Puff Dragon
Puff Dragon 20 timer siden
Why a fuggin spider
Tei 20 timer siden
*R I p a n d t e a r*
Sean Ra
Sean Ra 20 timer siden
Mediocre at best.
XxnightmarexX The undertale channel
XxnightmarexX The undertale channel 20 timer siden
Bruh I already got the dub yesterday 😂
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo 20 timer siden
Very cool
Y-Roken Jnr
Y-Roken Jnr 20 timer siden
Can't they just make a euro truck for console ffs
Maxine 20 timer siden
Pretty sure it's coming to PC aswell, and NOT long after PS4 and PS5 release!
Mr.GamerYT 20 timer siden
Pure nostalgia right here. Bye PS4
Drew 20 timer siden
This remind me Of Nitto 1320 😢😭 I Miss U...
Ray tracing, new amazing UI, amazing games with excellent quality... For a gamer who has 360, i think i am sold out.
travis sekutt
travis sekutt 20 timer siden
bro @ me when the ps6 is already out
Valentin Aguilar
Valentin Aguilar 20 timer siden
I can’t wait for the PS5 and this gameplay
Ashton Hensem
Ashton Hensem 20 timer siden
I hope they can do nfs using Japan map
Daniel Ryan 2K
Daniel Ryan 2K 20 timer siden
My favorit battle royal
VelocityBlast 20 timer siden
Why are all the comments from 4 years ago that is creepy
Milind gaming
Milind gaming 20 timer siden
Heyyy sony Please give me one ps4 i want ps4 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Please giveaway ps4
Gautham Rao
Gautham Rao 20 timer siden
Who tf is Gregory
TDK 2.0
TDK 2.0 20 timer siden
Horizon: zero dawn Horizon: forbidden west Horizon: scary east Horizon suspicious south Hotel: Trivago
don jackson
don jackson 20 timer siden
shot of the yeagers
Lanius Franza
Lanius Franza 20 timer siden
He went down like a sack of potatoes
Xpotent funciona Potencia
Xpotent funciona Potencia 21 time siden
show de bola !!!! amei !!!!!
outfit 21 time siden
It looks so much better without the pannels
BlueLeaf 21 time siden
The shadows is ANOOYING
Jordan_F シ
Jordan_F シ 21 time siden
Warzones update is like 100x better 😂😂
Braxton Brinkmeyer
Braxton Brinkmeyer 21 time siden
I'm a little scared on the fact that there will be no level creation as he said at 0:40 "We are only focusing on play"
Thomas Darby
Thomas Darby 21 time siden
I love platformers like this, where the goal is not to shoot everything in sight. Journey, Rime, even Ico had similar vibes. A must play for me!
Alessandro Ruina
Alessandro Ruina 21 time siden
yeah, apex "fight or fright" event is come back even this hallow.... wait my bad
SorrowGrim Music
SorrowGrim Music 21 time siden
atlast a game that doesn't support pay to win players
Big Billie
Big Billie 21 time siden
Grant Crowe
Grant Crowe 21 time siden
Well that was....I'm not sure actually, a trailer for a 10 year old game yeah? PS3 right?
Prince Groove
Prince Groove 21 time siden
Bruh, I still can’t believe it; I’ll be playing this masterpiece with my PS5 on November 12th. Too hyped!
Gerbert Comrad
Gerbert Comrad 21 time siden
Waiting for nfs run
Bank Alexander
Bank Alexander 21 time siden
goat game
Anthony Jenkins
Anthony Jenkins 21 time siden
It’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch guys in Nov 17th. Go and preorder
Ps4 gamer Raza
Ps4 gamer Raza 21 time siden
Jamie Egbo
Jamie Egbo 21 time siden
Can this be a sackboy costume
Jamie Egbo
Jamie Egbo 21 time siden
Why does this gameplay look like paper Mario where the character can turn into a paper plane and other paper objects
Kotic Chaos
Kotic Chaos 21 time siden
I need ah Black PS5
Kotic Chaos
Kotic Chaos 21 time siden
And have the PS logo light up
Lyfull 21 time siden
Bruh no difference. And as they said they will try to make the ps4 still playable. Litterally no reason to buy this ~GARBANGO~
abdo magdy
abdo magdy 21 time siden
ثواني هو انتو ليه مش مترجمين للعربيه مع إن اكبر فئه هم العرب لشراء منتجات sony
Florencio Resendiz
Florencio Resendiz 21 time siden
Thank you piramids, iluminaty the world loved you ...
Miki Mosky
Miki Mosky 21 time siden
They lost the opportunity to add vr support... :'(
Marco Mars
Marco Mars 21 time siden
Such a slept on game.. killing floor is the goat
#1 WIZKUID 21 time siden
When Annie got released : *WHAT AN HELICIOUS IMPACT !*
idzham mkus
idzham mkus 21 time siden
So this is apex game mode?
XPERT GAMER 21 time siden
Anyone got that Euro Truck Simulator 2 Vibes?
spookzagøn 21 time siden
I wish i had a PlayStation... *It's too beautiful*
Wumbaka !
Wumbaka ! 21 time siden
Its the 22 october So where is it?
IBRAHIM GHABOUBA 21 time siden
Its the game mode from apex legends
Gulghash 21 time siden
Abre mi canal 7w7
MUN_ SaN 21 time siden
where piteer?
Awesome Dog
Awesome Dog 21 time siden
I really was 10-11 when this came out
Kathy •-•
Kathy •-• 21 time siden
All i have is a psp....
Khadiza Khatun
Khadiza Khatun 21 time siden
magicalex223 21 time siden
Is this game supposed to look like its from 2004?
Sellmon Gamer
Sellmon Gamer 21 time siden
Warzone is real and Fortnite is cartoonish
Dark sed
Dark sed 21 time siden
Ух ностальгия
Ahmed Rashed
Ahmed Rashed 21 time siden
wowFortnight update
JC XV 21 time siden
Come on EA! Why not Most Wanted or Underground?