.
Ömer Can
Ömer Can 15 timer siden
Chrystal meath fc
Chris Flood
Chris Flood 15 timer siden
Fam your pure talent you gotta be on a stage or in a movie when this COVID ends
Abdulaziz Megag
Abdulaziz Megag 15 timer siden
A trophy EX your funny do you even know what a trophy is
Maiden 15 timer siden
I'm pissed I can't play oozing picks because I already created an account on the kick off. 😡
alex 1976
alex 1976 15 timer siden
Harry Klose needs to stop missing chances
YaMama 15 timer siden
sick that pepe missed that chance cause outside of that he was our best player when he came on
YaMama 14 timer siden
@#N17WHL angelo I’m here cause while he’s a spuds fan I actually enjoy ex
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo 14 timer siden
Oozy is smashing you guys bit brave turning up here
Tanzil Ali Islam
Tanzil Ali Islam 16 timer siden
Lolll tell me wat trophy ull win this year com on our banter years we won more trophies than u
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo 14 timer siden
Go backwards to Burnley q:)
An angry Kiwi
An angry Kiwi 15 timer siden
Yet north London is still white. When was ur last champions League final?
Razze_ 90
Razze_ 90 16 timer siden
We still have Leicester and two games against villa
The Realist
The Realist 5 timer siden
Leicester will be the last game, positions in the table may have been decided by then, Villa lost to Sheffield and only have Grealish, keep him quiet and we should do the double over them like last season.
CallingItAsItIs 2.0
CallingItAsItIs 2.0 12 timer siden
Leicester are down to the bare bonez
Leo 16 timer siden
shitolas pepe😂😂😂
Stephen Ugbah
Stephen Ugbah 16 timer siden
I swear if arsenal loses to spurs I’ll be done out here
Keelen Snyders
Keelen Snyders 10 timer siden
Swear down blud
Radostin Angelov
Radostin Angelov 14 timer siden
Then... you’re done out here
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo 14 timer siden
You still here after the draw to Burnley?
innit 16 timer siden
Reguilondon will start because Fulham is rubbish so Davies started against them. EASY WIN.
Stephen Ugbah
Stephen Ugbah 16 timer siden
Wtf since when u start commenting on arsenal 😭
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo 14 timer siden
Edward Isyagi
Edward Isyagi 16 timer siden
ozzing a pisss....like woolly wonker. fam
alex sibanda
alex sibanda 16 timer siden
We have the 3 points, that's all that matters, plus clean sheet. Couldn't get over our draw vs Newcastle at home when they got a penalty!
Roger Clarke
Roger Clarke 16 timer siden
72 Jamaican $ is 35p....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣EX...Man! That was brutal!!!
Lewis P
Lewis P 16 timer siden
Ex, Pepe changed the game for Arsenal. He hasn’t even played 5 games in a row, so he hasn’t had a chance of a run of games. Why don’t you blame Saka? He had a stinker, was awful, but you seem to banter Pepe?
Mfanyana Sithole
Mfanyana Sithole 16 timer siden
5 games are you drunk? Did Pepe not play and score against the Fox I'm an Arsenal supporter please stop talking Crap, how can you not blame Pepe for his miss, even if he hasn't played 20 games that's a tap in
Faith Anyanwu
Faith Anyanwu 16 timer siden
Real ones know the previous title
SET1 16 timer siden
Unless you watch arsenal you know pepe aint that bad
SET1 11 timer siden
@#N17WHL angelo your talking as if arsenal the only one spending big on players and them not meeting expectations look at Chelsea, man utd.
#N17WHL angelo
#N17WHL angelo 14 timer siden
Shit happens, how much did he cost you?
Jamaal Osman
Jamaal Osman 16 timer siden
Xhaka (6/2/21) 😡 "I want to meet my online abusers" Xhaka (6/3/21) 🤡 "Shukran Shukran Shukran"